• NXP Simulink library for MPC5777C

    Hello,   I have been trying to use the CAN communication and ADC blocks with MBD_MPC574x_Config_Information block by selecting MPC5777C microprocessor but the CAN and ADC blocks shows the following err...
    Raman Nain
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  • git.freescale.com down

    We noticed this morning our builds started failing. Looks like attempting to clone firmware-imx is failing.   When I try to clone the repo independent of a yocto build I see the following output:   git clo...
    Adam Bader
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  • Is git://git.freescale.com down? fetch error

    After below commands $ DISTRO=fsl-imx-wayland MACHINE=imx8mqevk source fsl-setup-release.sh -b build-wayland $: bitbake fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx  Getting error@Git.freescale.com  Carlos_Musich ERROR...
    Rajath Kumar Divakar
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  • ETPU crank tooth period (TCR1) to RPM conversion

    Hi, I am using the standard ETPU engine control library (AN4907SW or NXP etpu function generator site) decoding a 35-1 teeth with no CAM function and therefore engine cycle is 36 teeth (1 revolution). T...
    Turgay Kale
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  • ADC/GPIO/Clock Startup Stumper

    Came across an interesting issue and currently not satisfied with the "fix" performed. Some background, during testing of the MKEAZ128 chip a custom control board an issue was found that seemed to be an issue with the...
    cody hubman
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  • FTP and flash file system for RT1020?

    Hi,   What is the best way to get a file system set up in flash? For example, the RT1020-EVK has an 8MByte flash, and I would like to set up a flash FS that allows FTP access (via ethernet)?   I am l...
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  • what is imx8 core base for jtag ~~Help

    for jtag openocd   I get BSDL file for i.MX 8M (REV 1)   it's 0x1cf80553 for sjc_tapid # System JTAG Controller if { [info exists SJC_TAPID] } {         set _SJC_TAPID ...
    jesse stone
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  • eIQ Software Clinic - Worth your time? (poll)

    Please let us know how you feel about this software clinic. 
    Megan Hansen
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  • What additional ML training/support do you need?

    What ML capabilities would you like to see MORE training or support on?
    Megan Hansen
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  • RFID/NFC tag

    Hello everyone,   I'm looking for a RFID/NFC tag chip able to interract with classic RFID readers (ISO14443) and NFC readers (ISO15693) and who can transmit differents datas depending on the technology used by t...
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  • Altium,  i.MX 8M EVK

    Hello Yuri, Could I please have these files for use in Altium as well? Or is there a direct link to download? Thanks very much, Scott F
    Scott Foster
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  • I can't install freemaster 3.0

    Hi, I'm having some difficulties installing freemaster 3.0.   A installanywhere window appears after I double click FMASTERSW30.exe. After its completion bar finishes, a window with the freemaster logo appe...
    gean sousa
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  • Connecting LS1043ARDB through UART serial connection on CodeWarrior

    I have a 1043ARDB and I want to establish a connection with it through CodeWarrior using the serial connection with the RJ45 to DB9 cable on the UART1 port and I am having some issues with it. I can connect and commun...
    Franklin Turner
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  • Install svc function

    How to install an svc function to call a specific svc handler in for S32K148?
    Smruthi Ramesh
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  • Connect PCAL6524HE center slug to ground?

    On the footprint for the PCAL6524HE I/O expander, should the center copper slug on the HUQFN package be connected to ground or left floating?  It doesn't state explicitly what to do in the manual.
    bill von novak
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  • How to transmit continous data from FRDM-KW41ZMCU to ble device (NXP IOT toolbox is app)?

    Hello, I am trying to transmit a "Hello\n" message from FRDM-KW41Z MCU to NXP IOT Toolbox (wireless uart). But i am not able to receive any message. I am using demo example - "BLE-wireless uart" , wireless uart ...
    Pooja Vernekar
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  • EDP implementation on  i.MX6( ULL)

    Hi NXP and Community friends!   I have a question about EPD implementation on i.MX6(ULL) and hope to you can help me find answer for my question below.  In terms of EDP implementation on  i.MX6xx, ...
    Musadjan Alim
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  • i.MXRT160EVKDS

    i need Altium version PCB and schematic files of Evaluation Board i.MXRT160EVKDS because we don't have Allegro PCB and integrated your CPU in a new project. Thx. Regards
    Paolo Chiesa
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  • How to burn emmc image by uuu

    Please tell me about uuu. I tried to burn image for i.mx6q board by uuu, but It is a situation that is stopped in the following situation. >uuu -b emmc_all bootloader rootfs.sdcard.bz2/*uuu (Universal Update Utili...
    takuroh yoshida
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  • Using NXP(Freescale) VID and PID

    Hello. I am developing my commercial product that will have a USB-CDC communication protocol. I do not want to pay $5000 for my identifier. According to this, I have several questions: Can I use Freescale's VID 0x25...
    Evgeni Kosakovski
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