• MPC5746C-Problem of LinFlexUART with DMA

    hi, I need UART to transmit data with DMA , but there is a source bus error after DMA_SERQ = 0x00010000 is executed. DMA TCD is set as follows: DMA_TCD16_SADDR = (uint32)TxDataBufPtr; DMA_TCD16_DADDR = (uinit...
    zhang lijuan
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  • What is the max frequency for MCGFFCLK?

    If you aren't using the FLL can the MCGFFCLK be configured to be higher than 39.0625 kHz?  I am using an old mcg driver where pll_init() sets the MCGFFCLK to less than 39.0625 kHz even though I am using...
    Matt Boytim
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  • LPTMR0 stops working when using LPUART1?

    I am having trouble with the LPTMR0 when I use LPUART1 to transmit a small buffer of data (8 bytes). When I use LPUART0 everything works fine. The code structure is identical between the two (UART0 vs UART1), except f...
    Ammar Bazzaz
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  • Regarding RAM double bit ECC error handling

    Hi,   I am using S12ZVMC128 MCU. How to handle machine exception raised by RAM double bit ECC. We learned that MCU reset is the correct recovery action but is there any other way to perform software reset othe...
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  • RT1020 - Cannot load my binary onto the flash using crt_emu_cm_redlink

    I have a binary that I (sometimes) am able to burn with the MCUXpresso Flash GUI tool. I tries to use the command line crt_emu_cm_redlink tool and i'm not able to do this.   I have my own HW with the RT102...
    Adi Karolitsky
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  • I2C not working between LPC824 and MMA8453Q?

    For a project I am using an LPC824 MCU from NXP and I want to read out data from the accelerometer over I2C. This accelerometer is the MMA8453Q. Looking into the datasheet of the accelerometer I see the following: Fr...
    Joren Joly
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  • How to change startup_LPC54018.s of LPC54018 about flash

    Dear all,       I find a problem when I change  the flash algorithm of LPC54018. In startup_LPC54018.s file, it has some description about flash. Compared with  LPC540xx/LPC54S...
    植渲 周
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  • LPC55S69 keil编译问题

    在编译LPC55S69的SDK出现如下问题,pack都是安装的,不知道是什么问题,有遇到过吗 ArmClang: error: ARM Compiler does not support '-mcpu=cortex-m33'
    haifeng jin
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  • Accurate dimensional info of LPC-Link2?

    Is there accurate dimensional information on all the connectors and mounting holes of the LPC-Link 2 board? The PDF currently present at Embedded Artists (https://www.embeddedartists.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/LPC...
    leo potjewijd
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  • LPC55S69 : multiple veneer tables how-to ?

    Hello !   I would like to isolate task and libraries in our implementation as max as it possible.   1. I have 3 tasks with User privileges what are running  in Non-Secure mode. Each task should be abl...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • LPC546xx uart RxNoise

    Hi,   I have been struggling with a RxNoiseInt when using UART on a LPC54607. I use the FLEXCOMM2 peripheral with a clock from the kFRO12M. At a certain point in my communication (can be 5 messages, can be 100...
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  • about jtag down load fail and uart print.

    dear NXP,     suddenly, I met "cannot reset target Shuting down debug session", before it's ok, would you give me some clue?      another question, how can I print to screen through uart?...
    rike yao
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  • FXAS21002 Gyro Obsolete

    I just received a late notice from my vendor that the FXAS21002 is being obsoleted. We developed a product with SensorFusion library using FXAS21002 and FXOS8700. These are the same sensors that the NXP ...
    Jeremiah Gillis
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  • imx6ul burned the rootfs.sdcard file into emmc failed by using uuu

    Hello ,      I'm leanring the imx6ulevk and using the L4.14.98ga. I wanted to burn the u-boot and rootfs.sdcard into eMMC, but it failed. I don't how deal with it. I used the uuu according to the refer...
    Ida J
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  • SPI Read Data Problem

    Hi hope you all are doing good.  i'm already done with spidev_test and thats working well, i can send and receive the data. but the problem is when i read the data from arduino uno r3 or Lora (SPI interface modul...
    syed bukhari
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  • Printing on terminal using USB CDC VCOM example

    Hi all,   I'm using MCUXpresso IDE with SDK 2.2. I'm currently looking over the example which is titled usb_device_cdc_vcom_bm . From what I understand, the code is a polling loop that reads user input one chara...
    Huy Dang
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  • CAAM backlog support for 4.19 kernel?

    Hi,   I'm just starting to play with the LS1046ARDB devel board.  Is there a currently working caam driver that has backlog support?  The kernel included with the NXP SDK hangs as soon as you try to do...
    Jim Brooke
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  • LS1043AQDS derived custom Board - Download and u-boot from RAM

    Hi,   I have a LS1043AQDS derived and we are having issues with u-boot. The board boots off the QSPI flash. We do not have a JTAG installed on the board.   I know FSL bases P/T-series board...
    mukund jampala
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  • Adding existing source file to a project

    i am using S32 Design Studio for ARM 2018.R1 and have created an application project.  I want to add some existing source files to the project but can't figure out how to do it.  How is it done?  Thanks
    Daniel Kageff
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  • What is the latest Android version supported by PN548 ?

    I know that PN548 is about to stop production,  and supported on Android P(9.0),   can you tell me what is the latest Android version supported by PN548 ?
    sam liao
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