Cloud-Connected ZigBee Thermostat Demo

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Demo Owner: Derek Snell


This demo combines several solutions from NXP and our partners. The demo is a thermostat application, using the Kinetis family as a communication gateway between a ZigBee network and connecting to the cloud. The demo runs on the MQX Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). It also uses the NXP PEG graphics library for the user interface displayed on an LCD. The ZigBee communication uses NXP’s BeeStack ZigBee stack, and connects with an NXP wireless development board programmed as a remote temperature sensor. The demo will also connect with an off-the-shelf ZigBee light bulb, and wirelessly controls it. The demo network connection is setup for Wi-Fi, using a Wi-Fi module from Qualcomm. The cloud connection allows the thermostat to be monitored and controlled remotely with mobile devices, and uses a solution provided by






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Firmware updated to v1.0 on 9/9/14

     - DCIO Cloud agent now uses SSL from WolfSSL.  This improves WebSocket connections to cloud server through some protected networks.

Firmware updated to v0.8 on 7/15/14

     - Updated to support latest GT202 shield hardware from Qualcomm.  Rev 1.3 and newer boards changed pinout of CHIP_PWD signal.

Firmware updated to v0.7 on 6/20/14

     - Updated to use new SNTP server.  Previous server stopped responding and prevented cloud connection.

Getting Started guide updated to v0.4 on 7/15/14