• The system will print “**printk messages dropped” continuously when reboot

    my cpu is B4860 and I use the the sdk-v2.0-1703; my problem is : When the system restarts,Occasionally, The system will print “**printk messages dropped” continuously at the following locations: [11:...
    zhiming qiu
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  • imx6ulevk get stuck when it start with kernel

    Hello,      I tried some test about compiling kernel with cross-compiler tools. I burned those files to the  sdcard and it could successfully start u-boot. But it get stuck when it start with kern...
    Ida J
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  • MIFARE SAM AV2 C library

    From where i can get the SAM av2 C librry?
    Tharake Gunatilake
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  • UART in basicDiscoveryLoop Example

    Hi, I am using clev6630b board and i run though basic discoveryloop example where i am able to detact nfc tags.Now how can i use uart in this example to send the detected card details to other mcu(which is connected ...
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  • iMX6UL Non-Linearity Error of Internal ADC

    I am using internal ADC of the iMX6UL. It shows a strange non-linearity where the conversion seems to increase the error up to mid scale (where error of conversion is 100mV, huge!) then the error decreases and conver...
    Paolo Bozzola
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  • Looking for IoT Toolbox iOS app source code

    I am looking for the IoT Toolbox iOS and Android app source code.  Where can I download this?  If this is not available, where is the BLE documentation on what is returned from the chip?  Each BLE devic...
    Daniel Dhillon
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  • MPX2202 A or D for vaccum application

    Hello everyone,   I currently have a sensor MPX2202A for vaccum application. In the date sheet it's said that the range of mesure is 20 to 200 kPa. I noticed that the sensor MPX2202D is able to read a pressure b...
    Bijan BADRI
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  • [S32K_148 EVB..Show stopper Issue]Cannot flash&debug anymore

    Help.. Today morning, when I debugging on S32K_148 EVB, it suddenly cannot flash&debug anymore. I tried both "OpenSDA" and "PE micro" methods, neither is work.   I seared on the Internet and got an info th...
    Yin Chaoping
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    Now configure the FCCU registers in initialization function,there eout pin is in fault state.However there is no fault inject,and the eout fault state can't exit.Why the eout pin is in fault status while there is...
    丽 李
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  • MCIMX8M-EVKB design

    3.3V J1001 HDMI CEC signal is connected HDMI_CEC with no level shift to 1.8V as HDMI_AVDDIO is 1.8V. Also HPD signal as highlighted in below schematics  The D1003 voltage drop is 0.59V only.
    Yaseen Vantmuri
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  • S32K144 ISELED + Touch Sensor Demo

    Using S32k144 ISELD SDK driver and adding Touch Sensor software, a demo is created to show different light combinations when electrodes of S32K144 EVB are touched. ADK ISELED board is attached to S32K144 EVB.
    Hector Hernandez Gomez
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  • Need Help for  a  installation of libGLESv3 lib on S32V234EVB board

    Hello , We are using S32V234-EVB2- SC29288, and wanted to set up libGLESv3 . As of now we are using libGLESv2.so files for running OPENGL qt base application for displaying purpose. But our  requirment is libGL...
    vaibhav nanoti
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  • K64 WLCSP142 pinout error?

    Hello, we have developed a custom board based on K64 WLCSP142 P/N MK64FN1M0CAJ12R. On page 66 of datasheet K64P142M120SF5 Rev. 7, 10/2016 we read that on pins M5 and K6 (PTA7 and PTA8) we have MDIO int...
    Cesare Masetti
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  • MKL15Z128VFM4 reliability report

    Where can I find MKL15Z128VFM4 reliability report or Qualification Report? And what's MTBF of MKL15Z128VFM4.
    John Wu
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  • LPC824 running 30MHz - Unstable PLL?

    I'm working on a project where I just happened to run a LPC824 at 30MHz with an external 12MHz crystal. According to the user manual (UM10800) this setup is supported, and it does seem to work "sometimes". I say so...
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  • CRC32 bit checksum algorithm for MPC5643L

    Dear Support,   I have MPC5643L micro and using CRC32 bit with CRC32_ETHERNET. I am generating 32 bit CRC using following configuration. {/* swap_bitwise    swap_bytewise   swap &#...
    Amar Mahajan
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  • Error while integrating the PLU code? this could be a reason. (LPC55S69_cm33_core0.h))

    Programmable Logic Unit (PLU) offers an interesting functionality in the MCU world. It allows the possibility of creating small combinatorial and/or sequential logic networks including state machines.  ...
    Randa Zarrouk
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  • Unable to read PHY identification Number in TJA1100 ETH PHY

    Hello All, We are using tja1100 ETH PHY for BroadReach ETH communication,  Connection is as follows: Microcontroller is connected to TJA1100 via RMII. PHY is controlled by uc using MDIO, MDC PINs.   The...
    channakeshava Siriyanna
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  • imx8mmini uuu

    I am using imx8mmini The programming method is uuu I read uuu.pdf but When I build what should I do?
    jiehuai zhu
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  • Unable to caliberate LPDDR3 with IMX7D

    Hello There, I am working on custom IMX7D board based on imx7 dual sabre board. I am trying to use the same uboot code from reference design, but unlike the reference board, in my design I have only single DDR3 of 4G...
    Flaby Jacob
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