Show the QR code on the display and save in a BMP file

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This is an example of QR code encoding using i.MX28. The encoded QR image can show on the LCD display directly using frame buffer and the image saved as a BMP file.


Board : i.MX28EVK

BSP : L2.6.35_1.1.0_130130_source



QR Code Lib:  qrencode-3.4.4.tar.gz

Download from

Libqrencode is a C library for encoding data in a QR Code symbol. This library is a free software made by Kentaro Fukuchi.



Build the QR Code Lib source code into rootfs.

1. Create a new folder in <ltib>/dist/lfs-5.1/.

    e.g. <ltib>/dist/lfs-5.1/qrencode

2. Copy the qrencode.spec to this new created folder

3. Build the source code

   ./ltib –p qrencode.spec –m prep

   ./ltib –p qrencode.spec –m scbuild

   ./ltib –p qrencode.spec –m scdeploy


Create and build the application in unit_test:

- I use the existing unit_test package to build my application code.

1. Extract the source code of unit_test

   ./ltib –p imx-test –m prep

2. cd <ltib>/rpm/BUILD/imx-test-

3. mkdir qr_test

4. copy the Makefile and qr_test.c to qr_test folder

5. Build the unit_test

    ./ltib –p imx-test  –m scbuild

    ./ltib –p imx-test  –m scdeploy


After built the code successfully, the qr_test.out will be generated in the unit_test folder.

I start the board with NFS, so I can run the qr_test.out on the board directly.


The command is :

./qr_test.out   (the default QR encode text is “”)


Or input the new text like this :

./qr_test.out –t


The QR code  show on the display:



And the BMP files will be generated in the unit_test folder.



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