eGUI 3.0.0: TWR_K60N512 "Audio" Demo for KDS

File uploaded by Rael Sasiak-Rushby on Jul 8, 2014
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This is a port of the TWR_K60N512 "Audio" Demo into Kinetis Design Studio and into eGUI 3.0 (from 2.1).

The original demo is from Petr Gargulak and was under "\_Official_Demos\EGUI_D4D_Demo\TWR_K60N512\BareMetal\CW_10_1" avaiable on the freescale website.


Some of the major porting differnces (this may help others porting similar projects):



eGUI 2.1 -> 3.0:

  • Autosize feature has gone, all object sizes now need to be declared
  • Objects seem to add padding of some sort: even with objects where size was previously declared, these had to be increased by ~3px in each direction, else text/images would not render.
  • 'D4D_OBJECT_SYS_FUNCTION' structure no longer contains 'type'. It suggests using strName instead to identifier object.
  • D4D_TEXTBOX no longer has title or icon functionality.


When building this project there will be ~7 warnings from the compiler, including 2 of my own. The code should function fine.

note: TWR_LCD settings for this project, switches are set up with in following sequence: "01111110".





Rael S-R