i.MX27 ADS

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The i.MX27 Application Development System (MCIMX27ADSE) is a development tool which is designed to run software applications designed for the i.MX27 processor.


  • i.MX27 Multimedia Application Processor
  • Two clock-source crystals, 32 KHz and 26 MHz
  • Power management & Audio IC (MC13783) included battery charging, 10bit ADC, buck switchers, boost switcher, regulators, amplifiers, CODEC, SSI audio bus, real time clock, SPI control bus, USB OTG transceiver & touchscreen interface
  • Multi-ICE debug support
  • Two 512Mbit DDR-SDRAM devices, configured as one 128MB, 32-bit device
  • One 256Mbit Burst Flash with 128Mbit Pseudo Static RAM (PSRAM) memory device, configured as one 16MB flash with 8MB PSRAM, 16-bit device
  • An single board system with connections for LCD display panel, Keypad and Image sensor.
  • Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) for reducing glue logic interface
  • Software readable board revisions
  • Configuration and user definable DIP switches
  • Two SD/MMC, MS memory card connectors
  • PCMCIA & ATA Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
  • Two RS-232 transceivers and DB9 connectors (one configured for DCE and one for DTE operation) supporting on-chip UART ports
  • External UART with RS-232 transceiver and DB9 connector
  • Infrared transceiver that conforms to Specification 1.4 of the Infrared Data Association
  • USB Host (HS & FS), USB OTG (HS & HS) interface
  • Separate LCD panel assembly that connects to the main board
  • Separate keypad unit with 36 push button keys
  • Separate CMOS Image Sensor Card
  • A 3.5 mm headset jack, a 3.5 mm line out jack, a 3.5 mm line in jack, a 3.5 mm microphone jack and a 2.5 mm microphone and headset jack
  • Cirrus Logic CS8900A-CQ3Z Ethernet controller (10BASE-T), with RJ-45 connector
  • AMD AM79C874 NetPHY (10BASE-T & 100BASE-X), with RJ-45 connector
  • Two 32 × 3-pin DIN expansion connectors with most i.MX27 I/O signals
  • Variable resistor for emulation of a battery voltage level
  • NAND Flash card (Plugs into Main Board) which is included in the ADS kit
  • LED indicators for power, Ethernet activity, and two LEDs for user defined status indication
  • Universal power supply with 5 volt output @ 5 Amperes
  • USB, RS-232 and RJ45 cables available in kit
Kit Contains
  • a main board
  • an LCD display panel
  • a keypad
  • a NAND flash card
  • an image sensor
  • a TV encoder card, etc

It supports application software, target-board debugging or optional extra memory.