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  • Complete embedded software development environment for Kinetis and LPC devices
  • Available for Windows and Linux hosts (OSX coming soon)
  • The only seamless automatic import from Kinetis Design Studio, LPCXpresso and CodeWarrior
  • Compatible with Kinetis SDK and Processor Expert
  • Patented automatic optimizations for reduced code size, energy consumption and increased performance
  • Advanced debug capabilities including live variable viewing, fault diagnosis and MTB trace
  • Eclipse based IDE with ease of use improvements
  • Technical support with access to the SOMNIUM portal and community
  • GNU compatible; no source code changes required



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This Product Is Probably of Interest If You:


  • Are an embedded software developer using Kinetis Design studio, LPCXpresso and/ or CodeWarrior
  • Are an embedded software developer using Kinetis and/ or LPC devices
  • Want smaller, faster, more energy efficient executables without reworking your source code
  • Want something more powerful than conventional tools whilst keeping the familiarity and features of a full Eclipse environment
  • Want access to professional technical support





SOMNIUM DRT is a complete C/C++ software development environment for Kinetis and LPC devices. DRT is a fully featured Eclipse based IDE and GNU compatible toolchain supporting automatic import from Kinetis Design Studio and CodeWarrior projects.



DRT will improve developer productivity, automatically producing smaller, faster, more energy efficient executables. There are no extra build steps, no source code changes and no new tools to learn. DRT's patented resequencing technology improves your design's performance and efficiency, achieving more with less. This enables flexibility - you can choose the most cost-effective Kinetis solution safe in the knowledge that DRT will provide the best results. Increased determinism helps you develop hard real time designs and make maximum use of the target hardware. Reduced development time means reduced time to market and faster time to revenue.



The DRT toolchain seamlessly integrates industry standard GNU components with fully compatible replacements. The whole product is extensively tested with a range of standard open source and commercial test suites for validating correctness, standards conformance, code size and performance. Our compatible and evolutionary approach means you can immediately take advantage of our disruptive technology to accelerate your product development. With no need to retrain staff or rewrite software it provides immediate results.


You can purchase the product or download a trial from the SOMNIUM portal. Fixed licenses for single machines and floating licences for multiple machines are both available for Windows and Linux hosts.