• TRNG Errata?

    Hi All,  We are experiencing an issue with the TRNG. Inside the driver, there is mention of a defect in function trng_ReadEntropy().    /* Dummy read. Defect workaround. * TRNG could not clear ENT_VAL...
    Chris Cowdery
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  • FTP and flash file system for RT1020?

    Hi,   What is the best way to get a file system set up in flash? For example, the RT1020-EVK has an 8MByte flash, and I would like to set up a flash FS that allows FTP access (via ethernet)?   I am l...
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  • S12ZVM FOC MBD issue

    Dear Daniel: I have some questions want to ask you about S12ZVM FOC MBD control. I have run motor successful in EVB use the demo FTF-ACC-F1114_FOC_Sensorless.  My questions is 1: EVB use the 10mR resistance as...
    david meng
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  • LS1012ARDB u-boot does not see eMMC

    Hi, I try to free up both USB and SD card slots for other purpose. For the moment I use QSPI for firmware (default way) and an external USB stick for boot partition and rfs. I'd like to put now all firmware, boot p...
    Christophe SCHMID
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  • T2080 DMA transfer to xilinix FPGA driver

    Hi,   We are using T2080 processor custom board which is connected through PCIe to Xilinx FPGA. We need to validate the DMA transfer between T2080 and FPGA. At u-boot,  the memory and io is mapped and ab...
    Sadashiva Reddy
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  • RFIDDiscover+Pegoda+MiFareP

    I keep on having trouble trying to initialize a MIFARE Plus SE 1K card. It keeps giving a timeout error, HAL,IO-TIMEOUT RFIDDiscovery is Happens with or without Layer 4 Option checked. Any help is welcomed...
    Freddy Kugelmass
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  • Arm NN support for the i.MX 8 GPUs

    Hello, Since the release of document number UM11226 - "NXP eIQ™ Machine Learning Software Development Environment for i.MX Applications Processors", on 06/2019, has there been any change to the status...
    Shmulik Hen
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  • LPSPI -Transfer Complete Interrupt

    Good afternoon, I am newbie in ARM world and I would like to kindly ask for help. I am using S32K148EVB-Q176. I would like to use LPSPI0 interrupt for complete transfer. I found  that I have to set TCIE bit in ...
    Daniel Petra-Kajnak
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  • MPC56xx setup Sysclk

    Hi, I need to modify and Init_pll example, from 40mhz crystal to 20mhz. see:   /* Set sysclk = 264MHz running from PLL with 40 MHz crystal reference. */ void InitSysclk (void) { FMPLL.ESYNCR2.R = 0x00000002...
    Carlos Candido
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  • Unable to use the strftime function defined in time file

    Hi, Iam working on s32k144 board using s32 design studio for ARM version 2018.R1. I was trying to use the function strftime defined in time.c file for getting the current time and date. But while using strftime in pr...
    Anoop R Nair
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  • SAF3607 IC power supply requirement ?

    No of Decaps required per power pin ? recommended value of decap ?
    M Milind
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  • T2080QDS Secure Boot

    Hi, I been trying to activate the secure boot on the platform for a while now. I followed the following instructions: 1) QORIQ-SDK-2.0-IC-REV0_T1_T2_T4 Secure Boot demo. 2) Setting up Secure Boot on PBL Based Plat...
    Ilya German
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  • MRF6V2150N impedance in the frequency range 414 to 442 MHz

    Dear, as mentioned above, I need the 's' parameters or the impedance for this frequency range, Thanks.
    marcos rodrigues
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  • NXQ1TXH5 Standby Input and LED output behavior

    I need to know the behavior of the LED_R and LED_G outputs while the STBY input is high.   I want to use this device in a controlled application.  The documentation problem is that the datasheet state diagr...
    Timothy Loose
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  • Input impedance AFE MKM34Z256

    Dear all,   Where can I find more information on the input impedance of the integrated sigma-delta adc in MKM34Z256VLx7? The datasheet has some information about the sar converter, but I cann...
    Diego Asanza
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  • NHS31xx NFC Program Loader fails to write firmware

    Hello, I'm attempting to load firmware onto the NHS3100 Smart Sensor chips using the NHS31xx NFC Program Loader app. I'm using a .bin file (app_demo_dp_tlogger) generated using the NHS3100 SDK v12.3. I know that I se...
    Cory Lord
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  • FlexGUI I2C address range

    Hi there,   I was currently checking the OTP programming of two differently programmed PF8100 with NXPs programming board and the FlexGUI Tool. Reading the registers of the first PMIC works like a charm (I2C ad...
    Simon Braun
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  • Where to buy IN-CLA7816 Adapter shown in AN12395?

    in Figure 17 of the file "AN12395-OM-SE050ARD_hardware_overview.pdf" the picture shows a  IN-CLA7816 adapter board attached to the OM-SE050ARD board.  I need to know where I can get one of these adapter boar...
    Michael Adams
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  • Mistake in AN12395 regarding pull-up values

    Table 2 on page 6 of the file "AN12395-OM-SE050ARD_hardware_overview.pdf" shows that when J37 and J38 are installed in position 1-2 the pull up resistance is 560 Ohms.  However, according to the schematic between...
    Michael Adams
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  • SE050 always NACKS on i2c command

    Hi Good day, I'm using SE050 as a I2C slave to my I2C Master STM32 board. Every time when i try to initiate a Soft Reset Request, I always get a nack.    #define SLAVE_ADDR 0x48<<1 uint8_t packet[5] ...