Because Uart coce of the original SDK only has TX/RX, neither will add CTS/RTS.   Does UART need to add CTS/RTS?
    Daniel Tseng
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  • RC663-LPC1227-Polling - built's ok but the LPCXpresso gives me the following error :river v8.2 (Sep  5 2016 10:12:38 - c

    Hi I need help to solve problems with my ide unable to program flash and the following error comes up:- Ni: LPCXpresso RedlinkMulti Driver v8.2 (Sep 5 2016 10:12:38 - crt_emu_cm_redlink.exe build 725) Pc: ( 0) Reading...
    deepak patel
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  • I.MX RT1061 Writing flexspi flash through edma wrongly

    Is there a example code of I.MX RT1061 FlexSPI using edma? The manual is simple. I'cant figure out the methods. I try to set watermark to 0, debug a few times and finally program the flash by edma. But there are...
    莫 郑
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  • Weird phenomenon in RT1052 while transmit massive data through usb

    Hi all   I'm facing a weird problem when using usb_vcom_bm on rt1052. Example as below (modify from official usb_vcom_bm sdk example) It should transmit over 30000 bytes at once from rt1052 to pc after receivi...
    Eric Chen
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  • Not jumping to application from secondary bootloader

    I have gone through many related threads on this forum, like "Jump from Seondary...", "Kinetis bootloader...", etc. but haven't found the answer.   For failsafe update of firmware we have implemented a...
    Mohsin Butt
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  • RT1064 datasheet issue

    Hello,   please find attached a detailed picture of the issue. I'm wondering if this is correct.   Thank you in advance.   Regards
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  • How to create a new C++ project with zigbee stack

       I installed MCUExpresso IDE, then installed KW41Z SDK. All that looks good. I could load a zigbee example project (frdmkw41z_wireless_examples_zigbee_3_0_dimmer_switch_freertos) and build it. I didn't try...
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  • Zero copy between GPU and VPU

    I am trying to take physical buffers from the imxvpudec gstreamer element, and modify them using the GPU with GLES and EGL, before passing them to the VPU encoder with imxvpuenc_h264.     For passing the me...
    Erlend Eriksen
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  • Understanding GPIO programming on the Cortex M0+

    I'm a newbie regarding Arm micro-controllers but have experience in programming and now I want to understand general GPIO programming on the Cortex M0+. To this end I have a LPC845Max development board and using the M...
    Ed Sewell
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  • GPIO to power a sensor

    Hi, I just wandering if a single GPIO can power a sensor which its current supply is only 200uA. The sensor has about 3uF of decoupling capacity so it will be a current peak to charge those capacitors when...
    Pablo Liberman
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  • K32W multilink download

    Refer to UM11393  ch 2.9.2. I can't find J1, but looking at the file J1 should refer to J2 usb interface   Using MCUXpresso IDE to burn K32W Carrier board via Multilink and SWD, the following error messa...
    Daniel Tseng
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  • sdphost, blhost on Mac OSX

    Neither the provided binaries nor binaries built from source from the SDK for sdphost and blhost would run on my Mac (OS 10.15.3 Catalina).  I tracked the issue down to a pair of bugs in the function ge...
    Andrew Pines
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  • With MPC5676R, Optimization() function has malfunction

    Hi, I'm using MPC5676R with trace32,    The example code "XPC567XRKIT-PinToggleStationery-V0_7" has optimization.c and optimization.h files.  when OPTIMIZATIONS_ON = 1 , Optimizations() function will ...
    jaehak kim
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  • LPC5528 SPI FIFOWR controlbit issue

    For the project I am working on we are using multiple SPI peripherals. I am currently working on a driver that meets up to our abstraction layer written in C++ but I encounter an issue when trying to exchange data on ...
    Rik Vugteveen
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  • PWM with multiple period using LPC546xx SCTimer/PWM

    Hello ,   I am using LPC54628(OM13098) development board. I intent to use PWM output with different period. Is it possible to have different PWM period in SCT0?   e.g. SCT0_OUT4     ...
    Hemanth S
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  • PCF2127 and TS pin

    What should the voltage be on the TS pin (unconnected to any external devices) relative to either VBAT or VDD?  Should it be any different with TSOFF = 0 vs. TSOFF = 1?On my board, when VBAT is ~2.5V I am measuri...
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  • SPI DMA problem

    Hello,   I am trying to use DMA LPSPI to write to a SD card. The DMA SPI was supposed to send 512 bytes in one major loop. The major loop has 512 minor loops and each minor loop transfer 1 byte.   Here is ...
    Austin Don
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  • Can't password protect NTAG I2C Plus

    I am trying to password protect an NDEF tag on an NTAG I2C Plus (NNT3H2111W0FHK).  I am using the NXP TagWriter app on Android.  I can not seem to make it work.  Can someone help?   
    Tyler HARNDEN
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  • L2FWD Pktgen issue

    Hello dear,   I'm using LS1043ARDB and LS1046ARDB with LS1046 as a packet generator with pktgen application and LS1043 running L2FWD application. I use LSDK 19.09. My problem is that L2FWD is only working when I...
    Etienne Cordroc'h
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  • Power Mode Switch Demo for iMXRT1052 + FreeRTOS

    What modification is necessary to run the Power Mode Switch Demo for iMXRT1052 in FreeRTOS assuming FreeRTOS is running in low power tickless mode?   I'm trying to do this - but code is crashing when I add the f...
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