• MCIMX8M-EVK does not booting. How can i go back to default?

    Fusing on eMMC with MCIMX8M-EVK. But did not boot. How can I get back to the initial version? The boot log is shown below.   ~~~~~~~ booting log ~~~~~~ U-Boot SPL 2018.03 (Apr 07 2019 - 02:50:00 +0800) PMIC: ...
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  • mcuxpresso IDE and complex numbers

    What do I need to do to be able to use complex numbers in my mcuxpresso project?  I am setting up an interface right now to an AFE I have and I need to be able to calculate complex numbers.   I am currentl...
    Dennis Hicks
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  • Memory configuration for i.MX8QXP in U-boot

    Hi,   I'm trying to find lpddr4 configuration for imx8qxp-mek -development board from U-boot, but either it's not there or I'm blind because I just can't seem to find it. There is one for imx8m, but that is diff...
    mc maddie
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  • imx6q ipu2 csi-2 16 bit yuv video

    Hi All,     We are trying to get video from a camera sensor, which is connected to the ipu2-csi-2 parallel port. And we configured the CSI registers to get the video in 16 bit yuv format, but  we are n...
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  • ISI workflow for Raw12bit camera data

    Hello,   I want to know the i.MX8 ISI workflow for Raw12bit data, camera output Raw12bit-->ISI in--->ISI--->ISI out--->Raw16bit/V4L2_PIX_FMT_Y12 Why ISI out Raw16bit how to convert the Raw12 in ISI...
    Xu Ji
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  • IMX6 X11 Vivante GPU acceleration Segmentation Fault

    Hi,   I am currently facing issues when trying to start X11 with Vivante GPU acceleration. This is on a custom board, using the NXP imx_4.9.123_imx8mm_ga GA Linux Kernel. I am currently using yocto warrior v...
    Edward Fu
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  • iMX8 Family DisplayPort

    Hi,   I would like to better understand DisplayPort support on the iMX8 product family.   The imx-yocto-L4.14.98_2.0.0_ga release documentation i.MX Linux Reference Manual present HDMI Support for i.MX 8M ...
    Stan Bertrand
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  • MCIMX6Y2CVM08AB的问题

    因为MCIMX6Y2CVM05AB要更换为MCIMX6Y2CVM08AB。 问题一:内核改成4.1.15_2.1.0,我现在的内核是4.1.15_2.0.1.我现在修改linux-imx-4.1.15.bb。修改如下: 结果编译出错: git://git.freescale.com/imx/linux-imx.git应该改成什么??? 问题二:ddr_stress_tester_v3.00内的imx6ull的ARM...
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  • Some problems about compile imx-android-p9.0.0_2.2.0-ga BSP

    Hi: Wanted to compile android-10.0.0_1.0.0 BSP, but failed. I searched a introduction and followed the introduction of community:Downloading and Compiling Android9.0.0-2.0.0 BSP on Ubuntu16.04.2 LTS  I used ...
    chu zhongbo
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  • Run Serial Downloader on i.MX RT 1050

    Hello,   i.MX RT 1060 processor has ROM API, which allows to start Serial Downloader from an application, e.g. second stage bootloader. The function is called runBootloader(). I need the same functionality on i...
    Jiri Findejs
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  • ISI, CSI data is shifted 6-bits

    in the documentation of imx8. you have add this information    The CSI data is right LSB aligned and zero padded depending on data format. When interfacing ISI, CSI data is shifted 6-bits due to ISI bits [5...
    lionel ROCHER
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  • Error message of "imxvideoconver_ipu" plughin

    Hi there. I have a question about generated some warnings from "imxvideoconver_ipu" plughin in Gstreamer NXP implementation.   I have run gst-launch command like the following line(I execute this command from s...
    Taro Maebashi
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  • How many data lane in use (MIPI-CSI2) ?

    Hi, I'm using iMX6 Solo board with OV5645 camera (MIPI-CSI2). For some case, I also use USB Camera Logitech C270. As I refer, iMX6 Solo has 2 data lanes(MIPI-CSI2). So, I have some questions: How many lane in u...
    Dao Van Toan
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  • Sofware library for NTAG I2C plus

    I'm supposed to develop software for the NTAG I2C plus (NT3H2111) which is connected to an STM32 F105. I haven't been able to find a library or even sample code for it. Does such things exist and could somebody point ...
    Johannes Lehtonen
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  • IMX8M CSI-MIPI data rate settings - start of transmission error on high data rate

    Hello, I am developing a kernel driver for the OmniVision MIPI CSI camera OH02A10 on the IMX8M processor. The driver works totally fine, but only if I configure the PLLs of the sensor to output a 360MHz MIPI PHY cloc...
    Johannes Busch
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  • IMX6UL如何降低SIM模块的频率

    我现在使用的SIM模块的设备节点是这样的: 这样SIM模块获取到的时钟频率是240MHz,使用最大的分频参数255后的频率是941KHz,我在读取synchronous 卡的时候,需要频率在 300KHz以内才可以,所以怎么才可以降低这个频率,我尝试调整了assigned-clock-rates的数值,但是,无论我将这个地方设置为多少,在驱动里通过 clk_get_rate 得到的频率数都是 240MHz,看上去调整这...
    Jason Shao
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  • iMX6DQ MMDC Initialization

    If I have the parameters generated by the MMDC calibration tool, what is the proper sequence of loading the MMDC registers and what registers are needed to get the DDR memory running? We'll assume that the IOMUXC pins...
    Ken Green
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  • S32R294 documents

    Hi    My project is using s32R294 controller.But i am unable to get any documents like data sheet and reference manual from nxp website.    Please let me know,How can i get these documents
    ponni kurian
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  • Availablity of SW package to support safety features of MPC5xxx MCUs

    Dear NXP-Team, Short question: Do you know about software support packages for fast realization of function safety with MPC5xxx MCUs, and in particular with the MPC57775B/E? The question relates to something similar ...
    Peter Vranken
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  • TWR KL28Z72 FlexIO 8080 Bus interface

    Hi,   I am looking for the example mentioned in "https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/AN5313.pdf " for #TWR KL28Z72# board.   I downloaded the SDK but could not find the FlexIO to drive 8080 B...
    Harish Shekarappa
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