Introducing the QorIQ LS2 Family – Tools for Every Step of Your Design

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NXP shows a high density solution for multiple isolated networking environments using NXP Embedded Hypervisor and Linux Containers on a T4240 rev2 platform. The environment is a supervised AMP environment up to 24 Linux instances each including hundreds of network applications executed in LXC container based isolated contexts. Setup includes flexible network topology using networking shared-mac/mac-less support and makes use of hardware acceleration and PCD routing. Inter-partition communication and traffic control uses existing open source technologies such as the TIPC protocol and Linux TC. Demo will demonstrate our Hypervisor efficiency by using existing HW virtualization support, flexibility in creating various network topologies with HW offload, accompanied by usage of various Open Source technologies (LXC, TIPC, TC, etc.






  • CodeWarrior Development Tools provides complete suite of tools for your next-generation design
  • U-boot, Linux and application debug capabilities
  • Packet trace through all hardware resources provides increased visibility

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