• SPI problem with MTFE on MKS22

    My 25MHz SPI master application (CPOL=0,CPHA=0) is seeing occasional errors in the received data from the slave.   MISO data from the slave to the MKS22 only has ~10ns setup time to the rising clock edge ...
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  • fatal: branch 'origin/master' does not exist with SDK 2:0 1703

    Hi all   I am trying ti compile the SDK 2.0 1703 code & i am getting following error ,  can you please help me for the same    ERROR: Function failed: Fetcher failure: Fetch command failed w...
    Ashish Kumar
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  • Ethernet MAC to MAC - i.MX RT 1020

    Hello,   I want to use the ENET peripheral to connect to a switch (KSZ8794CNX) via RMII with a i.MX RT 1020. All examples connects to a PHY and they init a PHY interface (ethernetif_phy_init), which (I think) d...
    Benjamin Balga
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  • LX2160ARDB and BSP  Documentation

    Both these guides as downloaded from the website seem to have a lot of errors. To the extent that I'm not sure of what I'm doing. I'm trying to get a load of Linux user stuff onto an SD card.   Following the dir...
    Ash Law
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  • LS1012A Cannot login automatically as root

    Hi!      I want to login automatically as root after the system boot and no password required! I've tried modify “/lib/systemd/system/getty@.service” content a...
    li yh
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  • How do you write to flash on a K64f? What am I doing wrong?

    I have read the documentation over and over and over and over and over.  I have looked at other peoples code to write to flash, none of which is suitable for my purposes (all C code and there is zero C code in my...
    Mark Manning
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  • Bluetooth: Receiving files failure

    Hi, I am using imx7d processor interfaced with the wifi/bluetooth module wl1831.  I need to transfer files between a the board and a phone. Pairing and connection to the phone is working well using  bluetoot...
    Blessy Abraham
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  • Disable UART Runtime

    Hi,   I'm working with i. MX6ULL board. I would like to disable debug UART in runtime. How to implement this?   Thanks in advance.
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  • uja1169 is not allowing me to re flash my micro

    Once I program the SBC(to normal mode) it seems that the watchdog turns off the microcontroller power supply, and this causes that I can't flash my microcontroller anymore, I don't know if there is a way to avoid this...
    Omar Chiara
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  • SB2 file creation and load

    Hello All Now i am trying to create and load a sb2 file. Before doing it, i configured the keystore and CMPA and CFPA. Now bootloader is working in secure mode. 1. i use command " .\elftosb.exe -V -f lpc55xx -k ".\k...
    binjun wang
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  • Flexcan receiver file RT1021

    Hi, my test with   RT1020-EVK receiver file via CAN 500kbps.   Problems: file 256k.....receiver 10k, 36, max 46k, and values the bytes in frame.   The interval between frames is 24,000 uS, and...
    Carlos Candido
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  • S32K148 AUTOSAR demo “hello,world”

    all dear: i think new build "hello,world!" project by eb tresos studio? NXP FAE ,have example project? where is download?   use EB tresos studio, 1、file-》import-》C:\NXP\AUTOSAR\S32K14X_ISELED_MCAL4_0_RTM_1_0...
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  • JN5168 PDM on external flash memory

    Hi, I try to compile ZigbeeNodeControlBridge with : PDM_BUILD_TYPE  ?= _EXTERNAL_FLASH   But I have an error : cannot find -lPDM_EXTERNAL_FLASH_NO_RTOS_JN516x   Indeed, in JN-SW-4170 stack, there i...
    fred dub
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  • Convert KMS to MCAT project

    I've nearly finished developing an application with custom HW+FW based on Kinetis Motor Suite, and before moving onto production of larger quantities I see now that KMS support is discontinued.    I downloa...
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  • lpc4337 ADC QUESTION

    Hi,master If I start the ADC conversation in soft start mode, must the DONE signal is1 after 11ADC clock? if the DONE was always 0, what is the conversation result? what reasons could lead  the conversation re...
    li zht
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  • i.MX8M Mini pin muxing at run time

    Hi,   We are using i.MX8M Mini processor in our project. We need to know whether we can be able to do the pin muxing at run time i.e. after the Kernel boots up.If it possible an example idea and code will be hel...
    Ranjith Kumar
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  • FXTHxx with IAR ?

    Hello , I have a sensor called FXTH871511DT1CT-ND which can be programmed at the same time. I need to program this sensor and print the data. For this I use one J-Link and one MRB-KW019030JA. I can program MRB-KW0190...
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  • Default register values of TJA1145

    Hello,   I was wondering what the default value of the register at address 0x4C is. Specifically WPRE and WPFE bits that determine the logic for WAKE pin. This information doesn't seem to be included in the...
    Koosha Marashi
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  • Rising and Falling Edge GPIO ISR not working as Expected (MBD MPC574x)

    Dear All   I am using DEVKIT-MPC5744P Board (REV-E). I am using a GPO to toggle a pin and using the same ping to provide input to another GPI I am trying to use Rising Edge Detection and Falling Edge Dete...
    Abhishek Kumar
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  • IMX8QM uuu u-boot Failed

    hi sir,    when i use uuu tool in windows to update android 9(which i compiled), there is one error happened at the beginning,log as follow:   >uuu D:\uuu\Windows\uuu-android-mx8qm-mek-emmc.ls...
    mars gu
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