• no reply when ping the devkit board

    Hi, I run the example of "lwip_mpc5748g" on devkit board of mpc5748g.I find the default MAC in the app is"0x10,0x11,0x12,0x00,0x00,0x00". And,I add MAC address of the board manually into PC ARP cache (arp -s ...
    gang zhou
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  • How to use lwip project in MPC5748G?

    How to use lwip project in MPC5748G? We use mpc5748g devkit , S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture Version 2017.R1 and S32DS lwip_mpc5748g project in example.   This project description contain...
    小春 陳
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  • LPC2366 SDK and DEBUG Link

    I'm looking for an SDK for the LPC2366? i'm also wondering if the debug link on the LPC55S69-EVK will work with the LPC2366?
    dennis griffin
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  • Confusion implementing P2P communication

    Hi.   I am currently working on an embedded system using the PN5180 front-end and the 18092 P2P protocol for communicating with a topside application via a standard NFC Reader (P2P supported). My device is confi...
    Marvin Hanzel
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  • Browntail Moth treatment

    Hey,    I don't know if I'm way over my head here.  I'm not a programer and I don't totally understand the technical lingo.  However, I have an idea to treat the ever increasing Browntail moth pop...
    Conor Smith
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  • How many 3-pass AES128 keys are in a MIFARE PLUS X tag ?

    Hi everyone,   I have a project open where an authentication tag must be used, but firstly I need to know how many Keys can be stored in the selected Tag.   I checked the datasheet of MIFARE PLUS X tag ( 4...
    Alvaro Vidaurreta
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  • i.MX8M Mini VPU: Changing H.264 Profile

    Hi,   In the specs for the i.MX8M Mini VPU, it states that the encoder supports H.264 Base Profile, Main Profile, and High Profile. I would like set the VPU encoder profile support by default to High Profile. ...
    Koil Arul Raj
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  • MKW01Z128CHN - Reference Circuit

    Hi, my name is Anderson,   I am currently develping a product that uses the MKW01Z128CHN to read the data from the FXTH871511 sensor throught 433MHz radio frequency. I have been using the development k...
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  • MPC5748 Eval.Board. Gerber File

    Hello everyone,   I'm working on at MPC5746C. I have a MPC5748 Eval.Board.  Is there any gerber files for MPC5748 eval board ? I'm wondering PCB details for Eval.Board.   Best regards,
    alican özpay
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  • About S32K144 FlexRAM used for EEPROM quick writes

    About FlexRAM used for EEPROM quick writes: Are there any examples of quick write?  I can't write data when I configure quick write. Here is an example of my configuration: thanks!
    jianguo li
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  • bluetooth on imx6ull evk

    Hi, I am working with imx6ull evk, I have connected a bluetooth module on uart2, what is the sequence of command to connect bluetooth module ? (example: echo 31 > /sys/class/gpio/export echo 0 > /sys/class/gp...
    sergio d'orazio
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  • Combo sensor in MIMXRT1020-EVK

    Hello.   I tried to test the examples provided by the RT1020 SDK, to make use of the FXOS8700CQ sensor (accelerometer, magnetometer) of the MIMXRT1020-EVK evaluation board. The program gives an error message at ...
    Luis Hernandez Salvador
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  • Run primary bootloader from user code - PN7462

    Hello All,   I need have possibility to upgrade firmware. I read at Quick Start Customer Board about primary downloader. It can be run if I press "DWL_REQ" during reset IC. (I didn't find any other informat...
    Kamil Serwus
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  • DDR drive strength and ODT udpate

    val2addr(IOMUXC_SW_PAD_CTL_GRP_TERM_CTL0, 0x00000200) val2addr(IOMUXC_SW_PAD_CTL_GRP_TERM_CTL1, 0x00000200) val2addr(IOMUXC_SW_PAD_CTL_GRP_TERM_CTL2, 0x00000200) val2addr(IOMUXC_SW_PAD_CTL_GRP_TERM_CTL3, 0x0000020...
    saravana kumar
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  • issue with the generated license.dat of CodeWarrior Development Suite

    Hello, I bought the CodeWarrior Development Suite, and followed the instructions in order to generate the license.dat file. Afterwards, I copied and pasted in on 'C:\Freescale\CW MCU v11.1\MCU' folder (replacing...
    Sharon Ben Itzhak
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  • K60 ethernet checksums

    I've managed to get the K60 working under FreeRTOS TCP stack using the K60 tower board and TWR-SER module, but I'm running into problems with checksums.  I have the hardware configured with the hardware accelerat...
    David Sherman
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  • MCUBootUtility HAB Signed Image

    Hi all I want to try HAB signed Image Boot  I followed JayHeng's Blog but something got wrong Can anyone help me ? Thanks!     Best Regards, Andy Dong
    Andy Dong
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  • Serial Download using USB A/B connectors on iMX8M Mini

    Hi, we'd like to connect the iMX8M Mini USB Ports to either USB A or B connectors and maintain the the Serial Download funktionality. Could you provide a Application Note describing how to do this and what to keep in ...
  • i.MX6 HDMI audio for non-CEA modes

    Hello,   This thread is about enabling HDMI audio output for all possible video modes on an i.MX6 SoC. While this is not officially supported by NXP in their BSP releases, the drivers can be modified to force au...
    Alvin Sipraga
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  • How to change the initial configuration of the R41Z?

    Hello everybody, I'm using two R41Z evaluation board as router_eligible_device, with one of them I start creating the network and the device takes the leader role and the second one can be configured to join the crea...
    Cristina Alvarez
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