• How does the IMX6 SPI use DMA to transfer data?

    Hello everyone I am using the IMX6Q development board of NXP official website. When I was using SPI for communication, I found that the SPI only uses DMA transfers when the bytes I transfer are larger than 64 bytes. W...
    其东 刘
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  • Imx6 How to make all data transfer through dma when using spi communication

    My kernel version is 3.14.52 My development board is imx6qsabresd When I use spi to communicate, I find that when the data transmitted is greater than 64 bytes, spi uses dma transmission. When it is less than 64 bytes...
    其东 刘
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  • How to compile your own library to use in the s32v234 environment

    I wrote a library function, compiled with gcc to generate .a and .so library files, found that can not be used in the s23v234 environment, how to compile in order to use under s32v?
    陈海亮 陈
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  • S12ZVL PLL configuration with CPMUPLL

    Hello Team,   Let us know appropriate place to configure CPMUPLL in clock configuration. Currently we are using the given below configuration.   CPMUOSC_OSCE=0x01U; /* select external OSC. 10Mhz */ CPM...
    Charudatta Ingale
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  • Can "S32 DS with JLink Jtag" program s32K144?

    Hi Dear Reader(s),   I have written some programs on the S32K144EVB board using  IDE S32 Design Studio -"S32DS_ARM_Win32_v2018.R1_b180326".   We have designed our board with a s32K144 on it.  Bef...
    Kevin Lau
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  • Disable uboot build in Android 9

    Hi All, How to disable u-boot build on Android 9 imx6q sabresd BSP.   Regards, Aravinth
  • T1024 RCW and DDR Validation Doubts

    Dear all, I have designed a custom board based on T1024RDB. I have few doubts:   Doubt-1: In T1024RDB, When select switch settings to load RCW from SPI flash (nand flash and nor fl...
    abhishek borana
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  • I am working with the FRDM-KW41Z board. I was wondering variable is being called in order to send and receive data when it is used as an end-device?

    I am working with the FRDM-KW41Z board. I was wondering variable is being called in order to send and receive data when it is used as an end-device? Example: If I attach a thermocouple to the board, it will send me a...
    Erik Majeski
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  • Model-Based Design Toolbox for MPC57xx Automotive Version 3.0.0

          Product Release Announcement Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors NXP Model-Based Design Toolbox for MPC57xx – version 3.0.0     Austin, Texas, USA February 18, 2019 T...
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  • Reg ADC to voltage conversion

    Can anyone help me out how to convert ADC result in FIFO to voltage assume my ref is 5V and input Vin is 2.5 V. ADC resolution is 12 bit. say im reading a single channel ANA23. . I saw the example couldnt understandi...
    Vignesh V
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  • Module 9: Position Observer (Part 2/2)

    The first part of this article can be found here: Module 9: Position Observer (Part 1/2)       2.2 Modelling the RL circuit used to predict the currents As we learned from the DC motor back-EM...
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  • enet_ping_mpc5748g not working

    Hello,   I am using NXP DEVKIT-5748G rev-D board and S32 design studio ide for developemt.   Here i am using "enet_ping_mpc5748g" example code but its not working so far even i have change example default ...
    Rajani Sureja
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  • What's the difference between lpuart  and flexio_uart

    Recently i want to develop a data transfer function between modem and NXP MCU(S32K146), I want to know the difference between lpuart and flexio_uart, which one is better for my project.
    Xiaoyu Zhao
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  • design and debug the boot and app program  In IC5000 debugger loaded with ELF file built by GHS  compiler?

    Dear Experts, has anyone designed the jump logic from bootlaoder to application  for MPC5748G? My  question is how to design and debug the boot and app program  In IC5000 debugger loaded with ELF file...
    玉柱 杨
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  • S12ZVC SPI Slave without SS ( without CS )

    Hi, I want to spare a CS (SS) where my S12ZVC acts as a slave. Configuration with 1 Master and 1 Slave.   According to Spec CPHA = 1 Transfer Format it is possible, and I pull my Slave´s SS to g...
    Dorde Stojicevic
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  • BLE 5.0 stack documentation

    Hi,      I am working on KW36. I want documentation for BLE 5.0 . Let me know where can i find it.
    created by VIGNESH BALAJI
  • Oreo BTcrash, unable to get scan results on Android GUI

    Hi,   I am porting our BT module into OREO, able to ON BT from GUI and getting BT device MAC address,but I am unable to get list of BT scanned devices on GUI, I am seeing this crash on logcat, Please help me to ...
  • S32DS Power2017.R1 Linux version Bug

    I use S32DS Power2017.R1 Linux version for MPC5741P development when I add adc_pal or flexcan components to project the component inspector page show Extension CTU Prescaler  : No type specified error PE clock...
    Yifeng Fan
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  • IAP always returns with "Invalid command"

    Whenever I issue an IAP command (data in memory block, R0 points to data block, R1 points to return data block) it returns 167 cycles later with 0x01 in the memory location pointed to by R1, indicating an invalid comm...
    Ian Benton
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  • LPC5410x UART overrun issue

    I have always used interrupt based UART for any data transfer, so this is bit unknown to me. Seemingly most of my data goes down to the drain when I try to read uart "synchronously" (I dont mean synchronous mode of UA...
    Sven Savic
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