• Problem connecting KMS to FRDM-KV31F

      I've tried disconnecting the board, reconnecting it, closing KMS, reopening it, but I cannot seem to get a connection.     The board information seems ok.   Can someone help me and let me kn...
    Paul Tan
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  • PA GaN die load-pull test

    In the past I believe NXP provided this test service to its customers.  I would like to know if I can still use NXP service to support our needs. I would like to load-pull test a few GaN HEMT die ...
    Fred Young
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  • i.MX 6D WAIT4EOT_3 and _9

    Hi,    I have a question about WAIT4EOT_3 and WAIT4EOT_9 of i.MX6DQ reference manual. There is a register IPUx_DMFC_GENERAL_1, that specify WAIT4EOT_3 and WAIT4EOT_9 for each FIFO#...
    Toshishisa Sugiyama
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  • Linked files not found by compiler?

    When I use this guide to create linked files in S32DS, I use Ctrl+click/drag to take one file "CAN_TxRx.h" and move it into another project, linked relative to "PROJECT_LOC", however it seems the compiler cannot ...
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  • Inconsistent results on DDR calibration for custom i.MX6ULL board using DDR stress tester v2.70

    Hi, We are currently doing evaluation testing on a custom board utilizing an i.MX6ULL with 512MB of DDR3.  Using the "ddr_stress_tester_v2.70" tool from NXP and putting the board in Serial Downloader mode, and w...
    Chad Wolter
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  • MTBF/FIT rate

    Can anyone share MTBF and FIT rates for following parts at -30degree or +30 degree or +55 degree Celsius temperature.   MCIMX6S7CVM08AC MMPF0100F0ANES SGTL5000XNAA3R2     Thanks & Regards, Namr...
    NAMRATHA Palande
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  • LPC43xx + GPDMA + SSP (burst size&)

    Hey, there! I have a little confusion about the stuff. I use SSP0 + GPDMA. According to CMSIS lib burst size tx is 4 bytes, burst size rx is 4 bytes too. So, there is rare occasion when tx channel (I set it to 1, for ...
    Youry Yakimov
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  • i.MX7 Kernel Config

    Linux Kernel v4.9.11_1.0.0_ga commit 427eb83 fails to build when only configured for IMX7D SOC. A diff for the kernel configuration patch as attached. Putting this here because the imx kernel repository has no pu...
    Ryan Schaefer
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  • End device and Router device capacity is 2, which is not as per the Specification.

    Hi,       Sometimes I get End Device and router capacity is 2 in ZPS_EVENT_NWK_DISCOVERY_COMPLETE Pkt  sometimes it can give proper value, have anyone know the reason of this issue?   As per Z...
    vihang jani
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  • API failed in vEZ_JoinSavedNetwork 0xC3

    Hi,       Sometimes I get “API failed in vEZ_JoinSavedNetwork 0xC3” message when device attempt to call ZPS_eAplZdoJoinNetwork within  vEZ_JoinSavedNetwork to join n...
    vihang jani
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  • zps_eAplZdoRequestKeyReq is sending 0xA3

    Hi, I received once time when calling zps_eAplZdoRequestKeyReq API and it's return 0xA3( ILLEGAL_REQUEST). In which scenario,JN-SW-4166 SDK will be sent this error ?
    vihang jani
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  • Second Thread Initailization Error

    Hello,    I am trying to run Core 0 thread 1 after initializing the core from thread 0 on the T2080. However after setting the thread initial machine state register to match thread 0, and the next inst...
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  • MQMQX 4.2 K60 Custom Board USB Every Transaction Gets KHCI_ATOM_TR_TO Response When Not Debugging but Works When Debugging

    I have a custom board with the MK60DN512ZVLQ10.  I have a standalone bootloader in 0-0xFFFF memory that uses USB and micro SD.  After jump to application, I run MQX 4.2.  I have a USB task that sets up ...
    Kevin Penn
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  • Multiple ADC channel readings

    I am using a MK22FN512 processor ( k22f family). My application requires me to monitor lot of sensors and I need to keep track of about 10 channels.But I guess K22 has 2 ADC modules with two channels each ( A and B) a...
    sreejith menon
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  • Javascript/JSON/HTML5/websocket browser on i.MX6?

    Hello,   A customer running i.MX6 with a recent NXP Yocto build is asking for a browser with the following features: 1) https support2) websocket compatibility with linux libwebsockets3) json and javascript sup...
    Sergei Poselenov
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  • Abnormal Tamper Behavior

    Hi,   We found this symptom on our target. It shows different tampered result while boot loader placed into QSPI flash or SD card. We also found below result on EVK. --------------------------------------...
    Tsung-Chih Wang
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  • ubi attach error in kernel

    Hello All, I am working on a custom board, which is based on the 14x14 evk, I am facing issue with root file system in kernel.   I have updated the QSPI NOR flash with U-Boot, Kernel (4.1.15_2.0.0) device...
    shreyans badjatya
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  • You have been redirected to this page because your ID is INACTIVE in Flexera. Please Activate your account to proceed.   If you believe you have reached this page in error, please contact NXP® Technical Support.

    You have been redirected to this page because your ID is INACTIVE in Flexera. Please Activate your account to proceed. If you believe you have reached this page in error, please contact NXP® Technical Support. &#...
    li li
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  • Adaptative estimation of external acceleration

    This discussion is related to the 6DOF sensorfusion algorithm only and the potential to include an adaptative estimation of external acceleration.   According to Sensorfusion strategy (AN5023), the accelerometer...
  • How to disable Temperature Limit in iMX6 CPU Single Core

    Hi    we are using iMX6 CPU single Core, at room temperature(25 C) we read die temperature is 57 C , and No application is running this time except Linux OS. and I believe after 85 C CPU fold-back the its c...
    Kunal Barot
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