GPU upgrade to latest p13 for JB4.2.2_1.1.0 release

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The purpose of this document is to update GPU to latest P13 version for JB4.2.2_1.1.0 release, as some customers are develop based on this release and report some GPU issues.

KitKat4.4.2_1.0.0 release is based on 4.6.9P13 and JB4.3_1.1.1 post release use exactly the same GPU code I pushed there, all of these two releases pass QA team’s full test, so the latest P13 should be the best quality version.



Key fixes on GPU latest P13

Fix 2D QNX hang issue, linux and android also need this fix.

Fix memory resource leak in Android cts, eglTerminiate does not release current surface resource when current display still has other active context GPU memory continue leak when run android.opengl.cts.WrapperTest# testThreadCleanup

Enhanced video memory mutex and enhanced GPU database protection

Fix Android UI shift issue caused by GPU hardware alignment restriction.

Disable OQ fence when HZ is available, OQ fence share the same memory channel as hz cache flush, these two features conflict. System memory will get corrupted by overwriting when OQ and HZ are enabled together.


Software and HW platform

Software: JB4.2.2_1.1.0 Android releases

Hardware: MX6Dual/Quad SabreSD board or MX6DualLite SabreSD board.



You can get the patches and updated GPU binaries from attached zip, it include below items:

Kernel patch:



Updated gpu binaries:



Additions: is based on and include more fixes. is the new upgrade and include more fixes. is the latest version, it fixes Ver3 miss declaring GPU_LOW_MEMORY_KILLER in drivers/mxc/gpu-viv/Kconfig.

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