• LPC804 I2C: Input clock and open drain mode

    Dear Community I have two questions regarding the LPC804 I2C subsystem   Question 1: Table 221 (section 15.7.1) of the LPC804 user manual provides some settings for the I2C timing. To me only the row with 12 M...
    Oliver Kraus
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  • key_power button not getting interrupts

    Hi all,   I am trying to enable power_btn in imx8qm by adding gpio-keys { compatible = "gpio-keys"; label = "gpio-keys"; status = "okay"; power_btn: power_btn { status = "okay"; label = "key_power"; linu...
    Anantha Raman
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  • Enabling UART1 and UART4 using device tree

    Hi   I am using iMX6 dual core processor from Phytec (phyBOARD-Mira i.MX6). In that by default UART2 and UART3 are configured. similarly I modified device tree files to enable UART1 and UART4. But I still see on...
    Dhanyakumar Hosamane
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  • S32DS creating position independent code for AN12323 problem.

    Dear NXP and community,   For our application we are trying to build a CAN bootloader and are taking inspiration from the application notes: AN12323. An implementation of the application notes is provided an...
    Sebastiaan Verhoek
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  • how to make LS2088 boot from NOR flash?

    I try to boot the LSDK1909, on the LS2088ARDB. I read it can only be made through parallel (or QSPI NOR) flash. so i try to copy the image on it.   I tried: # flashcp firmware_ls2088ardb_uboot_norboot.img /d...
    wenceslas godard
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  • OpenVG vgDrawPath() does not return

    We are using OpenVG on iMX6 SoloLite to speed up 2D acceleration for maps navigation. Acceleration works fine until the process that does the navigation blocks on vgDrawPath() call and never return...
    Ros Spolyak
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  • mk22fn128,mk22fn256 USB driver

     Hello, how do I get usb drivers for mk22 crystalless usb MCU? There are no examples for them, only for mk22fn528 but basically it have to be the same MCU.(MCUXpresso is used as IDE)  If there are no drive...
    Alexey Usoltsev
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  • S32K144   LSPI

    HI, i  use  the  LPSPI_s32k144  example,i have a question. if do this is ok,no problem   but if i do this  is inly send message ,not receive ,when counter=10,it will stop ,not r...
    ocean sea
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  • How to achieve 80MHz using DMA from LPC4370's HSADC?

    I am currently trying to help a colleague get use the LPC4370's HSADC for a sensor project and am unable to get the advertised 80M samples from a single ADC channel (ADC0).  We are using LPCXpresso and 2 LPClink2...
    Benjamin Artes
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  • flexcan in IMX8QM MEK with base board

    Hi NXP team, Could you pls let us know how to evaluate flexcan in imx8qm mek & base board. We are running android_p9.0.0_2.1.1-auto-ga release from NXP   Is it possible to interconnect CAN0, CAN1 dump ...
    Redwan Mohamed
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  • 原安装过codewarrior 11.0,现用10.7编译系统头文件引用有问题

    现用codewarrior 10.7编译工程出现: v11.0以前安装过,已经卸载。这个10.7工程的系统头文件调不进来,是v11.0的,删除不掉。请问怎么处理?
    bingguo zhang
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  • LPC1124 capabity of detection of  5000pulse per second input

    Hi, I am using LPC1124 with exkernat crystla of 12MHZ in one of my project. I want to know How much max speed of input pulse can the CPU LPC1124 can detect.and what is the formulae for calculation.  can th...
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  • why print 'cpu cpu0: _opp_is_duplicate: duplicate OPPs detected. Existing: freq: 900000000, volt: 1275000, enabled: 1. New: freq: 900000000, volt: 1275000, enabled: 1'

    u-boot: 2016-03 kernel: 4.19.35 board: imx6ull     chip id:   xxxxx08aa i use my config boot the kernel, in last it print duplicate OPPs detected,it's that:  Starting kernel ... [ 0....
    he lun
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  • MPR121 Proximity Detection

    Hi all, I'm new here in the forum.   With Arduino I'm trying to get the proximity work on a large conductivity panel (about 1meters x 2meters) using a MPR121 equipped board: Grove - 12 Key Capacitive I2C ...
    Andrea Vial
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  • How can I set the HTMI output from landscape(default) to portrait

    As the title,I'm developing a QT5 application and it must be displayed on a   portrait screen, I tried the QT rotation-API,But the results didn't meet my requirements ,and I wanted to switch the hdmi output ...
    downey downey
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  • How to set full display for QT project?

    Hi    I'm developing a application with QT5, on my development PC(X86,ubuntu 18.04), The QT application runs OK, it can display for full-screen with the QT API: showFullScreen()    But,...
    downey downey
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  • Duplication of packet LS1028ardb switch

    Hello All,   I am trying to send a ethernet packet to particular multicast address, for e.g 91:e0:f0:00:fe:00 , but i receive two packets in receiving end. Issue happens when both eno2 and eno3 interface is UP. ...
    bhavya r
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  • How to erase QSPI flash with SD Boot

    Hello, Community   Previously, when I asked about how to recover from an abnormal image written on the MCIMX7SABRE board, I was advised to boot from an SD card. Thank you for your suggestion!   I could start...
    Yuichi Takeda
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  • device is secure. erase to unsecure?

    i was performing memory erase task and then suddenly my s32k144 board is also not working. its showing the prompt of 'device is secure. erase to unsecure?', even if i choose yes or no from the options, still the same ...
    shivam chudasama
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  • iptables v1.6.0: can't initialize iptables table `nat': Table does not exist

    Dear Team , About iptables facing an issue "nating" please do  some needful information to move further. getting below error message,what exactly it mean? root@imx6ull14x14evk:~# iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING...
    ashok kusa
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