• iMX6Q silicon revision 1.6

    Where can I download i.MX 6Quad processor silicon revision comparison document? I'm looking for information on changes in the i.MX6Q revision 1.6.   Regards, Z
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  • i.MX6 spi slave with sdma

    Dear all, I'm looking for support  for spi slave with sdma. Do you have any suggestion? I know that there's around a patch to use ecspi as spi slave in pio mode (something like [RFC,5/5] spi: imx: Add support f...
    Pazzo Da Legare
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  • LPC540xx OTP Programming Example

    Hi folks, Attached is a sample source code for OTP programming in NXP LPC54018 MCU. Brief about the example: The example programs 4 words of data each into OTP bank 1 and OTP bank 2. The example uses LPC54018 SDK...
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  • IMX6Q Ethernet UDP Performance

    Hi All,   Two IMX6Q is connected through a gigabit switch and the following test was performed using iperf3  Micrel KSZ9021 Gigabit PHY Client: iperf3 -u -c -b 1G Connecting to host
    Son Pham
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  • How to boot qspi flash from GD flash(GD25q32CSIGR) on IMX6ULL board

    My board is iMX6ULL We can use the onboard QSPI NOR flash(micron-n25q256a) to boot up RTOS And now we need to use another QSPI NOR flash(GD25q32CSIGR) to bringup the system   Have 3 config files for ...
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  • How I can add driver to imx7dsabre ,

    Hello i triying to add new features/drivers to my linux kernel/distro , i should add new drivers to my kernel, i created release via yocto, but i need add to Realtek 8211 driver i download imx kernel and its has imx_4...
    Atakan Akbulut
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  • i.mx rt1050 DR_SET and DR_CLEAR

    Hi, i am trying to set 2 pins from 1 port, e.g. GPIO2.31 and GPIO2.29. One pin should be set in an irq handler, the other one in my main loop. therefore i used the register DR_SET and DR_CLEAR. But the pins are no...
    Christian Gradl
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  • i.mx rt1050 booting from LPSPI

    What are the exact bootmode/pins settings for booting via LPSPI? in the TRM table 8-8 there is no entry about this. Above there stands    The chip supports these boot flash devices   ...
    Christian Gradl
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    Hi, I'm using MIMXRT1051CVL5B with latest SDK (SDK_2.3.1_EVKB-IMXRT1050), but when i enable configUSE_TICKLESS_IDLE feature, and run example project SDK_2.3.1_EVKB-IMXRT1050\boards\evkbimxrt1050\rtos_examples\fr...
    tom fang
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  • kobs-ng / imx-kobs for IMX6UL

    Hi, I have a custom board with an IMX6UL on it. It's set up to boot from NAND flash, specifically: MT29F1G08ABAEAWP.   Currently NAND is empty, and I'm booting using the serial download protocol over UART. ...
    Andrew Parlane
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  • JTAG Debugging on JN5168

    The JN516x Data Sheet, Chapter 14 says:   JTAG Test Interface The JN516x includes an IEEE1149.1 compliant JTAG port for the purpose of manufacturing test. The software debugger is not supported with this product...
    Matt Ferrari
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  • i.MX6DP hangs when reaching >70C

    Hi all,   We're currently working with an i.MX6DP based device and encountered a strange, yet critical issue. Some of our devices (i.MX6DP rev1.1) hang when reaching a temperature of ~74-79C and then get restar...
    Rostyslav Khudolii
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  • Prepare Write Functionality on BLE KW41Z

    Hi,   Please provide the details for the prepare write functionality on BLE KW41Z chipset? How to configure this event or register callback for prepare write event? How could i receive event and also...
    Ashish Patel
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  • Linux ns-world

    Hi, im working with the Trustzone on the IMX6QSD board and i wanted to ask id there's a way to use linux as non-secure in the board. Kind regards,  Ailton Lopes
    Ailton Lopes
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  • KW21Z Flash Memory usage rules

    I'm trying to port the Openthread KW41Z 512/128 implementation to the KW21Z 256/64. Part of Openthread requires having a nonvolatile settings section. This section is 2 "pages" of 2KB each. The Openthread library...
    Neal Jackson
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  • LPC1850 - soft reset - SPIFI Boot - KEIL UV5 RTX

    My system is a LPC1850 with IDE KEIL UV5 RTX and I boot from SPIFI.  That being said I am trying to do a soft reboot.  My hardware is set and I do not have an external pull-up P2-7.  ...
    Scott Hudis
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  • CRC-8 maximum message size coverage

    Hi,   The MPC5777C has the CRC8 VDA CAN algorithm. I can't find on Internet the relashionship between the hamming distance and the maximum number of bits that this polynomial can protect.   In which type o...
    Etienne Alepins
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  • 32 bits PCI device DMA problem on T1042 platform Linux 64 bits

    Hi,   on a T1042 platform, with Linux kernel 4.1.8 from NXP QorIQ SDK 2.0, I'm writing a PCI driver for a PCI 32 bit device.   I need to setup a DMA_FROM_DEVICE page (one page = 4KB) with dma_map_single()...
    Antoine Durand
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  • Codewarrior  licence

    Hi i am the DFAE from avnet,and My customers need CodeWarrior_5.1 temporary Licence to evaluate our MCU,pls help ,many thanks. my Email is caesar.song@avnet.com
    Caesar song
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  • Using MCUXpresso Config Tools to specify input pin

    I am having trouble using the Pins Config Tools to make GPIO pin working in input mode. The board I use is FRDM-K22F. Here is what I did: 1) I created  a simple "Hello World" project by following the MCUX...
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