Kinetis V in a 3D printer Filament Extruder and Recycler

Document created by Iain Galloway Employee on Jun 2, 2014
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Printer extruders and recyclers use Motors that benefit from torque control that can be obtained by using Kinetis V, a BLDC motor  and the Freescale Motor control algorithms.



A plastic waste extruder for RepRap 3D printer filament.  Image: RepRapWiki


See this link for more details: How recycled plastic for 3D printing will drive sustainability and improve social consciousness - TechRepublic


"Durable, shiny, new plastic -- it's what makes most 3D printers run. And as 3D printing grows in popularity and we begin to scale projects in every industry, the world is going to use a lot more of it. If the industry goal is to have 3D printers in most homes and businesses with lots of other 3D printers running constantly in manufacturing centers, we'll naturally add even more to the 33.6 million tons of plastic Americans toss each year, only 6.5% of which is recycled. It's estimated that 100 million tons of plastic is floating in the world's oceans. Each piece can take anywhere from 500 to 1,000 years to decompose."