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In this session, we will first depict the revolutionary 2X faster go-to-market path to launch a device, then illustrate why MicroEJ for Kinetis helps to reduce the B.O.M cost of our customers. MicroEJ enables IoT innovation, reduces time to prototype and product, and also supports a dynamic Apps go-to-market strategy, by leveraging new capabilities such as ultra-fast simulation, prototyping, as well as product customization after deployment in the field driving larger market share for IoT OEMs. This session includes a large and comprehensive technical summary of MicroEJ for Kinetis components. The solution Kinetis+MicroEJ leverages the 10+ million software engineering community providing them a modern smartphone-like software factory for embedded systems to target fast moving markets such as building automation, white goods, healthcare, industrial control, wearables, automotive, consumer, etc.