• i.mx8 evk hdmi 1280x800 display not working. 

    Hi all,  Happy new year.  We have i.mx8 evk (MCIMX8M-EVK). Board drives hdmi Fullhd displays  (1920x1080) without any problem (using default u boot paramters), but we switch to 1280x800 diplay over HD...
    samet kocatepe
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  • dts of GPIO1 using pins for IMX Tool on i.MX7d

    Hi, I'm using Pins for IMX Tool to configure pins on i.MX7d. In the generated dtsi, pins GPIO1_IO00 to GPIO1_IO07 are located in "iomuxc" group. I have understood that these pins "iomuxc_lpsr"... Is it correct ? If ...
    Olivier PESLE
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  • How to activate IC resizer

    Hi to all, I'm trying to activate the resizer hardware of the i.mx6 Dual. I can't understand how to do that. I'm using kernel 4.9.11 and it's not possible for me to update it. So I'm trying to manipulate driver for ...
    Denis Matteazzi
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  • Not able to debug MIMXRT1020-EVK board with P&E Multilink Universal FX

    Hi,   I'm not able to debug MIMXRT1020-EVK board with P&E Multilink Universal FX. Tried with lowest debug frequency but result is same.   In same board Segger J-link works.   J25,J26,J27,J28 - Al...
    jtro 9
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  • iMX28 Bare Metal Code and Boot ROM

    Hi, I have created a bare metal memory test to run in the OCRAM of the iMX28. It is based on various OBDS and memtest applications in posts on these forums. I have used IAR for ARM to build the project and modified th...
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  • Temperature measurement with ADC

    I am using MK61FN1M0VMJ12 microcontroller. I am trying to read it's temperature with built in sensor with ADC CH 26.  But I get constant reading of 64875(ADC0_RA) in differential and value 64 when in single ended...
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  • EVS functionality in IM8QM-MEK Android 9 Automotive

    Hi All,   I am working on EVS functionality with Android 9 Automotive (android_p9.0.0_2.1.1-auto).   I configured V4L2_BUF_TYPE_VIDEO_CAPTURE_MPLANE to V4L2_BUF_TYPE_VIDEO_CAPTURE in the following source a...
    vinothkumar s
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  • JN-AN-1189 - smart Plug don't want to join the network

    Hi. I am trying to run the JN-AN-1189 app note and more specifically the Smart Plug app. I was not able to join my existing zigbee network and here is what I see when i look at the debugging output:   Set Chann...
    Tim Gros
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  • Timersmanagers.c timers are not incrementing.

    Hello,   I am having an issue with interval timers using the timersmanager on the KW41z on a custom board. I started with the bluetooth uart freertos project. In short the timers never go off and call the callba...
    David Harmon
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  • LS1043A write enable signal in Async NAND Flash mode

    I'm working with the LS1043A device and trying to figure out which write enable signal it will drive in Async NAND Flash mode.  In referring to the LS1043A Reference Manual (Rev. 4, 6/2018) Table 25-1 indicates t...
    Michael Macheski
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  • NFC PN7150 and iOS13 - Card Emulation

    I am trying to send infromation from PN7150 to ioS app using NDEF format. I see this sometimes working and sometimes NDEF information is not shown on the app which I developed using the ioS NFC SDK. For android, the b...
    Purshottam Purswani
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  • Why LPC54606J512BD100 error when update FW via ISP UART baud rate more than 38400?  

    1. LPC1766FBD100 can update FW via ISP UART baud rate 38400, 57600 and 115200 on prototype board. 2. Change MUC from LPC1766FBD100 to LPC54606J512BD100 (same prototype board) 3. LPC54606J512BD100...
    Sutas Jaruwat
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  • Power down NVCC_SD0

    In the datasheet for the RT1064 processor, I note the following under the GPIO supplies in the Operating ranges table: "All digital I/O supplies (NVCC_xxxx) must be powered (unless otherwise specified in this data sh...
    Andrew Kinmont
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  • Question for LPC11U68JBD100 SPI data transfer

    CPU part number : LPC11U68JBD100   I am designing  LPC11U68JBD100 firmware. I want to SPI transfer with A/D converter. I use SPI0 port. CPU is master. the A/D converter is slave. the A/D converter's...
    Tadaki Maekawa
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  • Transmit data from SMARTCARD0 interface, I/O in open-drain?

    I am realising ISO7816-3 SmartCard interface with level translator. I am using MCU LPC54608 and TXB0104 as level translator. Power level on smart card - 3.0V (Class B), voltage level on MCU - 3.3V. In future also need...
    Kovalenko Igor
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  • SNVS Clock Scaling in i.MXRT1064

    We have an issue where SVNS RTC alarm runs at half speed during sleep compared to when running. Other than this, the wake up functions as expected. I cannot see any documentation on clock scaling for the RTC and I am ...
    Christopher Evans
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  • LPC54618 Main Clock issue

    Good mornig, I use LPC54618J512 with MCUXpresso IDE V11.1 & Configuration Tool. Using the CAN peripheral, I noted a difference between the bps nedeed (and calculated) and the bps output from peripheral. Using the...
    Marco Di Biaggio
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    I'm reading the JTAG ID code of the LPC54608 using the Xilinx USB Platform cable and Vivado 2017.3 as 0000002B, but according to data sheet the ID should be 10CAA02B. Any ideas ?   Thanks Hugh
    Hugh O'Keeffe
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  • SoC SION bit doesn't "follow" RT1064 Ref.Manual description of SW_MUX_CTL Register

    I needed I2C-3 peripheral, so I configured it using pinTool v.7 routing to available pins. The code generated by pinTool shows nothing unusual, the SION bits for both SDA [J12] and SCL [K10] pins are set by pinTool t...
    Steve Surowinski
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  • LPC55S69 CASPER SDK Example Performance

    I tested the lpc55s69_mbedtls_benchmark SDK example (from AN12445) in order to see how much speed-up ECDSA signing and verifying with the CASPER hardware accelerator could bring in my project. I  let the unmodifi...
    Simon Ott
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