• PF8200 input supply must sink current?

    Hello,   I noticed that the PF8200 datasheet was recently updated to include this note on Table 9: "Input supply for switching regulators must be capable to sink current to avoid overvoltage condition durin...
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  • Console Serial Debug Output Blocking

    The console serial output implemented in fsl_debug_console.c and used via the PRINTF c-preprocessor macros seems to be blocking. The blocking seems to occur during the uart write, we determine this by seeing only a pa...
    Tom Orsi
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  • T2080 VCORE controller alternative?

    The 2-phase buck controller (IR36021) recommended for the T2080 core voltage supply (and implemented in the RDB) is obsolete.   Does NXP have a recommendation for a replacement controller that supports a manual ...
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  • SJA1105P REF_CLK configuration

    I am working on a custom board with a SJA1105P with three ports connecting to PHYs (MAC mode) and two ports connecting to MACs (PHY mode).  All ports are connected as RMII interfaces.  I'm clocking the switc...
    Mark Schickedantz
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  • MSCAN Example: Loopback vs Loopback Transfer

    What is the difference between loopback and loopback transfer mscan examples?
    Steven Lutz
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  • QSPI Booting relocation

    Good day All, I am working on a iMXRT1021 custom board that is based upon the RT1021 EVK with the exception that I would like to connect the QSPI Flash to an alternate FlexSPI port.  On page 283 of the reference...
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  • Wake up K22F from VLLS0 using RTC Alarm

    Hi, I must wake up periodically a MCU K22F from VLLS0 using the RTC Alarm. I have read on datasheets that is the solution that needs less power for a battery powered system. I use an external 32768Hz crystal for...
    Gabriele Endrizzi
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  • Reason #6 to consider i.MX RT1010 – It enables secure solutions

    On what could be perceived as a low-cost MCU, it is nice to see that security was not compromised on the i.MX RT1010 device. In fact, the i.MX RT1010 MCU has the same security block that exists on many of the other i....
    Kathleen Jachimiak
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  • RT1020 - Cannot load my binary onto the flash using crt_emu_cm_redlink

    I have a binary that I (sometimes) am able to burn with the MCUXpresso Flash GUI tool. I tries to use the command line crt_emu_cm_redlink tool and i'm not able to do this.   I have my own HW with the RT102...
    Adi Karolitsky
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  • FRDM-KE06Z Change KBI Example Port

    I have loaded the KBI example in MCUXpresso 11 for the Freedom Board KE06Z. However, it doesn't seem to work with the onboard switches on PTH3 and PTH4, butmaybe actually connected to H0?   I need to switch...
    Steven Lutz
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  • Reduces the size of the yocto generated file system

    Hi ,    Firstly, thank you for coming here, please help solve the following problems.    Yocto version : fsl-yocto-L4.1.15_2.0.0-ga    Linux Kernel  Version:4.1.15 ...
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  • How to create patch file

    HI,       I have finished modify code in the folder(/tmp/work-shared/imx6ulevk/kerner-source). Add device tree and                configuration. Now i want to c...
    hank wang
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  • ACIM FOC control with position sensor (encoder)

    Hi All, I need example project with ACIM FOC control with position sensor (encoder), instead of available examples, which are SENSORLESS. Best Regards, Peter
    Peter Kostadinov
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  • S32 Design Studio for ARM Version 2018.R1 for MCU FS32K116

    Hi team, Can I use IDE S32 Design Studio for ARM Version 2018.R1 for MCU FS32K116 project development?   Thank you.
    created by lohrsistemas
  • Errors in Quick Start section of LS1028A BSP User Guide 0.3

    I'm working through the User Guide for the LS1028A BSP on a LS1028ARDB reference board. (Document Number: LS1028ABSPUG, Rev. 0.3, 04/2019) I'm new to NXP products, but experienced with Linux and embedded processo...
    Jeremy Impson
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  • I.MXRT 1062 Secured boot problem

     Dear RT1062 support,   Customer : IXI Technology. My customer is having a problem bootloading an application when using the security features (HAB and Encrypted XIP enabled) of the i.MX RT1062 proce...
    Hy Mai
    created by Hy Mai
  • MCU bootloader Crc Check Option leads to to security breach

    Hello,   One question about mcu bootloader on MCU Xpresso V11.01 and KinetisFlashTools. Like i can see in the picture below it is possible to the mcu boot loader to launch an application whihout checking the cr...
    Didier JEANJEAN
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  • How to Control White Light in RGBW Lamp

    hello everyone,    I have a RGBW lamp. I want to control R, G, B and W with four PWMs respectively. I use JN-AN-1218 project. But your DeMeo algorithm only provides R, G, B, not W. When I adjust the co...
    Daniel li
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  • How to configure a DIO port of jn5169 to be low when powered on

    HI all; I want to configure the low level of jn5169 when a DIO port is powered on, without any delay;Can this be configured??
    Daniel li
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  • About  imx8m  ddr3l.

    My CPU model is MIMX8MQ5CVAHZAB, and I use DDR3L, the DDR model is mt41k256m16ha-125. Does the CPU of this model support this type of DDR? Is there any reference code?THKS.
    muhua luo
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