S12ZVM configuration for the motor controll applications

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This document includes in attachment excel file calculation that might be useful for those using the S12 MagniV for motor control and proper PLL setting in their projects.


Following parameters can be set and reused for different scenarios via attached excel sheet calculation for the S12 MagniV BLDC motor control applications:

#defineCPMU_REFDIV// PLL setting of ref. divider
#defineCPMU_SYNDIV// PLL setting of multiplier
#defineCPMU_POSTDIV// PLL setting of the post divider
#defineCPMU_REFFRQ// PLL setting of ref. frequency
#defineCPMU_VCOFRQ// PLL setting of VCO frequency
#defineADC_TIM// setting of ADC timer
#defineMIN_ADC_TRIGGER_FIRST// setting of ADC trigger
#defineMIN_ADC_TRIGGER_SECOND// setting of ADC trigger
#definePWM_MODULO// PMF module config.
#definePWM_DEADTIME// PMF module config.
#defineTIM_PRESCALER// Timer prescaler
#defineTIMER_1MS// Setting of timer
#defineSCI_BAUDRATE// setting of SCI baud rate


This is how it can look for setting either internal or external clock:

// PLL settings /* /* // Internal clock 1MHz, 100/50 MHz CPU/Bus clock, 8.33 MHz ADC clock #define _INTERNAL_CLOCK                        // 1 MHz internal clock is used #define    CPMU_REFDIV        0 #define    CPMU_SYNDIV        49 #define    CPMU_POSTDIV       0 #define    CPMU_REFFRQ        0 #define    CPMU_VCOFRQ        3 #define    ADC_TIM            2 #define    MIN_ADC_TRIGGER_FIRST     24 #define    MIN_ADC_TRIGGER_SECOND    144 #define    PWM_MODULO                5000 #define    PWM_DEADTIME              50 #define    TIM_PRESCALER      6         // Timer prescaler 64; 50 MHz/64 = 1.28 us #define    TIMER_1MS          781 #define    SCI_BAUDRATE       5208 */  // External clock 4MHz, 25/12.5 MHz CPU/Bus clock, 6.25 MHz ADC clock #define _EXTERNAL_CLOCK #define    CPMU_REFDIV        3 #define    CPMU_SYNDIV        24 #define    CPMU_POSTDIV       1 #define    CPMU_REFFRQ        0 #define    CPMU_VCOFRQ        1 #define    ADC_TIM            0 #define    MIN_ADC_TRIGGER_FIRST     8 #define    MIN_ADC_TRIGGER_SECOND    48 #define    PWM_MODULO                1250 #define    PWM_DEADTIME       13 #define    TIM_PRESCALER      4         // Timer prescaler 16; 12.5MHz/16 = 1.28 us #define    TIMER_1MS          781 #define    SCI_BAUDRATE       1302   


It is used in following function for Clock, Reset and Power Management Unit configuration:

//Clock, Reset and Power Management Unit configuration //* //*****************************************************************************/ void initCPMU(void) {     // Wait for stable supply after power up     while (GDUF_GLVLSF)         GDUF_GLVLSF = 1;      CPMUREFDIV_REFDIV = CPMU_REFDIV;     CPMUREFDIV_REFFRQ = CPMU_REFFRQ;     CPMUSYNR_SYNDIV = CPMU_SYNDIV;     CPMUSYNR_VCOFRQ = CPMU_VCOFRQ;     CPMUPOSTDIV_POSTDIV = CPMU_POSTDIV;  #ifdef _EXTERNAL_CLOCK     CPMUOSC_OSCE = 1;     while (CPMUIFLG_UPOSC == 0) {}; // Wait for oscillator to start up (UPOSC=1) and PLL to lock (LOCK=1) #endif      while (CPMUIFLG_LOCK == 0) {};     CPMURFLG  = 0x60;     //Clear PORF and LVRF }      


Or setting of ADC clock for both ADC modules in ADC module configuration function:

  //ADC0CTL_1 = 0;        ADC0TIM = ADC_TIM;          // clock: clk = fbus / (2x(reg.value + 1)) [0.25 - 8MHz]      
  //ADC1CTL_1 = 0;        ADC1TIM = ADC_TIM;          // clock: clk = fbus / (2x(reg.value + 1)) [0.25 - 8MHz]      


All the rest of the corresponding registers settings can be found in the example for the BLDC motor control of 3-pase sensorless BLDC development kit with S12 MagniV in section download:

MTRCKTSBNZVM128_SW: Complete motor control application software package for MTRCKTSBNZVM128

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