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This page contains the technical information for the FRDM-AUTO shield.  We are currently at revision Beta  (I use greek letters.... this should not be construed with typical software version naming).


This page includes the schematics, bill of materials (BOM),  Gerber files and raw design files.   There is a special Gerber file package ready to go for OSH Park.  This board will allow you to build some really cool internet enabled control projects.


Main features:

  • QTY 1 High Current Solidstate Relay - Sharp S116S02F - 16A Zero CrossTriac output SSR
  • QTY 1 Low Current Solidstate Relay - Sharp PR3BMF51NSKF - 1.2A Non-Zero Cross type Triac Output
  • Convenient Terminals for connecting ring/fork terminals to power circuits.
  • QTY 2 Opto-Coupled Inputs - MOCD207
  • MCP9700 Termperature Sensor
  • RN-XV Serial to Wifi Interface
  • Optional RS-485 Interface
  • Optional MAX31855K Thermocouple to Digital Converter with Omega PCC-SMP-K thermocouple connector




*Picture shown does not have MAX31855 circuit assembled.




  • You can order PCBs through OSH Park or your favorite board house.   There is a special .zip file with files ready to go for OSH-Park  (using their preferred naming convention).
  • There is a complete design package which has the raw design files (Altium Designer Format) as well as Gerbers,  a bill of materials,  assembly plots etc.  Look in the "BUILD_PACKAGE" folder for the stuff needed to make the board.
  • A PDF Schematic is also provided for easy reference.

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