• Uart transfer or interrupt

    Hello all.   I have been working on a project with 4 UARTs. One of them will be used to transfer some data to external devices and receive some answers. However, the answers can have different sizes. I am try...
    Marcos Chiele
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  • MIMXRT1064-EVK OpenSDA fails to run

    Hello everyone,   I have been playing with a MIMXRT1064-EVK for a few weeks now and suddenly, I'm not sure when and what I was doing at that time, its on-board OpenSDA debbuger lost its ability to run a program ...
    Marco Haddad
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  • MK22 USB HID transfer packet speed

    Hi,   I imported the generic HID example using MCUXpresso IDE, and changed the interval time to get the maximum theoretical transfer speed of 1000packets/s:   #define HS_HID_GENERIC_INTERRUPT_OUT_PACKET_SI...
    Bernat Albet
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  • PMSM Motor Parameter Measurement -> JScript Error?

    cliHello,   I am in the process of doing some fine tuning on some custom hardware and motors.  Sometime back I had used the Motor parameters measurment utility in the MCAT pmsm_ref_sol.pmp application from ...
    Frank Roberts
    created by Frank Roberts
  • Different HSADC  Match setting got same result

    Dear Sir,    I been testing my LPC4370 board for a project,  encounter a problem that when changing descriptor match number, I did not see the expected effective sampling rate change.  b...
    CP Chen
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  • Is possible to use MFRC522 or CLRC661 in Remote Keyless Entry systems ?

    Hello, I need a system able to identify frequencies of remote control keys( car key fobs ), I found that the frequencies of Remote Keyless Entry  (RKE) most used are 315MHz in the  US/Japan and 433.92M...
    Daniel Flor
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  • How do I recover a bricked mx 1052 dev kit?

    Similar to https://community.nxp.com/thread/502347 I flashed an image to my dev kit and now the debugger (j-link pro) cannot reprogram it.  Unlike prior times this happened to me, toggling the dip ...
    Will L
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  • Run Serial Downloader on i.MX RT 1050

    Hello,   i.MX RT 1060 processor has ROM API, which allows to start Serial Downloader from an application, e.g. second stage bootloader. The function is called runBootloader(). I need the same functionality on i...
    Jiri Findejs
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  • Have any example for i.MXRT1021 USB-MSD Host Bootloader?

    Hi all, I have one customer waited upgrade RT1021 FW to go through USB by MSD host(OTG) boot mode. Have example code for this or any recommend? Thank you.   Best Regards, Ethan Chen
    Ethan Chen
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  • can not run chromium-x11 with myuser user in xwayland on imx8 maaxboard (imx8mqevk)

    Hi  my yocto image I built works well in  imx8 maaxboard porting from imx8mqevk. in root user: chromium --no-sandbox  it works. but I use another user myuser, it can start up: error output as...
    peter zhang
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  • FXLS8471Q - Accelerometer motion detection function example code

    Hi Everyone,   If you are interested in a simple bare metal example code illustrating the use of the accelerometer motion detection function, please find below one of my examples I created for the FXLS8471Q acc...
    Tomas Vaverka
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  • RT1020 - SDRAM and SWD debugging problems

    Hi,   I hope you are all well.   I have configured a project to run almost entirely from SDRAM on the RT1020-EVK. (Some data is in DTC.) Nothing is in flash. The code seems to run ok from start to finish. ...
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  • PRINTF() question

    Trying to left justify a float using PRINTF("%-4.2f", myfloat); But its not interpreting the - How is this done?
    Mike Spenard
    created by Mike Spenard
  • i.MX53, Linux 4.9 and Etnaviv

    We have i.MX53 based custom HW and so far we have been using 2.6 - series kernel since that was the last officially supported one.   I noticed that that Yocto 2.2 have support for i.MX53 and kernel 4.9 has the E...
    mc maddie
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  • LSDK yocto build fails

    Hey guys! I am suggesting : NXP would keep the same file structure for yocto Devel and Tiny. In this case it would be easier for us to implement developments, customize/maintain the builds for production . Also, it wo...
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  • mcuxpresso IDE and complex numbers

    What do I need to do to be able to use complex numbers in my mcuxpresso project?  I am setting up an interface right now to an AFE I have and I need to be able to calculate complex numbers.   I am currentl...
    Dennis Hicks
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  • PIT & RTI Load Values in MPC5644A

    Hi, I have been facing wrong PIT and RTI load register values in MPC5644A microcontroller. My board has a crystal oscillator that drives at 40 MHz and microcontroller system frequency is at 150 MHz. I want to us...
    Turgay Kale
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  • LSDK 19.09 issues - updated

    Updates:  Hey guys! I am suggesting : NXP would keep the same file structure for yocto Devel and Tiny. In this case it would be easier for us to implement developments, customize/maintain the builds for productio...
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  • [JN-AN-1218] [Light Bulb] response for On/Off?

    Dear Sirs,   Using the ZGWUI to send On/Off/Toggle command to a Light-Bulb device, we can see the response message (ex: Type:0x8000 and others) showing on ZGWUI.  My questions are: 1. In which API of the ...
    alan lin
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  • ventilator and hardware

    we are using the DRM127 FOR VENTILATOR AND HARDWARE.  WE need the below help urgently. 1. How to program freescale board & interface the required peripherals? 2. Which IDE to use & SDK for the same if av...