Smart Submetering Unit - Dendrion Power

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Smart Submetering Unit - Dendrion Power

  • Breaker box submeter for up to three circuits.
  • Based on the Freedom Board FRDM-KL25Z
    • KL25Z family processor (MKL25Z128VLK4 MCU – 48 MHz, 128 KB flash, 16 KB SRAM, USB OTG (FS), 80LQFP).
  • Up to three phase, full range voltage input.
  • Up to three current clamp input.
  • 2.4 GHz local area network communication (changeable to 900 MHz).
  • Java-based development.



This Product Is Probably of Interest If You:

  • Need to understand your power consumption profile: figure out where your money is being spent and get alerts before the bill arrives.
  • Want to measure each circuit separately for billing purposes.



Differentiation of This Product

  • Up to one sample per second of each sensor input.
  • Send data wirelessly to a concentrator.
  • Compact and easy installation: no need for an external power supply, the unit is powered from the voltage inputs.
  • Super-capacitor allows last-gasp communication - let the concentrator know it's offline because of a power outage.



  • This is the meter component, part of a submetering solution.
    • Submetering is the installation of metering devices to measure actual energy consumption after the primary utility energy meter.
    • Submetering allows you to monitor energy usage for individual tenants, departments, pieces of equipment or other loads individually to account for their actual energy usage.
  • Enables energy consumption forecast with good sampling and direct data access by the end user, without relying on the primary utility energy meter.




Product Diagram

submeter drawing.png