P1020/P1011 IBIS Specific FAQs

Document created by Omar Cruz Employee on Jul 25, 2012
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Referring to P1011 IBIS model, there are models of various pin type. Could you please provide brief description on each model name shown below (Extracted from P1010 IBIS file)? 1) DDR related inputs: ddr2_drvr_18, ddr2_drvr_35, ddr2_rcvr_150, ddr2_rcvr_50, ddr2_rcvr_75, ddr2_rcvr_noterm, ddr3_drvr_17, ddr3_drvr_40, ddr3_rcvr_120, ddr3_rcvr_60, ddr3_rcvr_noterm 2) opdalg_out, pouv_out, rx_pzctl, tx_pzctl, ptrmr100_cm 3) v180_in_wb, v330_in_wb, v250_wb, v250_in_wb, v180_wb, v330_wb

For DDR related models: Model name shows DDR type and driver impedance. For example, ddr2_drvr_18 should be used for DDR2 and 18 ohm drive strength.

For opdalg_out, pouv_out, ptrmr100_cm, rx_pzctl, tx_pzctl - The pins using these models don't have any other choice of model.

For v180_in_wb, v330_in_wb, v250_wb, v250_in_wb, v180_wb, v330_wb - These should be chosen for the interfaces with LVCMOS I/Os like eLBC. The numbers in the name depict the voltage level, e.g. v180_in_wb is applicable for 1.8V receiver.

For other models - Those are not utilized directly for any pin so user can ignore them.