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Smart Cloud and Sensor Demo Kit


Highlighted Features

A simple temperature cloud-based sensing and electrical metering demo kit. It highlights an end-to-end IoT solution that you can acquire and customize via the SeeControl IoT Cloud Service:



  • Multi-protocol bi-directional data stream support from/to any IP-enabled remote system
  • Data parsing and abstraction mapping layer for normalizing data from heterogeneous devices
  • Device provisioning and physical device tracking and inventory management



  • Drag-and-drop business and analytic processing logic (akin to using Visio and Excel fused together)
    • A visual WYSIWYG front-end to Java 7 Enterprise Edition
    • Provides hundreds of built-in logic, mathematical and location-based functions
    • Supports Java Expression Language for advanced developers and data scientists
    • Supports XML editing for advanced developers (via simple SeeControl Syntax)



  • Report and web page builder that assembles
    • Table reports (including data for exposure to the secure API)
    • Time-series graphs
    • Pie, line, spark and other chart types
    • Uploaded visuals such as photos, CAD/CAM drawings, diagrams, schematics, etc.
    • Full location-based services incorporating Google Maps, NOKIA here, CloudMade and Open Street Maps
  • Business Forms assembly system so you can deploy workflow for
    • Firmware push
    • Remote command and control (on/off, settings, reboot, etc.)
    • Device inventory tracking and control
    • Asset management
    • Financial transactions from machines
    • Many other possibilities




The SeeControl Cloud Service allows embedded systems engineers to quickly assemble scalable 3-tier web applications that collect, analyze and display systems data.

The service is drag and drop so you don't have to script or code to create a web app.


The Service natively supports the following IoT/M2M communication protocols:

  • UDP
  • TCP
  • MQTT
  • HTTP
  • CoAP


There is additional support for vendor-specific communication stacks such as GE, CalAmp, Sierra Wireless, etc. Customers can also create their own device adapter using protocol and language of choice.


You can stream data to these data adapters at (there is nothing to view there) . We will give you a specific port range for each protocol/device type. For the demo hardware kit, the service is using simple yet secure HTTPs.


You can also send your data through a device API.


Once the data has been received by our system. You will use a data abstraction and mapping tool to define fields that are in the packets you are sending. For example, if you send a variable field called tmp_123 from a temperature sensor you will tell the SeeControl service that tmp_123 is a number and specifically a unit of measure called "Temperature" and then select whether Celsius or Fahrenheit. Once that is done, you can use the rest of the system to build a scalable web app, typically in 1-2 days depending on how complex your solution needs to be.


To see the full range of interfaces available for visualizaing IoT data and managing devices/process, you can log in to:

user:                fslcommunity1

password:        freescale1


This account only shows the visualization output, not the tools used to collect and process data.


To try out the whole toolset, please acquire a full demo kit. The demo kit includes a cloud account that you can connect to the sample connectivity and sensor items listed below (or any hardware/system you would like to try out).


Full Listing of Products/Components

Note: For full listing or additional information for Products/Components used in this demo see "This Demo's IoT Highlights" and "Additional Products/Components" in the left hand column of this page. Note: If you aren't viewing this demo in the IoT Center, please use below link to access the full description in the IoT Center:

SeeControl Smart Cloud and Sensor Demo


Demo Video





System Block Diagram




Hardware Kit & Data Flow Diagram