• FRDM-KL27Z - issue connecting to off-board MCU.

    I have a FRDM-KL27Z and am trying to flash a stand-alone off-board KL27Z256VFM4 using the OpenSDA functionality. I'm using MCUXpresso on a windows pc.    I can program the standalone board successfully usin...
    Andrew Hartnett
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  • When will PN7150 support Android 11?

    Android 11 is planed to lunch at September 8, 2020. When will NXP update the NXPNFCLinux to support  Android 11?
    Roman Chang
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  • How to timer wakeup from VLLS on K22?

    Hi, We are currently trying to implement VLLS on an MK22FN256 MCU. We are designing a battery powered device that should wake up every 15 minutes or so, but the device needs to last months on a single charge and thu...
    Russell Withers
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  • OTA

    hello,   Does S32K1xx have OTA function? How to use OTA function? Is there a document for reference? wish  your help?
    kui wu
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  • Flash driver for GD25LX256

    Hi, I'm using a GigaDevice GD25LX256 octal nor flash device with a 1051. What flash driver should I select in McuXpresso 11.2? Will MIMXRT1050_SFDP_HYPERFLASH.cfx work? If not, is it difficult to create a custom driv...
    Eamonn Heffernan
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  • FlexRay : Wake Up pattern

    Hi, I am using DEVKIT MPC5748G development Board and IDE is S32 DS for power architecture V2.1. I can see the wake up patterns on the DSO but it looks sinusoidal (Refer Below image). I set, pWakeupPattern = 16 gd...
    Deepak Omanna
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  • Example of flexspi_nor_config_t for GD25LX256

    I'm looking for an example of flexspi_nor_config_t  found in xip/evkbimxrt1050_flexspi_nor_config.c for GD25LX256 octal flash. What other changes do I need to make in McuXpresso IDE/Config? 1. flexspi_nor_confi...
    Eamonn Heffernan
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  • Gianfar skb errors

    Hello,   CPU:  e300c1, MPC8343A, Rev: 3.0    I am experience kernel panics using Kernel 4.19.87 related to, what appears to be, socket buffer corruption. A few different crashes occur upon traffi...
    Richard Roth
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  • Simulink External Mode for DEVKIT-MPC5744P

    Hello everyone,   I have question regarding Simulink External Mode for development board with MPC5744P. Is it possible to run External Mode on that? All what I was able to find, it's examples with...
    Sergey Suyakov
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  • FlexRay: Coldstart Listen

    Hi, I am using DEVKIT MPC5748G development Board for FlexRay driver development and IDE is S32 DS for power architecture V2.1.   I am facing some trouble with the startup procedure on the FlexRay module as t...
    Deepak Omanna
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  • LS1046ARDB USB Console: no serial device

    Hello,   We have a fresh LS1046ARDB.  When the front console USB port is plugged into another computer, the mbed device shows up, along with the BOOTLOADER drive.  However, the bootloader serial port d...
    Joe Epstein
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  • How to handle the errors during making the MX8QMMEK yocto project?

    Hello,   I built the yocto image for my MX8QMMEK with “bitbake -k fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx" based on "imx-5.4.3-2.0.0.xml"  version. There were 4 failed tasks as following, how can i solve this pr...
    taotao wang
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  • eglinitialize depends on /dev/galcore and not available for sometime causing delay in weston boot

    NXP BSP Version: is4.14.98_2.0.0_ga U-Boot and kernel completes @ 3.7sec. systemd started galcore module. and in parallel weston started. Weston takes 1.2sec to complete initialization. But if we delay weston sta...
    Arunkumar Rajagopal
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  • encrypt and decrpt kernel Image, dtb, intramfs

    Hello everybody,    I'm looking for a solution to my problem, I'm working on imx8M and I have a secure u-boot that is capable to authenticate the signature of the kernel.    I want to ...
    Manjunath Basappa Bentur
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  • FRDM-KE06Z Hello World Connection Closed by GDB server Issue

    I am using MCUXpresso v.11.2.0 Build 4120 with SDK 2.8.0 for the FRDM-KE06Z Evaluation Board. I have the Hello World example application compiling and was attempting to launch the debugger. I have not made any code mo...
    Chris Lambrecht
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  • iMX6Q Yocto version for optimal graphical performance

    Hi   I got an iMX6Q board. Specifically this one: i.MX 6Quad SABRE Development Board | NXP    I have been using the zeus branch of meta-freescale, and thereby using the 4.9 kernel including the vivan...
    Christian Sørensen
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  • TCP/TP Client and Server Example for K64F

    I am working on the TCP Client and Server for K64F.  The lwip ping, hdcp example from SDK is done on the FRDM-K64F board. However, where can I get the example for TCP client and server code ?   Thanks
    Andy Hsu
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  • SRAM_OC overflow by adding WS8960 codec api

    Hello,   I want to add codec support to the host_msd_fatfs_bm for the imxrt 1010 example but when i compile witout changing anything, SRAM_OC overflow by 1.7K. why?
    claude-david gaudreault
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  • Has the imx28 revisions been updated for ERR010873

    Hi All,    We have a big concern about the ERR010873. We want a clear information about if imx28 ROM code has been updated for it.Is the uboot patch enough for preventing  hacker attacks?
    xing liu
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  • bitbake fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx ExpansionError

    Hi, I have recently purchased imx8mini board. I have installed ubuntu16.04 in the vmware I have download the yocto project by using "repo init -u https://source.codeaurora.org/external/imx/imx-manifest -b imx-linux...
    black huang
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