• MPC57xx FCCU Utility scripts for Lauterbach debugger

    This document describes how to use Lauterbach FCCU (fault collection and control unit) periphery extension for MPC57xx devices. It is expected that user has deep knowledge on FCCU mechanisms in order to effectively u...
    Peter Vlna
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  • ifconfig: SIOCGIFFLAGS: No such device

    Hello,   I am using custom-made evaluation board with LS1021A processor.  And the Ethernet PHY used is BCM89883. I am able to successfully boot Linux. But there is some problem setting up eth0. But if I ...
  • IAR environment setup in c++ to blink led for kmxx controlleres

    Hi,   Need small help from NXP, am struck with some setup issue.   As am trying to create IAR environment for Just blink led in C++ how to do it - Tried so many ways    Steps: - Created simple p...
    Ugra Narasimha
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  • bitbake error

    Hi:         I'm going to follow the instructions but there's this problem, what am I going to do?          datasheet《Auto_Linux_BS...
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  • K82 DSPI communication issue with slave device

    Hi  This is Gokul working for K82 frdm board. I have a problem with K82 DSPI. When I use Half duplex polling example given in drivers example for dspi,  dspi_half_duplex_polling_master.c in one K82 board...
    Gokulnath Kasinathan
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  • ENET statistics counters on FRDM-K64F

    Hi everyone,   I am running some of the lwIP examples included within the KSDK on a freedom development board (FRDM-K64F). While the examples run ok, all the statistics counters keep holding a zero value. By sta...
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  • Programming FSEC field using Flash Driver

    Hi,   I have Kinetis K82 board, I am trying to change the FCA my  fields within application.   As far as I know once  these Fields are updated from application by the Bootloader, hence once I am ...
    Saurabh Saxena
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  • UART0 does not respond after waking up from STOP mode on Kinetis K64F

    Waking up after setting Sleepdeep and executing a WFI will leave UART0 unresponsive. Is there anything explicit that needs to be done to make UART0 usable again?   Thanks,   German
    German Rivera
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  • Compile QCB block without CodeBlocks or VS

    Attached example - how to compile QCB block (QSPI settings for MCU Bootloader) only MCUXpressoIDE gcc usage
    Andrey Korol
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  • OTFAD Feature Verification Fail

    I am using FRDMK82F board. I am trying to check the OTFAD feature.   1. I have used Bubble project and changed the linker file settings as follows define symbol m_interrupts_start = 0x0000A000; define symbol m_...
    dhanapal rajendran
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  • MPC5 software example list

    MPC5554 Example MPC5554EVB PinToggleStationery CW210 Example MPC5554 eQADC+INTC Single Scan CW210   MPC5566 Example MPC5566EVB PinToggleStationery CW210 Example MPC5566 Hardware vector mode   MPC5602D ...
    David Tosenovjan
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  • meta-toolchain-qt5 compile error imx6sl

    #bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5 i am facing below error, can any one help me solve the issue.   | Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: quick | make[2]: *** [sub-qml-deviceinfo-make_first] Error 3 | make[2]: *** W...
  • Example MPC5676R BIST Core0&1 GHS716 (multicore)

    ******************************************************************************** * Owner:            b21190(Vlna Peter) * Version:     &#...
    Peter Vlna
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  • iMX6SL LPDDR2 Calibration for 8Gigabit Memory

    Hello, I have a iMX6SL customize board with 8gigabit (1GB) memory LPDDR2 ram chip. I trying the ddr calibration test using the imx6sl.xlsx script, To I generated the .inc file code. so using the .inc file the ddr str...
    created by HARISH KUMAR T S
  • No application file

    I have developed an application  using CW11.1 with a S08SH8 and everything was fine - it compiled and I could debug it using my Multilink FX. I have just made a minor software change. It complies without err...
    Julian Cox
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  • Example MPC5676R BIST core1 GHS716

    * Owner:            b21190(Vlna Peter) * Version:          1.0 * Date:        ...
    Peter Vlna
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  • [MPC5748G] FCCU NCF Timeout

    Hi, I made some tests on FCCU with faked event sent with API below. FCCU_DRV_SetNcfFake()   If I enable NCF timeout (reg NCF_TOE = 1) with timeout value 0 (NCF_TO = 0), MCU will switch to fault mode. However,...
    Travis Kuo
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  • "Erase to Unsecure?"

    I changed a value in one of my startup files form 400 to 500 to increase my stack size and when I went to debug, a window kept popping up asking the question, "Erase to Unsecure?". I changed the number back and it is ...
    Rody Braswell
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  • your ID is INACTIVE in Flexera

    I have the same trouble, I can't download MCUXpresso and LPCXpresso, canI be reactivated, please?
    Daniele Becciu
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  • Hi,  I am using LPC link2 debug board fro flashing NHS3100 using Flash magic.  It was working fine till now, but suddenly my LPC device is not getting detected when flash magic is open.   Before opening Flash magic, LED1 on lpc link2 board is ON continuou

    Hi, I am using LPC link2 debug board fro flashing NHS3100 using Flash magic. It was working fine till now, but suddenly my LPC device is not getting detected when flash magic is open. Before opening Flash magic, L...
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