• Configuration needed for HDMI to work with1280x800

    What are changes needed to have HDMI working with 1280x800 resolution on imx6 Android version : Android M Kernel version : 3.14 Right now making modification  compatible = "fsl,imx6dl-SBC_A62", "fsl,imx6dl"; ...
    Dileep Reddy
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  • How to turn off the automatic '*' in C++ multi-line comments?

    When adding lines as part of a C++ multi-line comment in MCUXpresso, which preference setting turns off the '*' for additional lines?  
    Chad Graham
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  • SDK example for WICED based M.2 WiFi

    Hi All,  I'm trying out the "evkmimxrt1060_wiced_iperf" example project for M.2 based WiFi. I notice it builds with FreeRTOS. I'd like to not use an RTOS in my code-base. Does the WICED M.2 WiFi code require RTO...
    Mike Spenard
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  • PCAN Driver for Freemaster

    Hello   I want to share my DLL to use PEAK CAN2USB adapter with Freemaster CAN Plugin. You have to store the attached files under \FreeMASTER 2.0\plugins\can. Now you can select the ZLG device and sele...
    Sebastian Prengel
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  • Freemaster http IoT

    Hello   I want to access a MCU with Freemaster over the internet. The MCU communicates via CAN bus with the Freemaster host application and is traveling in a "vehicle". I already managed to connect with a s...
    Sebastian Prengel
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  • Freemaster wishlist

    Hello Freemaster dev team,   I would like to request some features for the next release: Feature: When opening the project all tree items should be closed (or store the state of the tree in the project fil...
    Sebastian Prengel
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  • Does MCUxpresso 11.01 not support the MK60DN512xxx10 configuration tool

    In attempting to update from MCUxpresso 10.3.1 to 11.0.1 I found that when I attempt to open my projects Config Tools   I receive the following error window:   this seems to work fine in MCUXpresso 10....
    Terry Biberdorf
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  • How do I get C++ iostream (std::cout) to USB serial port (UART)

    IDE: MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.1 [Build 2563] [2019-09-01] Platform: MIMXRT1020-evk eval board   What do I need to do to get std::cout and printf output to go down the USB serial UART connection please (instead of to...
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  • Program partition command

    Dear all, when I read mannual chapter Program Partition command, has the following comment:   CAUTION While different partitions of the FlexNVM are available, the intention is that a single partition...
    kui wu
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  • Crossover Code Challenge Webinar Recording

    Open video

    Kathleen Jachimiak
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  • NXP PJA1528

    Hi, I'm just trying to get a component identified. This doesn't appear to be the right section but none of the sections seemed to fit. Here's a picture of the component if anyone thinks they can help me out:  [...
    Walt Wallace
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  • S32K  LPUART DMA receive SDK 3.0.2 have a bug ?

    LPUART    in  DMA  mode   receive  ,  if  have UART_EVENT_ERROR  event  ,   SDK 3.0.2  disable  LPUART  all  interrupt,this  is...
    wjandsq wjandsq
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  • Not able to pair using BLE with Mobile phone

    Hello,   Currently I am working with FRDM KW36 EVM module which is BLE 5 compliant. I have uploaded the Heart Rate sensor code into it from SDK examples. And tried to see the functionality on NXP's Android IOT a...
    Chintan Patel
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  • How to enable RT1064 ENET2?

    Hi,   I have a custom board with a RT1064 connected to a Ethernet switch via RMII. I'm using MCUXpresso IDE v11.02 with MCU SDK v2.62 and I've modified the code to communicate to the switch over SMI instead...
    Tim Meyer
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  • Does the Vivante 6.2.4.p4.0 package really support fb on the i.MX6?

    Hello,    I am trying to migrate a project from Yocto Pyro (3.14 kernel) to Sumo and use a newer kernel and the new Vivante 6.2.4.p4.0 package, since it has more complete OpenGL ES drivers than ETNAVIV. ...
    Clay Montgomery
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  • LS1012A - muxing SPI and GPIO

    Hello,   we're designing a LS1012-based board and we'll be using SPI only to load FPGA configuration, therefore we only need SPI_CLK and SPI_MOSI signals. So, I'd like to know whether it's possible to use the re...
    Luka Pirnat
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  • How to (only) Run program (not debug and run)?

    Dear All, I'm working with MCUxpresso 10.2, SDK 2.5. I'm trying to config "Run" to only download and run... But I didn't find the solution. I can debug (download and debug) and after stop debugger and so board run...
    Jordi Becares
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  • J-Link support unavailable

    I'm making the transition from KDS-2.x to MCUXpresso 10.1.1 and have run into a small snag.     Short form: When I try to debug my device, I get an alert: ... and I'm not sure what it wants in the wa...
    Robert Poor
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  • Bus LIN solution

    Hello,   We must design a small industrial application with some Inputs/Outputs (Logical Input/Outputs, Analog input) RS485 and then a LIN BUS (slave)   Which small CPU could you advice to me  to sup...
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  • MPC8270 Nested Interrupt handling

    Dear,   I am using MPC8270 as our microprocessor for development and configured Port C interrupts PC6 and PC7.   Following is problem Description along with code snippet:     => I have config...
    Muhammad Umer Saeed
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