android4.4.2 boot, but stop at Freeing init memory!

File uploaded by talent liu on Nov 11, 2014
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My board is imx6dl_sabreauto and I use android4.4.2 source!The system stop at "Freeing init memory", when the system boot.

I found the boot message no have follow message:


mmc0: new high speed DDR MMC card at address 0001

mmcblk0: mmc0:0001 SEM08G 7.39 GiB

mmcblk0boot0: mmc0:0001 SEM08G partition 1 2.00 MiB

mmcblk0boot1: mmc0:0001 SEM08G partition 2 2.00 MiB

input: WM8962 Beep Generator as /devices/platform/imx-i2c.0/i2c-0/0-001a/input/input7

mmcblk0: p1 p2 p3 < p5 p6 p7 p8 > p4

mmcblk0: p4 size 13336576 extends beyond EOD, truncated

asoc: wm8962 <-> imx-ssi.1 mapping ok

input: wm8962-audio DMIC as /devices/platform/soc-audio.5/sound/card0/input8

input: wm8962-audio Headphone Jack as /devices/platform/soc-audio.5/sound/card0/input9

mmcblk0boot1: unknown partition table


Please help me!

Thank  you!