How to port yaffs2 for MQX

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The document describes how to port yaffs2 file system for MQX.


The detailed porting user guide can refer to the attached doc which use TWR-K70F120M as example.


The reference code can be found in the attached source code package.


Now, the yaffs2 for MQX can support NFC and non-NFC at the same time, the only difference is NAND driver.

For NFC, you should use NFC driver and for non-NFC, you should use softnand driver.


In yaffs2 porting package, include the files which should be modified in MQX release package.

user_config.h should be placed at \config\platform name\

init_nandflash.c should be placed at \mqx\source\bsp\platform name\

\nandflash is the NAND driver, should be at \mqx\source\io\

\yaffs2 is the yaffs2 porting codes should be at the root directory of MQX release package

softnand2K.c is the NAND driver for non-NFC(simulated by flexbus).

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