• IrDA

    I'm having issues getting my IrDA communications working on a 1064.  It appears to only get locked when I over-ride the autobaud to OSR 32 no matter the baud rate and it's accuracy (still <3%).  Does the ...
    Steven Jones
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  • ID acceptance in CAN Receive block

    Good morning,   I am trying to modify the "flexcan_echo_s32k14" example from the library in order to achieve the following: I want to send an ID to the system, it doesn't matter which ID, it only matters that th...
    Juliana Rojas
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  • IMX8QXP flexCAN1问题

    Hi ,    近期我们在调试i.MX 8QXP MEK的M4内核,正在调试FLEXCAN的功能。使用的是SDK_2.7.0_MEK-MIMX8QX\boards\mekmimx8qx\driver_examples\flexcan\interrupt_transfer程序。 例程使用的是CAN0,我们将CAN0相关配置改成CAN1后,发现CAN1无法使用,初始化的时候会卡死在初始化函数里,如下图: ...
    zheng jianfei
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  • MCB1800 Eval Board Booting Issues

    Hello NXP,   I am using LPC1800 Eval board & tried to program simple blink example program the board with Jlink as well as Flash magic.   My Eval board is only booting up with sample Demo example given b...
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  • Changing Payload length in FlexRay config

    Hello Everyone,   Similar to the community post in FlexRay not starting after changing the Protocol settings , I'm trying to change the payload length to decimal '127' to transmit/receive 254 bytes (Ma...
    Rohit Ramakrishnan
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  • LPC55S69 Embedded Graphics : Decoding Animated GIFs

    I wanted to take a quick break from some of the PowerQuad articles to show off a neat library that works well with the LPC55S69.      One of the design features of the Mini-Monkey experiment w...
    Eli Hughes
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  • Ethernet Communication over longer cable length

    Hi NXP Team,   We are designing a product on i.MX8M Mini processor and Ethernet signals are used for VoIP calling and we have implemented Microchip PHY- KSZ9031.   We are trying to check the communication...
    Dhara Pillai
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  • s32k复位引脚复位,与断电重启有何区别

    s32k复位引脚复位,与断电重启有何区别? 我程序出现一次复位之后会不断复位,断电重启之后 就不会再复位了
    仁义 林
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  • VLPS to RUN delay

    Hello,   We are meassuring a delay of over 500us from a wakeup event (falling edge in PORT) until the micro processes the related interrupt (PORT).   This seems to be too much.   We would like to get...
    Ricardo Martinez Elizalde
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  • Unavailabilty of application note AN5335 for Motor Control eTPU Library!

    Hello everyone, Hope all are doing good . While going through the document named AN5374 for eTPU library usage in an application ,  I came across the reference of document noted as AN5335 for Motor Control...
    Md Abul Fazal
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  • Pin symbols aren't generated anymore with version 8.0

    Whereas the version 7.0 of the tool generated nice symbols for the pin ports and numbers, they aren't present anymore in the generated pin_mux.h header. This is happening to me on an i.MX RT1010 device.
    Benedek Kupper
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  • how to add meta-clang to Imx8qm  iwave board yocto?

    how to add meta-clang to Imx8qm  iwave board yocto?   ERROR: Layer clang-layer is not compatible with the core layer I am using meta-clang commit 6475bb23b98160bfe6c5b2acf3e5e76ad8a05345 to add meta-clang i...
    peter zhang
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  • about security question

    Hello My device is S32K146, when call partition command  allocate CSEc keys space,  then I update the security byte to 0xFF, then used S32K Desin stdio download code, the device is in security, now I can't ...
    kui wu
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  • S32K144 CAN-FD / CANOE

    Hello, im trying to test the CAN-FD example code in the cook book ( or in project from Example in the IDE) when using two s32kxx cards it works but when i try to use Canoe to receive the CAN-FD messages i get this : ...
    faress mansouri
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  • iMX8QXP: Use RPMSG to wake up M4 and A35

    The reference code is based on L4.14.78 GA1.0.0 BSP and M4 SDK 2.5.1.  It is tested on iMX8QXP MEK board, and it should also work for iMX8QM board.   In L4.14.78 GA1.0.0 BSP, MU_5 is used for RPMSG between...
    Qiang Li - Mpu Se
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  • How to add rpmsg wakeup in android 9 automotive

    Hi All,   I build android image for android 9 automotive with EVS function enabled for IMX8QM MEK platform.   I implement the following configuration for RPMSG wakeup. but, not able to wake the A53.  ...
    vinothkumar s
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  • How to enable temperature monitoring in IMX7D?

    Hello,   I just want to check how to enable temp monitoring in imx7d? I have a custom im7d board and I cant seem to find where to enable temp monitoring in /sys/class/thermal   In my menuconfig, I can con...
    Javer Valino
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  • MCAL of SPC5744P Licence DownLoad

    Hello,   Do anyone know how to download the licence of SW574XP-SMCL401-RTMC_SR-2.0.2(https://nxp.flexnetoperations.com/control/frse/dload_serialNum?item_key=10566807&plne=710837&certNum=508774697) ....
    俊鹏 邱
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  • se_sc instruction on MPC5744P

    hello , nxp: When the FreeRTOS is ported to diab(winder river compiler), I have some problems, bellow is the instructions:   static portFORCE_INLINE BaseType_t xPortSyscall( const BaseType_t number ) { registe...
    meng qiu
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  • OpenSDA app bin file for MPC5774P

    Hi Sir, I use DAPlink firmware for OpenSDA bootloader, and I need the OpenSDA app bin file for MPC5744, I downloaded the E200 OpenSDA app on P&E micro website, but it's the .SDA file can not be used by Daplink bo...
    Ian Lee
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