• LPC55S69 somehow stuck

    Hello everybody,   I have LPC55S69 devkit and I tried do debug Hello world project but didn't succeed. When I reset the board with opened terminal, it writes 'hello world' but I cannot debug it. The errors I get...
    Marko Marusic
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  • SC18IM700 PMBus Support

    PMBus is based on I2C interface. Does SC18IM700 support PMBus communication over I2C master?   I want to use SC18IM700 as PMBus master (to read power status information from several PMBus slaves) and ...
    RF YAN
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  • CodeWarrior LS1021ATSN

    Hi,I am using the ls1021atsn-pa board,and i want to find  the IDE for it,my system is Windows10,i download  the CodeWarrior but when i install it ,i found it is only for linux64bit,is there anyone can h...
    贺 纪
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  • about PTN3356R1

    PTN3356R1,OSC can't work
    shutong tao
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  • nhs3100 current consume

    dear    recently ,i encounter a question about the 3100 current consume . i use release_mra2_10_1_nhs3100 SDK packet , i use the default NHS3100 Temperature Logger project and just remove the def...
    向 雪姣
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  • In boota get fastboot lock status error. Set lock status avb_ab_flow.c:30: ERROR: Magic is incorrect.

    Hi sir   I used the uuu with the lst script to flash the images, it seems ok, as blew:   But it seems can't boot, the error log as blew:   Could you give me the solution ?   Thanks BR
    Hongxing Yu
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  • Problem while adding ethernet stack with GUI

    Dear all,        I'm using IMXRT1064 processor. I need to use Ethernet and GUI Together. So first i create the design using embedded wizard and convert it to the code for MCUXpresso IDE....
    prasanth R
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  • MC9S08PA's ADC of channel register setting

    Dear    I use CodeWarrior 11.1. I am a bit confused about the PE setting of IO_MAP.h of ADC channel.   The IO_Map.h show the ADCH0 is 0x01U, ADCH1 is 0x02U and so forth.   But the MC9S08P...
    Kris Ke
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  • 如何用i.MXRT1061的FlexIO接口采集AD7768数据

    我的项目需要从AD7768接口取得采样数据(需要12个同步采样AD, 估计得AD7768 + AD7768-4), 我打算用i.MXRT1061的FlexIO外设, 但能否简便的硬件实现? 如何配置呢?
    王 伦展
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  • Programming spec for MCF52223CAF80

    Hi,   May i know any interface to program MCF52223CAF80 except EZPORT? If it can be supported another interface for programming, please help to provide the documents to me. Thank you.
    Jack Hsu
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  • ACIM FOC control with position sensor (encoder)

    Hi All, I need example project with ACIM FOC control with position sensor (encoder), instead of available examples, which are SENSORLESS. Best Regards, Peter
    Peter Kostadinov
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  • How to partition QSPI memory on iMX6ULL-EVK

    Hi, I am working with IMX6ULL-EVK. I want to create the QSPINOR partition but it not work. Following the step test : compile u-boot for quad-spi-nor I obtain u-boot.imx-qspi1 set the u-switch of EVK to start in Q...
    sergio d'orazio
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  • USDPAA order restoration does not work

    Hi, I have a TCP/UDP performance problem while using T4240RDB and SDK 2.0 linux kernel. I am using the RDB board as a router, basicly the board is routing the traffic  received from eth0 to eth1. There is one i...
    ömer faruk er
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  • MPC5746C  DMA+SPI when set &&SPI_0.PUSHR.PUSHR.R generates an DBE error

    MPC5746C  DMA+SPI when set &&SPI_0.PUSHR.PUSHR.R generates an DBE error ie.The last recorded error was a bus error on a destination write.but if Destination address is array,the transport i...
    wei qin
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  • How to build and use emulator for imx8m board

    Hi Sir,   I am using imx8m mini EVK and Andriod 9.0 AOSP version. I am successfully able to download and build the AOSP for imx8 EVK board and it is working fine.  To build the AOSP for imx8mm evk I used ...
    Maneesh Singh
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  • Why i.MX8M Mini EVK use seperate clock for REFCLK_N/P instead of PCIE_CLK_N/P from SoC

    In 8MMINILPD4-EVK, it uses 9FGV0241AKLF to generate clock for REFCLK_N/P of M.2 connector. Why use PCIE_CLK_N/P (A21/B21) from i.MX8 Mini directly?
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  • T2080 VCORE controller alternative?

    The 2-phase buck controller (IR36021) recommended for the T2080 core voltage supply (and implemented in the RDB) is obsolete.   Does NXP have a recommendation for a replacement controller that supports a manual ...
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  • Build Ubuntu For i.MX8 Series Platform

    The Guide is how to use Ubuntu filesystem with i.MX8 series platform.At present, I had try it on i.MX8QXP with 4.14.98 kernel with ubuntu16.04.   The Document will be continuously updated with enable VPU, ubuntu...
    Gnar Fang
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  • about jtag down load fail and uart print.

    dear NXP,     suddenly, I met "cannot reset target Shuting down debug session", before it's ok, would you give me some clue?      another question, how can I print to screen through uart?...
    rike yao
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  • LPC51U68 How to achieve PWM output and continuous low level switching?

    Hi Everyone:         I would like to ask how to achieve PWM output and continuous low level switching?         I saw that the LPC51U68 imple...
    云龙 赵
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