• Using DUART in SRAM bare board project

    Hi, I have problem using DUART under code warrior on T1024RDB based board. I didn't link serial library included in CW under PA folder (I cannot figure out how to do it for SRAM download configuration); however I use...
    Eduard Kromskoy
    created by Eduard Kromskoy
  • Problem with Tcp_echo and PE

    Hello, I have modified Erich Stygers Tutorial: lwip with FreeRTOS and the Freescale FRDM-K64F Board | MCU on Eclipse  to implement a Tcp_echo server, as a start, to eventually end up with a Modbus TCP slave. I ...
    Peter Tsipouras
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  • mcf5485 general purpose timer watchdog changing CNt after timer started

    Looking at the datasheet MCF5485, for the GMSn register for GPT 0 which I would like to use for the watchdog:   Bits        Name     Description   ...
    Raymond Flach
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  • Secure Boot - ROM  Details

    Hi,   I am using ls2088ardb, i was referring to documentation of the secure boot, in  QORIQ-SDK-2.0-IC-REV0.pdf  Section 10.3.3 gives the details of Service processor Rom and Gpp Boot Rom, 1. Where ca...
    nagaraju polisetty
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  • imx8mq evk sdma firmware not ready? aplay to wm8524audio

    I'm trying to get the 1/8" audio working on the imx8mq evk using the Yocto (sumo) build, based on core-image-minimal. I've added the alsa library and utilities, and aplay -l shows the wm8524, spdif, and hdmi devices....
    John Adamson
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  • Interfacing 2 DDR4 (512 Meg x 16) discrete chips with T1040

    Hello, I'm designing a custom board around T1040. Can I interface only 2 DDR4 (512 Meg x 16) discrete chips with 64 bit DDR controller of T1040. As these two x16 chips will require 32 bit data bus so remaining 32 bit...
    Xaro Wubas
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  • MPR 121 how to get raw data?

    Dear All I am wondering how to set the registers up to get raw data  Thanks in advance 
    S Z
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  • S32DS Cannot get FreeRTOS stats in debugger

    I'm running on the EVB of S32K148. I've checked the "Collect runtime statistics"  option in the FreeRTOS component inspector, which set configGENERATE_RUN_TIME_STATS to 1 in FreeRTOSConfig.h. ...
    Freddy Ben-Zeev
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  • S32k148:Copy contents of one section of flash into another

    Hello,   I have two sections of same size in my linker file S32k1xx_flash.Id. I want to copy contents of one section into another. But I want to know that are there any functions to clear those section and copy ...
    saad saeed
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  • Send 16-Bit Control signal through SPI

    Hi,   For our application a digital to analog converter is being used that requires a 16-Bit control signal, however the toolbox is only allowing me to send an 8-bit signal. Is there anyway around this?   ...
    Fernando Barrios
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  • i.MX6 USB host port can lock up if there are CRC errors in incoming isochronous stream

    Reference board: i.MX6 SabreLite Kernel version: 3.10.17, yocto. SD card mage delivered by Freescale for testing this issue. Additional software: “uvccapture” utlity. (Any UVC cam streaming SW, e.g. &ldq...
    Henrik Jacobsen
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  • Are there any footprint for IMX6ULL BGA-272?

    Hello, i cant find a footprint for 272 BGA i.mx6 ULL. [ALTIUM DESIGNER] It is unavaible on NXP IMX PINs tool.   I and my company are interested in using the MCIMX6Y2CVK08AB  IMX6ULL But i think that is a ...
    Massimo Romano
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  • LPCXpresso845MAX FreeRTOS

    Hello community,   I am currently using the above board based on LPC845 with Cortex M0+ core, I was wondering if there is an example project of basic FreeRTOS for this microcontroller such as the one in Debug fr...
    Eddie Vazquez
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  • RT1050, RT1060 demo apps don't run from RAM

    I have been working with the 1050 EVKB, 1060 EVK in MCUXPresso 10.3.0 with SDK 2.5.0. Both USB and LWIP applications build, load, and run fine. However, if I change the Managed Linker option by checking "Load to RAM",...
    George Pontis
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  • PE multilink & OSBDM no longer able to connect

    I have a TWR-S08DC-PT60 that I was just getting started with. I downloaded CW11.1, pemicrowindvr v12.4, USB Multilink 2.0 v12.7, and WinDriver v10.1. I was able to flash and debug. In fact, I still have a bl...
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  • Alternative part for 8-bit Microcontroller MC908GR8CDWE

    Hi I am looking direct replacement for 8-bit Microcontroller MC908GR8CDWE which has been obsolete.
    Babar Khan
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  • No boot option for LPUART on I.MX RT1021?

    Hi, IMXRT1021 boot informations are provided in section 8.1 and page 287 of the referance manual. (IMXRT1020RM.pdf)   Peripheral    Instance    Port(IO function)     ...
    Bora Mutluer
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  • About RT1052 semc interface conncet SRAM

    Hello:      We make a new project with 1052 to connect traditional external sram memory chip. But based on manual reference, can not find WE and OE pin connect to 1052 semc, only SEMC_WE for SDRAM only...
    汉望 钱
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  • Help with Active Load Modulation , PN5180

    Hello Sir, I am testing the NFC distance emulating card tag ,with the evualuation board (PN5180 + LCP-Link2)   To simulate the card, i have use the example(NfcrdlibEx8_HCE_T4T) from NXP web.   I only can ...
    Miguel Angel Ariza
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  • Why do some input edges fail to cause a FTM capture?

    I'm trying to use the three input XOR function of FTM2 in input capture mode on a KV11Z128 to measure the speed of a BLDC motor.  I have the three hall effect sensor signals wired to PT_A1, PT_A2, and PT_D7. ...
    Lance Fisher
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