• S32K144 Prase srec

    When I prase srec with s32k144 bootloader ,I came up with one problem.The valid data in one line is not Must be 64-bit aligned. So the data can not be writen.How to make the data  Must be 64-bit aligned  in ...
    玉敏111 田
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  • Can we get interrupt from PDB when MCU is in VLPS?

    - In S32K144 RM , Page 1008, Table 38-4 Module operation in available power modes (continued) It says ADC stays OFF in VLPS. As per my observations, we can see ADC interrupt in VLPS(I had a small experiment in which I...
    Akshay Kulkarni
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  • count pulses by FTM channel(S32K148)

    Hello Nxp Team,   We are using S32K148 controller in our project.   We have to read the speed information by configuring the FTM module.   controller is manipulating the speed information  in te...
    Ambarish Hundekar
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  • QN908x GPIO PA14 voltage level

    Hi, I am using PA14 as a GPIO output pin. When, I am trying to make it low, it is not going till 0V, but to 2.0V. At high, the voltage is 3.3V but at low, voltage is 2.0V instead of 0V.. But, with the same configura...
    Ankur Rathi
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  • Pins and Clocks on a KDS imported Project

    Hello,   First of all I should take a moment to show my appreciation to the tutorial on migrating KDS to MCUXpresso ( MCUXpresso IDE: Importing Kinetis Design Studio Projects | MCU on Eclipse). It was very help...
    João Ribeiro
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  • Access to RAM outside section

    Hello,   I would like to keep some information in RAM during a reset to handle the issue that caused the reset. Therefore, I reduced the section of m_data_2 of my S32K116 by 0x20 bytes.   Accessing those b...
    Markus Neumair
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  • imx8mq evk sdma firmware not ready? aplay to wm8524audio

    I'm trying to get the 1/8" audio working on the imx8mq evk using the Yocto (sumo) build, based on core-image-minimal. I've added the alsa library and utilities, and aplay -l shows the wm8524, spdif, and hdmi devices....
    John Adamson
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  • How to wakeup the SR12VR with Port L in STOP mode

    Hi, I'm using S12VR for STOP mode and wakeup testing. Using a button which is port L as wakeup source, and HS0 as pull up, when push the button, Port L will capture a falling edge, then Port L will occur a related in...
    Jeffy Zhou
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  • IMX6sx I2C-2 dose not work

    Hi imx6sx was used on my board.  I am using i2c to read information of optical module.  DTS of my board is like this: &i2c1 {     clock-frequency = <100000>;     pin...
    rui wang
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  • MPC8270 booting from SST39VF040 but not booting from S29GL512T ?

    I am working on MPC8270 Power Quic II processor. We designed a board using this processor and because of some doubt we used two bootflashes at Chip Select 0 (CS0), with a selection switch. One bootflash is SST39VF040 ...
    Muhammad Ahmed
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  • Regarding accessing external flash  from MPC5777c using DSPI

    Hi,     I need to read and write and flash 128MB FLASH - NOR (cypress semiconductor) flash from mpc5777c using DSPI  (DSPI_C) . How to start with it any application note or example present for the...
    Vignesh V
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  • 64M MC9S12XD CPU bus clock

    I have a product (04a) using MC9S12XDP512 chip, and it has worked well during the past years. We developed an updated product 07d based on 04a, a new question occured that puzzled me seriously. The 04a product uses ...
    付 波
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  • What is the maimum configurable UID for KW36 for BLE?

    Hi,     I want to know what is the maximum configurable UID for BLE on KW36. I have seen application note of it here FRDM-KW36 Development Kit KW36/35 MCUs | NXP  . It says 40 bits, I am not sure ...
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  • occasional hard fault exception on using IAP command to read UID

    lpc1114 I use LPC1114XL controller and came across an issue with IAP command to read UID. I was using this command in background loop to service a UART request(from PC) to read information. The code works, but rarely...
    brayan p
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  • Where may I obtain the Boot ROM source code for the OM40002 LPC8N04 Development Board?

    There are currently two bootloader versions (0.12 and 0.14). Application note TN00040 contained in https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/TN00040.zip?fsrch=1&sr=1&pageNum=1 mentions ...
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  • LPC546xx minimal clock speed when using USB1 in full speed

    We are using the USB1 (high speed USB peripheral) from the LPC54606, but we are using it in Full Speed mode (which is a lower speed than high speed). The reference manual mentions that the system clock should be at l...
    Arno Moonen
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  • LPC1788 and SDRAM 512Mbit structured as 4 Meg x 32 bits x 4 banks

    I'm using an external SDRAM connected to the LPC1788FDB208 microcontroller. As SDRAM I chose (and unfortunately already bought many pieces) the IS42S32160F-7TLI model ( http://www.issi.com/WW/pdf/42-45R-S-32160F....
    Nico Aprile
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  • How-to Directly Install CodeWarrior 6.3 Classic in Windows 10 or 7 x64 (Unofficial Method)

    CodeWarrior 6.3 is for most RS08, S08, ColdFire V1 Processors* *Not compatibile with (S08: RN, RNA, PA, PT, Kinetis (including Tower), ColdFire V2 ...)   This post describes installing CodeWarrior for Microcont...
    Rodney McGee
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  • Failed to build yocto bsp for i.MX8 qxpmek

    Hello, I was building yocto bsp for i.MX8 qxp mek. Bitbake failed with the following error: ERROR: tinycompress-1.1.6-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure: Fetch command export PSEUDO_DISABLED=1; export PATH="/hdd/workspace...
    Truong Huy
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  • I.MX6Q of HDMI hardware design

    I have a client who wants to project our display using HDMI,I refer to the design board,I find that need IC of CM2020,Can we not use this IC design?Whether there is a reference design?
    tommy duan
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