• SRAM Interface With LPC4367

    I am using LPC4367 for my product development. I refered the code for EMC interface. But after interfacing code the and debugging i am facing follwing issue when I interfaced SRAM (IS64WV12816DBLL). When I write the ...
    Gaurav More
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  • Configure GPIO in iMX6UL-EVK

    Hi NXP, My name is Toan. And I'm using iMX6UL-EVK. Currently, I'm trying to configure GPIO and get a trouble. In schematic, I see that pin D2 is usable as GPIO and find out number of pin. And I found that pin is gpio...
    Dao Van Toan
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  • I.MX6Q parallel camera input freeze (Oreo 8)

    Hi, we're working on a board built around a Variscite Dart-Mx6q. The board has an Analog Device ADV7181C to perform cvbs acquisition. All works fine but if the analog input is switched to an empty one (no camera co...
    Luca Bruni
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  • Error in setting up gstreamer pipeline in OpenCV Capture function

    I am using Ubuntu 14.04. The cmake version being used is 2.4 and gstreamer-1.0 is used.   1. When this command is run through command line,gst-launch-1.0 autovideosrc ! autovideosink The video is observed on th...
    Abhijeet Gokar
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  • Autocomplete/Content Assist disabled and could not find symbol in index?

    By default in S32DS one has to press Ctrl-space for autocomplete. Go to the S32DS Windows menu -> Preferences -> Java -> Editor -> Content assist and checking the settings here. Even by us...
    Akash Kedia
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  • Configuration of GPIO of expansion connector of IMX8mm

    Hello,   I'm working with the IMX8M Mini EVK and generate image with Yocto using the core-image-base. I would like to use the GPIO of the expansion connector.   According to the schematics, 7 GPIOs are av...
    Elise Becam
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  • nhs3100 current consume

    dear    recently ,i encounter a question about the 3100 current consume . i use release_mra2_10_1_nhs3100 SDK packet , i use the default NHS3100 Temperature Logger project and just remove the def...
    向 雪姣
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  • Change eMMC operating mode to HS200

    Hello,   Release: Yocto-Sumo (4.14.78_1.0.0_GA) Board: i.MX8MQ based custom board   We designed iMX8MQ based custom board and used eMMC as booting option. Right now, our eMMC is operated in HS400 mode as...
    created by NIRMAL LUHANA
  • DSP SPI Config 1 not de-asserting CS at end of Transfer (periodically)

    MBDT Toolbox - DSPI Configuration appears to sometimes forget to de-assert CS after DSPI Master Transfer is complete on SPI Config 1.   MPC5744P Using NXP Dev board and associated Motor GD board.. a SPI (0) is c...
    Stuart Jobbins
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  • imx6qsabresd mediaplayer problem

    Hi. I want to use QMediaPlayer to play muisc and video. But when running the project,it show: defaultServiceProvider::requestService(): no service found for - "org.qt-project.qt.mediaplayer" I have read some topic a...
    铭恒 李
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    Good morning   I need to reinit the stack run time. I tried to use the lwip_init() but it craches. Has someone a good suggestion on how to reinit the stack at a later time???   Thank You   Pietro
    Pietro di Castri
    created by Pietro di Castri
  • download separate elf file to microcontroller using S32 Design Studio

    Background:     I met trouble during  executing as  HOWTO: download separate elf/srec/hex file to microcontroller using S32 Design Studio   steps 。 Console fault message as follows: &l...
    Miles M
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  • Change NOR Flash 16 bit to 32 bit to T4 Series

    Hi All,      We have a custom board built with T4 Series processor. I changed the NOR flash address from 0xE8000000 - 0xEFFFFFFF to 0xE0000000 - 0xEFFFFFFF and we connected 2 NOR Fla...
    vinothkumar s
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  • Bluetooth Profile for Android 9

    Dear NXP,   I am working on i.MX 6Quad SABRE-SD with Android 9. I am using Broadcom BCM4339 - BT & WiFi Combo. I needs to add some more Bluetooth profile to this module for Android 9.  &#...
    vinothkumar s
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  • SRC_GPR10[core1_ERROR_STATUS] clear

    Please let me confirm SRC_GPR10[core1_ERROR_STATUS] behavior. SRC_GPR10[core1_ERROR_STATUS] bit is set to 1b by the BOOT ROM during booting process on Core1. I expected this bit automatically clear when happened err...
    Kazuma Sasaki
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  • Error DMA SPI

    Hi,  So I have a driver for the spi that is similar to the driver offer by the nxp and it works perfectly using interrupts to send and receive data, right now I'm having this issue when i try to use the dma do h...
    Ailton Lopes
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  • About MCIMX8M-EVKB design

    1) As Per schematics file on page no 12, there are Four capacitors C929, C930, C931 and C932 (High lighted in below image) added on VSYS 12V power rail: My question here is the total some of capacitance is 100uf only ...
    Yaseen Vantmuri
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  • Lpc-Link2 can’t download.

    Lpc-Link2 can’t download. I was using Lpc-Link with MCUXpresso 10  and 11 to download and debug LPC1114FN28/102. I cut lpc-Link from Lpcxpresso LPC1347 at J6 Connector. I used the 8-pin connection to interf...
    Takashi Munekata
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  • Configure SDHC2 to be SPI on ls1012a

    Hi, I am tryin to configure SDHC2 port to be a SPI port on ls1012a(The SDHC2 is a multifunction port).  SPI is used to control a KSZ9897 ethernet switch. I copyed the PBL data from reference board(ls1012ardb). ...
    Kai Wu
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  • iMX8M two qspi issue

    Hi Sir,   Customer want to enable two chip (w25q64dw) , but QSPI_B always probe failed as beolw message. # dmesg | grep -i spi [ 2.084054] fsl-quadspi 30bb0000.qspi: w25q64dw (8192 Kbytes) [ 2.091144] fsl-quad...
    created by JIMMY CHEN