• Install svc function

    How to install an svc function to call a specific svc handler in for S32K148?
    Smruthi Ramesh
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  • Connect PCAL6524HE center slug to ground?

    On the footprint for the PCAL6524HE I/O expander, should the center copper slug on the HUQFN package be connected to ground or left floating?  It doesn't state explicitly what to do in the manual.
    bill von novak
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  • How to transmit continous data from FRDM-KW41ZMCU to ble device (NXP IOT toolbox is app)?

    Hello, I am trying to transmit a "Hello\n" message from FRDM-KW41Z MCU to NXP IOT Toolbox (wireless uart). But i am not able to receive any message. I am using demo example - "BLE-wireless uart" , wireless uart ...
    Pooja Vernekar
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  • EDP implementation on  i.MX6( ULL)

    Hi NXP and Community friends!   I have a question about EPD implementation on i.MX6(ULL) and hope to you can help me find answer for my question below.  In terms of EDP implementation on  i.MX6xx, ...
    Musadjan Alim
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  • Unable to use the strftime function defined in time file

    Hi, Iam working on s32k144 board using s32 design studio for ARM version 2018.R1. I was trying to use the function strftime defined in time.c file for getting the current time and date. But while using strftime in pr...
    Anoop R Nair
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  • i.MXRT160EVKDS

    i need Altium version PCB and schematic files of Evaluation Board i.MXRT160EVKDS because we don't have Allegro PCB and integrated your CPU in a new project. Thx. Regards
    Paolo Chiesa
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  • How to burn emmc image by uuu

    Please tell me about uuu. I tried to burn image for i.mx6q board by uuu, but It is a situation that is stopped in the following situation. >uuu -b emmc_all bootloader rootfs.sdcard.bz2/*uuu (Universal Update Utili...
    takuroh yoshida
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  • Using NXP(Freescale) VID and PID

    Hello. I am developing my commercial product that will have a USB-CDC communication protocol. I do not want to pay $5000 for my identifier. According to this, I have several questions: Can I use Freescale's VID 0x25...
    Evgeni Kosakovski
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  • LSDK 19.09 issues

    1. ubuntu:Lite doesn't work.  ( and the patch doesn't work with default flex-builder config)  2. yocto:tiny  has issues as well.  (see below) 3. All Ubuntu distros  have Etherne...
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  • SDRAM Controller Reg SDMR latch data question

    I'm working with the MCF5485 and setting up DDR DRAM. I'm attempting to set the SDMR register.  It appears it doesn't latch the data unless I also set the command bit. Here's an arbitrary example wher...
    Zachary Wilcox
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  • Linux BSP

    Are there any Linux BSP's available for the RT10xx-series?
    Goran Nylen
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  • DDR2 setup time (tDS)/hold time (tDH) for DQ referring to data strobe (DQS) during read operation

     Hi all,   I am running the DDR2 batch simulation. Before starting the simulation, I have developed the memory controller timing model (MCU model: MK61FN1M0VMJ15) through DDR2 controller timing model wizard...
    Sing Yew Chan
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    Hi,   I have some doubts regarding S32K146/LQFP 144 microcontroller. If somebody will know,please answer it.   1. In the refernce manual of S32K146/LQFP 144, for I2C clock setting they mentioned one e...
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  • AOSP 9.0 OTA update for iMX8M Mini

    Hi Sir,   I am using iMX8M Mini EVK and AOSP 9.0 version and I am able to run AOSP successfully on my EVK board.   Now I am trying to test OTA update on iMX8M Mini EVK for that I referred steps given in in ...
    Maneesh Singh
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  • bootloader of s32k

    When porting the bootloader of s32k to s32k118, it cannot enter the main function normally.The linked files are as follows  /* Flash */   m_interrupts          (...
    zh ew
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  • QN9090 debug issue

    Hello team, I am trying to debug and run an example code with QN9090 but without a success, please find below my error screen and error log while (trying to) debug. it looks like an issue with the GBD toolchain whil...
    Shai Berman
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  • Can we use a XIP flash and a data flash at the same FlexSPI controller?

    Hello,   the reference manual of RT1020 shows how to connect flash devices to FlexSPI (RT1020 has only 4 data lines for A and 4 for B not 8 as shown in the picture) We want to use XIP on Flash A1 (read only) ...
    Stefan Mitterhauser
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  • Mac to Mac communication over SGMII

    Hi Community, We are using 2 T4240 SoC based custom boards. We are trying to connect the 2 macs over sgmii connection. We connected SGMII pins TX of one MAC to RX of other mac and visa versa. And we configured both...
    Sedat Altun
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  • Please supply component FIT  data

    Please supply below component data ,my will to verify design circuit and to meet IEC 61508 required FIT data MTTF or MTBF report Component list to below description: 74HC244_NXP
    Shuangfu Lin
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  • Image is not booting from SD card

    Hi Team  We are using iMX 6 solo in one of our custom board, we are  able  to flash image in SD card  through uuu tool using linux, but boards can't able to boot from SD card . Please let us know&...
    Abhishek singh
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