• How to run evkmimxrt1060_lwip_httpssrv_ota_freertos?

    I want to add OTA function to my application, so I test the SDK sample evkmimxrt1060_lwip_httpssrv_ota_freertos, but fail to run. How to fix it?   my steps are: SW7 setting: 0010 1) program evkmimxrt...
    Felix Shih
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  • sd_boot cmd missing in uboot_ls1021atwr_sdcard_ifc.bin

    Guys,   I have a standalone ls1021a and external eMMC. I need build a uboot that goes to my eMMC.   I used flex-builder -c uboot -m ls1021atwr -b sd   to create files under /build/firmware/u-boot/...
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • set-public-key AVB

    I am trying to set public key for board IMX8QuadXpus... Android Auto. Android P9.0.0_2.3.3_AUTO-ER  After i set random key for rpmb fastboot oem set-rpmb-random-key   I got error  AVB ReadVbmetaPub...
    Tam Nguyen
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  • SDK_2.2.0_TWR-K60D100M generated code does not compile

    I've updated my MCUXpresso toolchain to release 11.0.0 I generated a new TWR_K60D100M SDK package from the NXP MCUXpresso SDK builder (https://mcuxpresso.nxp.com/en/dashboard ) I import this new SDK into MCUXpr...
    Terry Biberdorf
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  • USB 2.0 3.0 OTG Serial Gadget LS1021A TWR Board

    Hi,   I am trying to configure USB 2.0 (A) or USB3.0(B) as serial port on the eva board of LS1021ATWR. I know USB3.0 (B) has USB2.0 in it, and there is another USB2.0 (A) see Figure 2-9   I said USB2.0 as...
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • USB_OTG device debugging issues

    In debugging the USB device, I encountered the following problems: 1, the first time i receive the setup package, there is no UI interruption, even though I have configured the ios in dQH, and enabled the UE bit ...
    chunhua lu
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  • I am trying to do UART communication using interrupt in s32k146 development board. I am new in this board. I am attaching the code. Please help me where i am going wrong.

    I am trying to do UART communication using interrupt in s32k146 development board. I am new in this board. I am attaching the code. Please help me where i am going wrong.
    Subham Dey
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  • PCI Express 64 bit Access in MPC8308

    Sir   We are using MPC8308 PCI Express x1 connected to  PCI express End device. PCI express End Device having - 32 address bit Non Prefetchable & 64 address bit Prefetchable. We are using Linux - 2.6....
    chandrakasan Ramesh
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  • Generating Host ID for MBDT Toolbox in Matlab.

    hi, Matlab is not giving me the hosts ID that I need in order to complete the installation of Model-Based Design Toolbox for S32K1xx Automotive Microprocessors Family. When I enter the command << mcd_...
    muana kasongo
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  • How to implement OTA in 1064

    Hi,     We want to use two image primary and secondary.     We want to shift primary to secondary and vice versa ( Redundant boot support for expansion device - Reference manual) how can w...
    Vasudhevan G
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  • i.M.x 8mq evk wireless tools

    Hi  we are using cyw4356 wireless module,we want to use wl utility and hciconfig utility  How can we get these utilities?   Thank you
    Neil Chang
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  • How to apply patch in poky layer (outside receipe)

    Dear All,   Right now, I'm trying to apply the patch from the below link to my Yocto base manually. [warrior-next,54/54] cve-check: backport rewrite from master - Patchwork  It's working fine.   I w...
    created by Raana
  • LPC43xx Reset script

    Hi,   I'm using an LPC4330 micro with a custom board and I'm using MCUXpresso 10.3. I'm able to run a debug+flash session (the code is stored on an external flash) but I'm unable to properly lunch an attach deb...
    Francesco Varani
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  • RT1064 RT1050 Increase internal RAM (OCRAM, ITCM, DTCM) in linker

    Hello, I am trying to increase the internal RAM in the linker file in order to support a larger .text region. The sample applications all allocate the following in the linker file for text region.   define symbo...
    Karl Fraasch
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  • LWIP stack won't initialize

    I'm using Ubuntu18.4 and SDK_2.7.0_EVKB-IMXRT1050 + gcc-arm-none-eabi-8-2019-q3-update.   boards/evkbimxrt1050/lwip_examples/lwip_ping This demo is working fine.   boards/evkbimxrt1050/lwip_examples/lwip_...
    feng zhang
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  • Is there a more detailed documentation of the USB-Stack?

    Hello, I want to know how to use the USB-Stack. Is there somewhere a more detailed documentation/Application Note than the one provided with the SDK download? The provided examples work but do not explain the concept...
    Stefan Mitterhauser
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  • other place except core-image-base.bb to enable tools

    Hi Expert,    Because we don't include many tools/packages in core-image-base.bb, but the rootfs is quite large.  As I know, we need to add module name to this file to enable specific function, e.g. d...
    Steven Yu
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  • MCRSP_PMSM_V1.2.0 with LPC15xx

    Hello,   Is it possible to use MCRSP_PMSM_V1.2.0 with LPC15xx?   Best Regards, Peter
    Peter Kostadinov
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  • Not able to debug MIMXRT1020-EVK board with P&E Multilink Universal FX

    Hi,   I'm not able to debug MIMXRT1020-EVK board with P&E Multilink Universal FX. Tried with lowest debug frequency but result is same.   In same board Segger J-link works.   J25,J26,J27,J28 - Al...
    jtro 9
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  • New Board not connecting to Debugger!

    Hi All, Donnie Garcia   Its new board , 1st time connecting to the PC and trying to run the hello world example. getting error as below,   I also updated the flasher with latest one "lpc4322_mimxrt1...
    Ashok Ra
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