i.MX25 PDK Board Flashing NAND

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ATK (Advanced Toolkit)

ATK is a Windows tool for programming the flash memory of i.MX boards. It can be downloaded here.

Using ATK

This section will describe the procedure to erase the flash memory and program the bootloader.


1. Assemble the PDK using the CPU board, the Personality board, and the Debug board.


2. Connect a USB cable between the PC and the i.MX25 PDK Personality board.


3. Some hardware configurations (switches) must be set for booting from UART/USB:

  On the debug board:

  Switch SW5 -> Off

  Switch SW6 -> Off

  Switch SW7 -> Off

  Switch SW8 -> Off

  Switch SW9 -> On

  Switch SW10 -> On

  On the personality board:

  Switch SW21 -> 11000000

  Switch SW22 -> 00000000

{{Note|On SW5 thourgh SW10, "1" means the keys selected towards the edge of the board.}

4. Run ATK (1.6 or above) going to Start -> Programs -> AdvancedToolKit -> AdvancedToolKit

  Set the options:

  i.MX CPU -> i.MX25_TO1.1

  Device memory -> DDR2;

  Custom Initial File -> (keep it unmarked)

  Communication Channel -> USB

5. Power up the i.MX25 PDK


6. Click on "Next"


7. Click on Flash Tools to erase, program or dump the the flash memory and click GO.

NAND Flash Erasing

1. Configure the Dip Switch of Personality Board:




2. Choose NAND model K9LAG08U8M


3. Continue the steps


Remember to select the checkbutton BBT (Back Block Table)




Commands to flash kernel and rootfs

fis init -f

load -r -b 0x100000 zImage -h <host IP address>

fis create -f 0x300000 kernel

load -r -b 0x100000 rootfs.jffs2 -h <host IP address>

fis create -f 0x800000 root

fis load kernel

exec -c "noinitrd console=ttymxc0 115200 root=/dev/mtdblock2 rw ip=dhcp rootfstype=jffs2"

Command to create rootfs.jffs2

mkfs.jffs2 -r rootfs -e 0x80000 -s 0x1000 -n -o rootfs.jffs2