• "CorePowerDown" issue while flashing SW in S32K144

    Hello    I am facing issue while flashing the S/W in S32K144 MCU. For flashing,  i am using lauterbach debugger.    For your information , I observed that the MCU reset Pin always LOW.  ...
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  • S32K146 SLOW_CLK

    HI, i use the s32k146MCU,the IDE is S32DS for ARM 2018 R1 i find something :                                       &#...
    ocean sea
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  • Secure-boot for i.MX8X

    Hi Support Team,   We are performing the secure-boot steps for i.MX8X board as mentioned mx8_mx8x_secure_boot.txt\guides\ahab\imx\doc - uboot-imx - i.MX U-Boot .   I have performed the section 1 and a...
    Darshak Patel
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  • how to disable Nexus Function

    Hi, 5744P, Nexus related pad muxed to GPIO. when enter debugging mode via JATG , the GPIO seems do not controlled by SW. when dis-connect debugger, the GPIO work well in GPIO mode.  Could you please check, if e...
    Alvin Liu
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  • LS1043A DDR3L data-bit swap

    Hello,   I have a question regarding data-bit swap within byte-lan in combination with write levelling for the LS1043A Does write level support mean the DQ0 pin cannot be swapped? Or is the functionality suppor...
    Tom Derks
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  • I.MX6QP mipi csi2 error

    Hi, i was developing a camera-surround project. My hardware environment is IMX6QP+TIUB964+TIUB933+OVOX1F and MIPI 4 lanes + YUV422 ; When i opened V4L2 device,the mipi csi2 log showed as below: mipi csi2 dphy sta...
    Qingcai Tang
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  • How to timer wakeup from VLLS on K22?

    Hi, We are currently trying to implement VLLS on an MK22FN256 MCU. We are designing a battery powered device that should wake up every 15 minutes or so, but the device needs to last months on a single charge and thu...
    Russell Withers
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  • imx8mn suspend question

    1.question 1: and when the cpu enter suspend mode ,it will waked up by RTC regularly.the log is attached. I don't know why why the RTC wake up the cpu .is it normal or abnormal?   2.question2: by click p...
    tang wei
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  • 移植实时Linux方案Xenomai到i.MX ARM64平台 (Enable Xenomai on i.MX ARM64 Platform)

        Xenomai is real-time framework, which can run seamlessly side-by-side Linux as a co-kernel system, or natively over mainline Linux kernels (with or without PREEMPT-RT patch). The dual kernel nicknam...
    Xiaodong Zhang
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  • Problem with AFT09MS015N AWR simulating

    Hi,  I`m trying to simulate Power Stage with AFT09MS015N device in Cadence AWR 15 software, I was hoping to get at least 15W of output power at Vdd 12.5V and Idq 0.1A in 136-174 Mhz band. After simulating I ...
    Minnigaley Aizatullin
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  • IMX6Q

    最近在使用imx6q,usb外接一个hub,然后在使用鼠标的时候,使用大概5分钟,内核就识别不了鼠标usb,然后打印信息显示usb  disconnect,然后usb会自动连接。
    贤川 邱
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  • Enable ethernet Wake-On-LAN feature on i.MX8 with Android

    Hi All,   We can enable WoL feature on Yocto linux and wakeup device from suspend. It fails to wakeup system when change to Android. Did anyone knows how to enable WoL feature on Android OS?   Best Regar...
    Yu-Yuan Chen
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  • LCD display on imx6, linux 5.4

    I want to add a LCD to a custom imx6 board. Before, there was the file mxc_lcdif.c, which had the fsl,lcd compatible. Then you had a node in the devicetree, describing which ipu/di/...   However, this seem...
    Wouter Vanhauwaert
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  • how  to   include the NTP  server  moudle?

    hi       my demo board is  P2020DS ,  i  use the sdk1.6.   I want use  the p2020ds  as  NTP  server ,  how  to   include the NTP...
    xiaonan peng
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  • Difference btw SIL and PIL due to an error

    Hello everyone,   I have a complex Simulink model on my computer. When I want to use SIL, i can make it operate. It works great.   When I convert it to PIL, it gives me, error that I have shared related im...
    Yusuf Selim KARATAS
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  • MKE06 SPI slave communication MISO error

    Hi everyone, I'm writing because I encountered a very strange problem regarding the MISO pin of an SPI communication.   I have a MKE06Z128 set up as an SPI slave and I need to do the following: Receive a start...
    Tommaso Bergero
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  • i.MX6UL single ethernet interface

    Hi, we have a custom design that uses the Dart-6UL (i.mx6ul) from Variscite.  The development board has two Ethernet interfaces, and our custom hardware has a single Ethernet interface with a phy connected to the...
    Cliff Brake
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  • MPC5634 eTPU Spark

    Hi, I had a problem using ETPU's Spark feature. When spark output was high, crank signals were suddenly lost and Spark was not automatically shut off.How do I set Spark to turn it off. Please check the attached pict...
    feng yang
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  • iPhone app/sources for NTAG I2C Plus Explorer Kit

    Is an example app available for the NTAG I2C Plus ICs? It would be nice to have a reference app, similar to what is available for Android.   It would be even nicer if NXP would offer a library to build up on, bu...
    Arno Moonen
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  • i.MX8M Mini EMI issue with SDIO to WLAN module

    Hi All,  We are using the Mini processor with a BCM43455 based wireless module and we have problems with the EMI emision. The base frequency is 50MHz the drive strength is already set to the lowest possibl...
    Peter Reitli
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