• EEPROM emulation using FlexRAM and FlexNVM

    Hello,   I am using MKW36A512 micro. 256KB Program flash is being used for code storage. Also I need to utilize 224KB of Flex NVM for Code storage and 32KB of Flex NVM for EEPROM Backup Since the applicatio...
    Ashish Dargad
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  • Interval of RIT (Repetitive Interrupt Timer) SDK example

    My Environment: - OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS - Board: LPCXpresso54628 - IDE: MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.1 [Build 2563] [2019-09-01]   I examined rit.c from SDK example. With the code, I confirmed that the LED is toggled ...
    Yas Okada
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  • error-demonstration version.too many source line records.

    I am using codewarrior for MCP55xx/56xx V2.10. And i debugged a project and connected into the MCU(MPC5644A) like picture 1. At last this error appeared like picture 2.   It seem i can only download 5000 li...
    刘峰 刘
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  • LPC51U68 development on MCUXpresso

    Hi I designed original LPC51U68 board. (not LPCXpresso 51U68) I would like to use MCUXpresso the same as before other LPC development. However, there are not LPC51U68 in Preinstalled MCUs, New Project wizard. How ...
    Tomotaka Hosotani
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  • LPC804 Github Project and Examples with Focus on PLU Setup

    Hi All   I have stared to document my own experience withthe LPC804 and its PLU on a github project: GitHub - olikraus/lpc804_plu: LPC804 toolchain with PLU compiler and Flash-ROM upload tool    Addi...
    Oliver Kraus
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  • Docker for Windows: Issues making rootfs

    Context: I am following the user manual for the Layerscape LS1028 BSP. I am on a Windows 10 PC running with Docker using the image ubuntu:18.04.   Issue: I am able to successfully execute the various commands ...
    Todd Schavey
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  • OpenSDA port error when IDE debugging

      When I tried to debug my app using MCUXpresso IDE, I have this error. My board is MK22FN512VLH12. In my device manager, I can see a "OpenSDA CDC serial port". Can anyone tell me what went wrong?
    he dajiang
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  • LPC546xx uart RxNoise

    Hi,   I have been struggling with a RxNoiseInt when using UART on a LPC54607. I use the FLEXCOMM2 peripheral with a clock from the kFRO12M. At a certain point in my communication (can be 5 messages, can be 100...
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  • I need a RTI example project

    My MCU is MC9S12X. Can anybody give me a example project in which only RTI function works and it's interrupt handled by XGATE?
    everk image
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  • PTN3460BS/F2 display fail.

    Dears,    My customer consisted the board with PTN3460BS/F2. but It does not display normally.  The device manager indicates that the monitor is recognized. But display are appear black. 1. Th...
    HyeongJun Sim
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  • How to resolve compile error with SDK 3.0.0?

    Dear.   I use S32DS for ARM 2018 with SDK 3.0.0   I reinstalled S32DS. After create project, I didn't add any code. But the project with the tool chain "ARM Bare-Metal 32-bit Target Binary Toolchain...
    Byungju Kim
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    Hello ,   I want to use HTRC11001T/02EE,11  as my RFID reader option for 125KHz. Since there's no evaluation kit available nor any reference design based on this , I'm unable to define the antenna for ...
    Manoj  Chate
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  • Create and add my libs to my project

    Hello,   I'm new with NXP and S32 Design Studio. My main goal is create one project where I can import my libs. That is, I want to create 2 lib (for example for CAN communication and ADC, for S32K118) wit...
    Ricardo Velho
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  • About KE04 glitch filter

    Thank you for your help.   KE04 Subfamily Reference Manual, Rev. 4, 01/2019 The 11.4 input glitch filter settings were written as follows:   Glitches that are shorter than the selected clock period will be...
    jun yamada
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  • [LPCOpen][LPC17xx] I2C master freeze

    Content originally posted in LPCWare by pgr on Thu Apr 10 01:56:38 MST 2014 Dear all, I am using I2C0 as a master on a LPC1763 with LPCOpen stack. Sometimes randomly the I2C driver freeze inside Chip_I2C_EventHandler...
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  • MC33771 Initialization Issue

    We are working on MC33771 and facing following issues   New Unit ID written in Initialization Register is valid only for 1Sec After powering On the MC33771, We first write into Initialization register (CID = 0...
    Engineering Department
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  • CodeWarrior eMMC Flash bug

    Hey, We use Codewarrior for bring up our custom boards with ls1046ardb processors. We use the flash programmer tool extensively for programming eMMC devices. We have a specific version of the CodWarrior packages whic...
    Dávid Huber
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  • SPI0 Chip Select 6 for MBD toolbox MPC57x

    Hello All I am using SPI0 for communication and I want to use Chipselect 6 (as in our hardware design). But in MBD Toolbox the CS is limited to 0-3 where.   How shall I manage/overcome the limitation of the to...
    Abhishek Kumar
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  • About NOR Flash Write/Read in ASYNC mode (Non-ADMUX) at SEMC

    Dear All,   Please tell me about Flash Write in ASYNC mode (Non-ADMUX) using SEMC.   The reference manual only gives examples for ADMUX mode, but how are the addresses assigned when using non-ADMUX mode? &...
    George Fukutomi
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  • Enable GmSSL which supports OSCCA Algorithm Toolbox on i.MX (updating for C-V2X)

    GmSSL is an open source cryptographic toolbox that supports SM2 / SM3 / SM4 / SM9 and other national secret (national commercial password) algorithm, SM2 digital certificate and SM2 certificate based on SSL / TLS secu...
    Xiaodong Zhang
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