Exercise 3: Toggle all 4 LEDs on the K60 Tower using the PIT0 as ROM version

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To do:


Implement a program that lets the 4 LEDs on the Tower toggle all together using the PIT Interrupt.

This time, let the program run in the Flash.


* toggle period 0.5 s

* extract vector table and service routines in 'vector.c'

* Change the linker command file 'ldscript_flash'

* Take care of the 16 Byte security settings from $400-$410 in the Flash. Do not overwrite!!!


Hint: Use the 'arm_cm4.c and 'arm_cm4.h' from the freescale kinetis homepage, which include access functions for the NVIC.

For ease of use, these routines are included in the result file.


Result: TWR_K60_PIT0_Flash.zip

Original Attachment has been moved to: TWR_K60_PIT0_Flash.zip