• How is a logic HI MK26FN2M0VMD18 input on an unpowerd MK26FN2M0VMD18 supplying 1.6V to 3.3V logic supply.

    Active USB device port powers USB-to-UART bridge (CP2102). The logic +3.3V MK26FN2M0VMD18 supply is OFF. CP2102 UART TXD and RXD are connected to MK26FN2M0VMD18 PTE1 and PTE0 respectively. UART TXD logic HI outpu...
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  • yocto CST-trustfence incompatibility version

    Hi, When I try add INHERIT += "trustfence" to local.conf  I get error:   ERROR: trustfence-cst-native-2.3.3-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure: Unable to find file file://cst-2.3.3.tar.gz anywhere. The path...
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  • TFTP server example on LPC54608?

    I want to build the application on LPC54608 with freeRTOS, ethernet connection and SD card. That is why,  I am looking for the example project on MCUXpresso with TFTP server.  I need to manage the file ...
    Rafal Romanek
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  • Error in final launch sequence

    what is the meaning of error in final launch sequence and failed to execute MI command in MCUxpresso software for frdm KW36A board.  
    Akshita Manwati
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  • K26 locked

    Hi, I have in our production series some issues on MK26FN2M0 being locked. Seems like the chip can not be unlocked permanetly. We are using J-link commander V6.34c to unlock the chip and then J-Flash v6.34c to eras...
    Kari Makelainen
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  • How to get started with USB development?

    Hi! I'm new to USB development. Any recommendations and references on how to implement USB connectivity on my K82-based embedded device?  I know this is too broad, but I'm basically looking for help on how to g...
    Luis Miguel Martinez
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  • Connecting an ext digital microphone to the LPC54114 Xpresso board

    Greetings I have the LPC Audio and voice Recognition kit which is an LPC54114 base-board with a MAO shield. I have looked at the schematic for the shield which shows three jumpers installed on P1. These jumpers connec...
    James Whitney
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  • How does the IMX6 SPI use DMA to transfer data?

    Hello everyone I am using the IMX6Q development board of NXP official website. When I was using SPI for communication, I found that the SPI only uses DMA transfers when the bytes I transfer are larger than 64 bytes. W...
    其东 刘
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  • Android 8.0 performance on i.MX6DL

    We have a custom board with i.MX6DL SoC which is running Android 7.1.2 based on the NXP sources.  Performance is decent at 720p (HDMI) and worse but tolerable at 1080p.  However, when we run Android 8.0.0 (a...
    Allen Ivester
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  • Configuration for Unused Pins/GPIOs on Kinetis

    I got a question related to best practices to configure a GPIO if the pin is not used. To make it short, the recommendation is to leave the GPIO floating on the PCB and leave the GPIO in its "Default" state as shown i...
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  • i.XM8M HDMI support

    Hi,   To get HDMI working in linux kernel, do I need to enable HDMI while uboot compilation? Is building uboot with HDMI by using below command is needed for HDMI to work in kernel? "make SOC=iMX8M flash_hdmi_...
    yashavantha shetty
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  • PF3000 PMIC questions,  Dec. 2015

    Thanks! Some additional follow up questions:   PF3000 standby: For driving this input signal, a N-channel MOSFET has been used (Q702). It seems that the reason for this circuitry is the note close to the MOSFE...
    Zhi Liu
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  • Binary for AQR107 flash in LS1046ARDB

    I am trying to get the  binary file for AQR107 flash in LS1046ARDB. I asked Aquatina for the binary, then they asked to fill in the excel sheet attached. Can I use the default setting int the excel sheet o...
    hyun jung
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  • Short-circuit detection PCA9955B

    Hello, I have problems with the short circuit detection of the PCA9955B led drive. The driver seems to be very sensitive, with short circuit alerts often occurring. They are false alerts, I can not rely on alerts. Ev...
    William Trevine
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  • Arduino board with the Dual CAN-FD Shield Board

    I noticed that the OM13099 Dual CAN-FD Shield has similar pin outs to an Arduino board and can fit on top of it. Is it possible to code an Arduino board to send CAN/CAN-FD messages using the CAN-FD shield?
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  • Running Packet Reflector AIOP App

    HI All,   I am trying to run the packet reflector AIOP app on my LS1088ARDB board.   I did follow the instructions from LSDK Reference Manual Rev. 18.09 Section: Running the Reflector Application. Section...
  • UART2 in KEAZ128 is causing problems

    Hello I have to use the 3 uarts that I have available, using UART0 and UART1 are working fine once I add UART2 i cannot run my application ( but I can debug it without any problem ).   UART2 initialization ...
    Hugo Moran
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  • How to make bootloader on another UART than UART0? (K64f)

    Hello! I'm using the frdm k64f and i'm testing the bootloader with examples. I'm using the freedom_bootloader example from bootloader_examples (SDK 2.5.0) and the KinetisFlashTool for updating programs. Fo...
    Bony X
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  • PCB layout recommendation guideline required for PF8200

    Can anyone share PCB layout recommendation guideline for PMIC - PF8200
    Senthil kumar Thangavel
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  • LPC1769 at high speed baudrates (>3Mbaud)

    Hi there! I'm using an LPC1769 to send data to a PC. I'm using UART3 to send data through a FT232H. I've changed FTDI's drivers in order to alias high baudrates to lower ones, like: (https://www.ftdichip.com/Support/...
    Juan Cerrudo
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