• i.mx6ul uboot 如何修改内存大小

    hi  我在用4.1.15的内核,uboot中如何修改内存的大小,我用256M,修改了.h的大小,但是实际不是那里
    haifeng jin
    created by haifeng jin
  • v4l2src lost frames detected when using imxcompositor_g2d on i.MX8MMini

    I am experimenting with imxcompositor_g2d in order to overlay some text in an RTP pipeline but as soon as it is linked together with the v4l2src, the v4l2src element drops frames and prints "lost frames detected". ...
    JP Arnaud
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  • S912ZVML31F1MKF_Problem_VBSx_Pin_Protect   

       1.VBSx Pin of  "S912ZVML31F1MKF" ,  TVS diodes have been added to the pins, The pin is occasionlly damaged,very small probability;    2.There were other projects before, did ...
    li Danny
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  • Ethernet error(Tx buffer not ready) on T1042

    Hi All, I am working on a custom board with reference as T1042D4RDB, currently I'm facing an issue with ethernet in u-boot. I have configured MAC 4 and 5 as RGMII, as in T1042D4RDB. I have PHY with addresses 0x02 an...
    shekhar Singh
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  • MC9S12VLA64 Lin Stack

    I need Lin Stack supported by MC9S12VLA64 as it is not compiling.
    Aly Hassan
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  • About DDR Test Tool

    Hello,Community   I plan to do LPDDR3 calibration with the DDR Test Tool. After that, I am planning to conduct a stress test. The DDR frequency is 533MHz, the maximum frequency of i.MX7D. Can I set a higher freq...
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  • Cannot flash LPC1549 firmware with USB on a Raspberry Pi

    Hi All,   I have developped an application based on an LPC1549. My customer updates the firmware thanks to the USB connectivity my board provides.   On a Windows PC, it works fine ( I first erase firmware....
    Michel Kuenemann
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  • IMX8MM Linux boot issue

    I have working for device imx8m mini  evaluation for some similar product. I tried build default Linux kernel source code and try to boot from SD card. But the Linux kernel has not fully boot. I have attached log...
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  • can not ping remote host in Felix switch CPU mode with bridge-LSDK19.09-ls1028ardb

    Hi,   I followed the instructions in LSDK19.09 chapter 8.6.3, but failed to ping remote host from ls1028ardb. The new namespace and br0's IP address are shown as below. (they should be correct). And...
    Yi Yu
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  • CodeWarrior TAP Connecting Issues LS1021a

    (1) Debug Mode Bareboard Project: I connected my  TWR-LS1021a eva board via CodeWarrior Tap and to my PC    When I ran into debug mode it throws me this error.   (2) QorIQ Configuration Projec...
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • about ADC of S32K144

    Hello experts,  I debug the example: Example S32K144 PDB ADC DMA S32DS.ARM.2018.R1, I download the codes from: https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-343295 I used S32K144 EVM board , and the SDK version is S32SDK_...
    燕琳 赵
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  • [i.MX6ULL] Key path control fuse

    IMX6ULLSRM.pdf, page 162, section "AES OTP Key" Depending on the key path control fuse, the DCP receives the CRYTPO KEY either directly or indirectly through the SNVS trust controller module. The CRYPTO KEY i...
    Christian Eggers
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  • SE050ARD Antenna Design/Specification

    Regarding AN12395OM-SE050ARD hardware overview the application schematic says, "Route Antenna as shown in reference design". However the reference design is not included in the documents that can be downloaded f...
    david ward
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  • multi_channel pdb pretrigger ADC s32k144

    hello,I want to finish 17channel adc.  the sample rate is 2KHz. I want to use PDB back to back mode ,using PDB pretrigger ADC. When I completed it ,I find adc1 work correct, but adc0 work incorrect .After  A...
    peihua zhuang
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  • SPI interface issue with MPC5748G Devkit Revision D

    I have interfaced peripheral over SPI using J3 connector of MPC5748 DEVKIT. I am trying to read signature register from that peripheral. I observed erratic behavior with Revision D board where I am able to read s...
    Sanjib Das
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  • Incorrect behavior for FIRC Fast IRC Regulator settings in Processor Expert ?

    Hello,   When "Fast IRC Regulator" check box is checked (in below figure the checkbox is not checked) bit "FIRCREGOFF" from register "FIRCCSR" in System Clock Generator (SCG) module is SET (=1). That means the r...
    Ciprian Salageanu
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  • IHS_INJ of MC34GD3000

    Hi,   Could you tell me the envisaged malfunction of below? If it occurs a malfunction, the waveform of high-side is broken up?   <Data Sheet P.10 Table 4 Gate drive>   Best regards, M...
    Masahiro Kiniwa
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  • MKE04外接无源晶振,起振后用示波器测试EXTAL的波形。

    MKE04外接8M无源晶体,起振后用示波器测试EXTAL的波形,发现对地只有1V。测量其它单片机,这个脚的电压比较高,之所以关注这个电压是因为晶体厂家说无源晶体起振点是1.3V,低了会振不起来。所以想问下这是否正常。除此之外,频率这些都是正常的。 MKE04 is connected to an 8M passive crystal. After the oscillation, test the waveform of EXT...
    旭余 朱
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  • LPC55S69 : ARM errata 838869

    Hello !   I can see interrupt handler in SDk still have errata fix like this :   /* Add for ARM errata 838869, affects Cortex-M4, Cortex-M4F Store immediate overlapping exception return operation might ve...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
    created by Eugene Hiihtaja
  • Init local memory in each core

    I want to initialize DMEM in each core and enable CACHE function, based on MPC5746R. I think there is something wrong with the startup code because MEMU reports a failure     _RAM_START_ADDR =...
    陈 金怀
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