K60 eDMA performance

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   1.  K60 eDMA


  • 16-channel implementation
  • Local memory containing transfer control descriptors for each of the 16 channels
  • 32-byte TCD stored in local memory for each channel

   2.  DMA memory to memory performance

  • In the traditional M2M data movement, performance is best expressed as the peak data transfer rates
  • In most implementations, this transfer rate is limited by the speed of the source and destination address spaces.



    3.  eDMA peak transfer rate


  4. Performance test

        With K60 100MHz (TWR-K60D100M), implement internal SRAM-SRAM eDMA data transfer. If  transfer size setting as 32-bit in TCD Transfer Attributes (DMA_TCD_ATTR), there will has one wait state during each read/write. That's why the DMA performance doesn't up to 200MB/s as the manual stated.

      We highly recommend setting DMA transfer size to 16-byte at DMA_TCD_ATTR register, it will much increase the DMA performance.(Get 162MB/s transfer rate with TWR-K60D100M board.)

  1. 5.  Testing code attached.