• Jump from Secondary boot loader to application in IMXRT1064 is not working

    I am trying to jump from Secondary boot loader to application but I am unable to do this.   In the main.c (Secondary bootloader), I have written the code shown below.     I have attached the bootloa...
    Vikram Tathe
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  • imx8mq the minimum system

    hi       How do you build a minimal system for imx8mq with hardware consisting only of CPU DDR and emmc to support the core board?       If no configuratio...
    yuelin liu
    created by yuelin liu
  • Kinetis - i2c DMA driver, SDK2.2 code example

    Hi I thought there used to be a way to build an sdk download for example code for specific drivers. But I can't seem to find this. I am looking for a complete example for the i2c DMA driver code as a master. I s...
    Robert Lewis
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  • How to power on iMX8M-EVK USB by SMC32 ?

    Hello,   I'm writing VxWorks USB host driver for iMX8MQ-EVK. VxWorks USB host driver works in 64-bit AArch64 mode. It fails in 32-bit AArch32 mode. The root cause is to power on USB. Linux uses SM...
    Miles Wang
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  • UUU fails for i.MX8MM due to CC logic

    Several customers met uuu failure because their board doesn't use same CC logic (ptn5110) of i.MX8MM EVK. For this problem it's able to disable CC logic and to force device mode of u-boot. Shared the patch based on 4....
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  • s32k116 demo板的flash 读写例子

    麻烦是否可以将s32k116 demo板的flash 读写例子能否提供一个? 还有Dflash操作例子也提供一个
    kui wu
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  • How to recover  the UART from Framing error FE or Noise Error NE on kinetis KV10

    Hello there. I am working on a new design using Kinetis KV10. I realized that once my UART has suffered from Framing error the reception is cutout and no more data is acquired despite the recovery of the rx signal af...
    Amer Zater
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  • i.mx6 lvds abnormal

    Hi,    We use i.mx6 core board and we found the lcd display will sometimes abnormal when we reboot the core board.  We checked the lvds clk signal and found the lvds clock signal no output when display...
    Jane Xu
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  • Can we use lwip's latest version 2.1.2 in LPCopen's webserver example?

    Hello , I am using LPCxpresso and recently working on building SNMP agent . I am using LPCopen's webserver  example . And in that project there is a lwip folder which contains some SNMP files such as snmp.h ,snmp...
    Vishakha Dakahne
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  • Missed CAN packets in Flexcan for MPC5746c

    Hi, we have taken the flexcan example project from S32DS. We have configured in slave mode for listening the can packets from external CAN device in polling mode and we are seeing that the message/packet counts are ...
    Sumeet Sahu
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  • LPC55S69 CoreMark, active dual core

    Hi,   In the document LPC55S6x Product data sheet Rev 1.1 in chapters: 10.2 CoreMark data 10.3 Power consumption the performance of the microcontroller at the 12, 48 and 96 MHz frequencies is given under the co...
    Neculai Agavriloaie
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  • ECC question

    how Can i enable/disable the ECC function? and what's the meanning of this fowlling picture.
    kui wu
    created by kui wu
  • download and install image directly to imx6 nand

    Hi, There are two possible ways to download and install image to imx6 nand:   (1) Download uboot and kernel to RAM, burn the NAND from RAM. (2) Directly download uboot, kernel and rootfs to NAND without interm...
    jupiter hce
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  • IMX Linux Device Mapper Driver

    Dear NXP engineer,   I am trying to enable Device Mapper driver in Kernel source code on IMX series broad with Yocto Linux OS. May i know whether it is doable or not?   If it is achievable, could you share m...
    Li Zhongyue
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  • IMX6UL-evk access internet via GSM module

    Hi everyone, I am a newbie in iMX6. Currently, I'm using MX6UL-evk and i wanna connect internet via module GSMEVB-UC15. But it's not successful. My configuration:  pppd version 2.4.7 Linux imx6ulevk 4.1.15-2.1...
    Dao Van Toan
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  • How to recover after framing and overrun error?

    Hi! I'am using KV56 microcontroller with UART3 connected to Lantronix ethernet port. Everything works well until Lantronix boots itself. It keep UART RX line down so KV56 gets FE and OR errors. It also possibly detec...
    Risto Mustonen
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  • CW for MCU v11.1 fails to compile C++

    Hi, I'm evaluating the MagniV S12ZVL as microcontroller platform for upcoming projects. I had a good portion of the application ported to the S12Z in C++ which compiled and ran without problems using CodeWarrior for ...
    Peter Seibold
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  • Building eIQ software support using Yocto Project tools with imx 6 quad

    Hello! I want to test NXP eIQ™ Machine Learning Software Development with imx 6 quad, but error occurred when yocto build (bitbake fsl-image-qt5) I changed MACHINE  option  imx8qmmek ->...
    ts ki
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  • Every other debug launch fails

    Just upgraded MCUXpresso to v11 from v10.2.0.  Sure, debugging works - then fail, then works, then fails, etc.  This is on an Embedded Artists LPCXpresso LPC1769 (yes, the old, old one).  It worked just...
    Randy John
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  • How to port ATF to custom imx8 board

    Is there any document for porting ATF for custom imx8 board?   Thanks.   ---henry
    henry zhang
    created by henry zhang