• i.MX 8 Camera Use Cases

    This document describes all the i.MX 8 MIPI-CSI use cases, showing the available cameras and daughter cards supported by the boards, the compatible Device Trees (DTS) files, and how to enable these different camera op...
    Marco Antonio Franchi
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  • Real-time DSP using the LPC55S69 i2s Examples

    I currently experimenting with the LPC55S69 i2s examples i2s_interrupt_record_playback and i2s_dma_record_playback examples. My starting point has been the interrupt version example. I want low latency and the ability...
    Mark Wickert
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  • Stack dump in sdk when create an attribute new from cluster basic 

    Dear All,   I want create an attribute contain 100 byte data of cluster basic from router. I user router is module chip jn5169, JN-AN-1217 sofware and sdk JN-SW-4170. The step are described below: 1...
    Dang Thanh Nha
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  • How to bind Output ON/OFF cluster to JN5189 coordinator (IoT control bridge).

    I am working with jn5189 as ZigBee coordinatore. I am trying to bind a LUMI mini switch ON/OFF cluster (Output cluster) with the coordinator. I am using iot-control-bridge workspace, I am sending "BIND REQUEST" to the...
    Bharadwaj Kollepara
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  • Does JN5169 support dynamic storage?

    JN5169 does not support dynamic storage(compilation error with malloc function), but why is the minimum heap set to 2000 in JN-AN-1217  Makefile?     STACK_SIZE = 5000 MINIMUM_HEAP_SIZE = 2000   ...
    hs q
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  • Embedded wizard application in combination with HID device

    Hallo,   I am using the NXP LPCXpresso54628. I have created a graphical interface in embedded wizard that runs on the LPCXpresso54628. Simultaneously I want the device to act as a USB HID device.   Th...
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  • i.MX 8M Nano DDR Tool

    I am working with a custom designed board that utilizes either the i.MX 8M Mini or i.MX 8M Nano processor with LPDDR4 (x32 or x16 per processor support).  Our last build of boards included I-Temp rated processor ...
    Nathan Kro
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  • RPMSG buffer not cleared after M4 firmware reload

    Hello, I am using rpmsg to communicate between a linux (A53) and a FreeRTOS (M4) on an imx8 through a rpsmg driver based on imx_rpmsg_tty.c. M4 implementation is based on example rpmsg_lite_str_echo_rtos_imxcm4 with ...
    olivier RIFF
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  • How to download  program in  normal  mode(not in debud mode)?

    hi !      I have a question about FS65xx  when I download  program.when I use  FS65xx to supply  power MCU in normal mode(not in debug mode),if i want to downloade a new p...
    丁 士高
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  • The value of the prescale of the PCA9552 may not be accurate

    Hi       We develop the NXP pca9552 which controls the leds on our board under linux enviroment.        We want the leds blink on pwm0 1HZ frequency ,so set the pwm0 pres...
    huang yong
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  • FlexSPI layout guidelines

    HI NXP Team,   We are using i.MX8DualXPLUS processor in our custom platform development based on the MEK. Please recommend some good reference document/link for the FlexSPI Octal interface layout guidelines. 
    Harsh Mistry
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    Hi,I have started my new project which is a NFC tag's reader I choose to work with PN7150 but I dont know which version to use. Can anyone helps me to select the suitable one  thank you 
    mohamed sayahi
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  • How do to arrive the only core 0 can access Port X GPDO with MPC5746R SMPU

    I would like to use MPC5746R SMPU_1 to protect some SIUL(for example: Port X GPDO regsiters) Core 0 can read/write Port X GPDO, but Core 1 can't read/write Port X GPDO.   Configuration 1: (uint32_t)(&SIUL...
    ricky zhu
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  • S32K148EVB Mechanical Drawings or 3D Models

    I need some sort of document that shows me where the connector headers and mounting holes are on the NXP S32K148EVB board. Can anyone help with this? I'm trying to design an enclosure that holds this board along ...
    Liam Burns
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  • how to handle nested interrupt (interrupt within an interrupt) in S32K144

    for my project i'm reading I2C data with I2C_master_interrupt. i am also having port interrupt configured. i've also taken care of the priorities of both the interrupts. still whenever the execution is in port interru...
    shivam chudasama
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  • CSI0 with 16-Bit video does not receive any frame

    We have some issues with our Board trying to receive a 16-Bit video Stream (YUYV with external HSync and VSync) with 1080p25 resolution from an external SOC connected to CSI0 of IPU1 of our iMX6DL (Pixel Clock ~ 78MHz...
    Sebastian Wendt
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  • Rising/falling time of MC33GD3100

    Detail datasheet of MC33GD3100   Hi everybody,   I am asking a help from NXP if you have the info. of rising/falling time and propagation delay of this driver IC.   Thank you! Hieu
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  • LS1046ARDB USB Console: no serial device

    Hello,   We have a fresh LS1046ARDB.  When the front console USB port is plugged into another computer, the mbed device shows up, along with the BOOTLOADER drive.  However, the bootloader serial port d...
    Joe Epstein
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  • FreeMaster3.0 Installation failed

    The error shown in Figure 1 occurred when I installed Freemaster3.0.How can I solve this problem?
    相国 尹
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  • FreeMaster Documentation - How to Use FreeMASTER over BDM/JTAG

    Can someone point me in the direction of FreeMaster documentation that discusses using the MultiLink debugger?  I can use it fine if I'm using the S32K144 dev board but on my PCB I can only get the oscope to work...
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