• iMX8MM-EVK LPDDR4 not work

    Hi guys,   I'm used sample iMX8MM-EVK pcb from NXP to make a board, 100% like iMX8MM-EVK.   When I using MSCALE_DDR_TOOL version 310 to test LPDDR4. Calibration and street test OK. Result is attached bello...
    Kieu Dich
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  • onnxruntime fetch fail

    Hi All Right now ,i am try to build the new yocto bsp 4.19.35 to generate the eiq for our algorithm development , but i encouter the issue showed below .   bitbake imx-image-full     WARNING: onnxrun...
    King Liu
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  • newbie who needs a helping hand with the mc33771.

    hi all, i am currently doing my graduation thesis on a 24v bms system. my setup is: FRDM33771BSPIEVB FRDMkl25Z 8cell battery pack connnected to cell terminal 1-4 and 11-14.   Codewarrior, the evaluation gu...
    bart van beuningen
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  • How to understand the N_MIIERR error in SJA1105 208 register address

    How to understand the N_MIIERR error in the SJA1105 208 register address. If there is an error record in this register, what is the possible cause?
    wentian li
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  • IMX6DL PCIE can not read mem space

    We use imx6dl as  PCIE RC mode , the pmc-24dsi12 as EP side.  At x86 system , it diver OK. the same divers we used in imx6dl , but there have some problem: The PCIE can link up , and read config is ok , th...
    liguo li
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  • MCIMX6ULL-EVK + LCD 8K3T board hangs during boot-up

    Hi All, Please could someone help, I'm new to Linux !! Would be great to start with an out of the box working platform.   Boot error: U-Boot 2016.03-imx_v2016.03_4.1.15_2.0.0_ga+g0ec2a01 (Nov 05 2016 - 01:13:3...
    Richard Seymour
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  • BAS216 Reliability Data

    Please supply below component data ,my will to verify design circuit and to meet IEC 61508 required FIT data MTTF or MTBF report Component list to below description: BAS216_NXP
    Shuangfu Lin
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  • LS1043 rcu_sched self-detected stall on CPU

    Hi All, Our board is LS1043 + 512MB DDR3L, we meet the problem reboot randomly.  Any help is greatly appreciated. We had disabled watchdog first, then RCU stall warnings and hence system hangs after ...
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  • Can we configure 2 flexio uarts in MKE18F512

    Hi, I have configured 1 UART following the the application note an12174. Both receiver and transmitter works well.  But when i  configured 2nd UART it doesn't work.  
    Adnan Sabir
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  • How can I reduce the number of parallel yocto builds?

    I am trying to build an image on a machine with only 8 GB of RAM. It seems setting PARALLEL_MAKE and BB_NUMBER_THREADS should allow reducing the concurrently run builds. Where do these settings fit in the NXP build pr...
    Jonah Firchilt
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  • hello,nxp friends,nvt2006bq driver is not support?

     I found it on nxp website,but not found any drivers about this touch chips? how could i get this code?   thks
    zhou wei
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  • Can I burn eFuses for iMX8M Mini family using direct register access via JTAG?

    Hello,   I have a similar question as in https://community.nxp.com/thread/499677 .   We have programmed some of the eFuses (a.o. Boot cfg., MAC addresses) of various iMX6 devices with direct OCOTP_CTRL re...
    Stefan Konrad
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  • about how to flash android images to sd card?

    first:our board usb typec device is not work well ,so i want,Is there anyways to flash android images to sd card without board?
    zhou wei
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  • SC18IS602B Chip Select Function

     Hi, I want to interface SC18IS602B with DAC AD5504. For this Chip Select has to toggle(low to high) after 16bits of data is transmitted. What is the behavior of Chip Select pin on SC18IS602B? Will it toggle fro...
    Shreya S
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  • I2S fsl_ssi_set_dai_fmt() has no effect

    Using an I2S driver without an audio codec initialization we were able to create a soundcard that can be used with alsa (both aplay/arecord are working, audio is transmitted, the sound is "off" though) but are unable ...
    Christian Fischer
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  • How to setup imx6qdl linux system for imx-dummy?

    Hi:   i want to use imx-dummy as the pcm interface for bluetooth,  to record calls voice. the platform i use is imx6qdl linux system, imx6qdl is the slave mode, set as follow:   imx6qdl-sabresd.d...
    Haibo Quan
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  • imx8mq_m4_TCM_hello_world.bin with Thud

    Release: Yocto-Thud ( kernel 4.19.35 ) Board: i.MX8MQ EVK Hello, I am checking Thud release and I would test M4 example, but I have a problem. When I try to load imx8mq_m4_TCM_hello_world.bin in u-boot, I get this me...
    Francesco Giusti
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  • USB protection required when slave is powered, but master (i.MX8M) isn't

    Hello,   Our application is placed on a card which is mounted on a carrier PCB, out application is USB Master.   during certain situations the Carrier which contains the USB slave can be powered but the i....
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  • Can't debug external memory resident rt1050 application

    We have two rt1050 evaluation boards modified to use qspi flash instead of the default hyper flash. One board was modified over a month ago and was fine until recently. One day, performance started to degrade in that ...
    Brian Haysbrook
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  • Using link server with Windows 10 home edition

    We have been developing on the rt1050 evaluation boards for some time now and have used the on board link server debug interface with Windows 7 without problems. When trying the same with Windows 10 home edition it is...
    Brian Haysbrook
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