• I'm struggling to get my rover running (question copied from PX4.io Slack channel #rover)

    Mads  8:51 AM Hi! I'm struggling to get my rover running. I've tried to test the motors after uploading the "FMU-K66 Project" from here to the FMU. When I try to test the motors and servos, nothing hap...
    Iain Galloway
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  • i2s dma popping issue

    Hi -   I have been trying to implement a simple project on an LPC55S69EVK, where I read in audio samples from .wav files on an sd card, and then send them out to the audio codec on the board using I2S DMA. I hav...
    Rory Hand
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  • LS1046ARDB - maximum throughput for two10G ethernet ports

    LS1046ARDB, when using iperf to stress two 10G ports at the same time, only gets 7.x Gbps for each 10G port. What's the maximum throughput for stressing two 10G ports at the same time? Is it possible to reach 20Gbps w...
    Mason Yen
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  • Looking for IMXRT105x + Free RTOS + QT SDK / sample codes

    I'm using IMXRT1052 processor with Free RTOS on it. Planning to Use QT for the GUI development.  I would like to know if there are any available solutions/examples with  QT+Free RTOS + IMXRT1052
    manojhna paruchuri
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  • How do you configure LIN Slave to Slave on MPC5605B?

    Hello,    I'm trying to configure a slave to slave data exchange.  I've been reading through the reference manual for the MPC5605B and it is pretty thin on how someone might accomplish this in the...
    Collin Spencer
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  • Bus lin question

    I am a student and unfortunately I am a beginner in the on-board communication field I want to establish a Lin Bus communication using tja1020 and uja 1023 with using stm32, I want a demo of stm code or documents whic...
    Hassen Hmila
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  • How to get frequency register of KW41Z

       Using KW41's GenFsk in MCUXpresso IDE environment.     Research program can't find the last place to write register.       Question:    1. Channel range 0 ~ 127, wh...
    Daniel Tseng
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  • S32K148 External Flash

    S32K148的QuadSPI接外部Flash,能否接NAND Flash?还是只能接SPI-Nor Flash;同时容量能否>512Mb ?谢谢!
    George Li
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  • How to generate usable system clock in PTP/1588 slave

    Hi, on the iMx RT there is an example mentioned in AN12149 that synchronizes a 1PPS timer to a network clock.  In theory I can use the 1PPS output to generate a usable network synchronized system clock...
    Eza Gall
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  • Is there a sample or a library how to implement a FTP server on the RT1064 development board

    Hi all, iam new in the development with the RT1064. I have downloaded the MCUXpresso SDK and have tested a few samples, which are working great. Now iam searching for FTP server implementation to read data from the...
    Markus Winkhoefer
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  • Negative effect of enabling Prefetcher for XIP from NOR flash memory

    Using an IMXRT1062 on an IMXRT1060 Evaluation kit, I'm trying to run the code from a NOR flash memory (XIP). I noticed if I disable the prefetcher (AHBCR->PREFETCHEN = 0), the code runs slightly faster (about 12% t...
    Kamran Farhangi
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  • Dear Support team, getting "Invalid ROM table error while flashing LPC54608 via keil compiler

    dear support team, Am using LPC54608 controller for sensor based application,getting following error while flashing a device "Invalid ROM tabel" Please help me to sort out this problem with needful solution ASAP. ...
    sujitha selvaraj
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  • LPC546xx MASS ERASE ulink2?

    Hi, I installed eCRP on the controller (LPC54606) and it blocked SWD, but the documentation says it is necessary to run the Mass Erase command. How do I use the Ulink2 Pro to execute the Mass Erase command. For exampl...
  • LPC55S69: warning in SDK ?

    Hello !   I have this warning in SDK and it not looks so good.   ../CMSIS/core_cm33.h:2353:32: warning: array subscript 4294967294 is above array bounds of 'volatile uint8_t[12]' {aka 'volatile unsigned ch...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • FTP Server example for RT1064

    Hello NXP community,   is there an example how to implement a FTP server using the MCUExpresso Toolkit?   Best regards,   Markus
    Markus Winkhoefer
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  • Difference between Reference Design Voltage and Measured Voltage

    Hi,   We are bringing up a board based on the NXP Volansys Modular Gateway Reference Design. We are setting 5.2V on the power supply to achieve 5.0V on the J15 connector. The current drawn by the board (as show...
    Aquiel Godeau
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  • Having trouble setting NVIC interrupt priority on KL05

    I am using a KL05Z32 and I cannot seem to set NVIC priority for two interrupts.  I am trying the same method for the PIT and the I2C interrupt.  When I run the code with a debugger and I directly inspect the...
    Jeff Haller
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  • Correct device settings for display Tianma nl10276bc13-01c

    Hello all! I want to create correct device tree for Tianma nl10276bc13-01c with BSP for imx6qp (TQMa6x platform) . I've built OS image and currently try to use imx6qdl-mba6-lvds-tm070jvhg33....
    Maksim Mel
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  • A2DP with Murata 1DX module (CYW4343W)

    Hi all, We would appreciate your help on the following question.   We would like to use NXP i.MX RT 1060 EVK with an M.2. Murata 1DX module (CYW4343W) to behave as a A2DP source, in order to send...
    Alejandro Lopez
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  • Galcore module and cache-coherency

    Please advise on the following regarding CMA and galcore cache-flushing. This is on an iMX6q, kernel version 4.9.88.   The galcore module allocates a large CMA region defined by contiguousSize at module load. Th...
    Todd Blanchard
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