• BEE XIP & Run code on SRAM (RT1015)

    Hi,   I have a question, I will use BEE XIP feature on RT1015,. in this condition, can I also allocate the application to SRAM then running on SRAM?    Regards Ken
    Ken Su
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  • Question regarding ADC Example project in MPC5748G

    I've been running the ADC example code in S32DS, which converts the ADC result to illuminate the LED light on the MPC7548G board. The example code contains ADC1_Calibration(), ADC_Init(), ADC1_Read_Chan() and update_L...
    Junyi Zhang
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  • SDK for configuring eDMA in a multicore app

    SDK Guys,   my question is about using SDK (on MPC5777C, but general) for configuring eDMA in a multicore application. There are many DMA channels configured which move data from peripherals to RAM within Core ...
    Milan Brejl
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  • iMXRT1021 - IVT address and Elftosb build issue

    With reference to a previous discussion... https://community.nxp.com/message/1299693?commentID=1299693&et=notification.mention#comment-1299693   Hi Kerry Zhou I have downloaded the latest SDK_2.7.0_EVK-...
    Tony Thurgood
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  • PMIC read error | imx6q sabreAI

    Hi All, I am working on imx6q based sabre AI custom board, running android 7.1.Everything works fine on our first version but in our latest version of our custom board,it is showing PMIC read and write error and boot...
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  • MMCAU in Keil uVision for K70

    Dear NXP/community support,   I'm trying to operate the K70's MMCAU in uVision IDE (MQX RTOS). I've downloaded the KSDK and got the MMCAU lib, but can't use these assembly files in uVision.   ha...
    Yaniv Bar on
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  • RT1064 ENET module incorrectly triggers a receive interrupt.

    Hello !   I have two RT1064 boards(A and B) and communicate via Ethernet and found a incomprehensible problem.   Test results: Board A sends messages to Board B via Ethernet 10 times in total, wi...
    zeyong yang
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  • 802.1AS on enetc is not supported on nxp-ls1028

    Hi experts,   When I test 802.1AS on enetc port of nxp-ls1028 using the lsdk19.09 image of v4.19, the following info shows:   root@nxp-ls1028:~# uname -a Linux nxp-ls1028 4.19.68-00019-ga5c3ba83fc17 #2 SMP ...
    Tang zhantao
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  • About  Ethernet communication

    I can use netassist to send and receive message between mpc5748g and my pc by using the example gived by S32ds examples.What software is used to test the real-time, rate, reliability and packet loss rate of Ethernet c...
    Wu Mingzhe
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  • K32L2A31VLL1A Schematic/Sample Design

    Hi,   I want to use the "K32L2A31VLL1A" MCU to develop the design for one of my products.  I have gone through the below links. 1. K32L2A31VLL1A Product Information|NXP  2. https://www.nxp....
    Kapil Kesharvani
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  • Linker Questions: emWIN (v.6.10) and IAR 7.80.4

    Has anyone compiled emWin 6.10 library (emWin_M4F.a) with an IAR EWARM 7.80.4 project and got "Warning[Lt009]: Inconsistent wchar_t"? Is this overall a real issue? Or should this warning be generally ignored?   ...
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  • Flexcan stall status

    Hi, I am using the FlexCAN on the FRDM-K64 demo board starting from the example. It happened several times that the internal controller stall on TxBusy status and I am no longer able to send any packets. How sh...
    Fabio Benevento
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  • MCUXpresso config tool command line dont work

    Hi, I created a new project in: MCUXpresso IDE v11.1.1 [Build 3241] [2020-03-02] and tried to autogenerate bsp files using command line and standalone version of MCUXpresso config tool: Version and Build id: 7.0.0....
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  • SDK - how to config ADC input pin/channel ?

    I am looking for an example to proper initialize an input channel for the ADC (LPC54628). The usual way is to enable the appropriate GPIO pin, and assign the proper function (analog mode). All of the SDK examples us...
    frank meyer
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  • LSDK 20.04 build tensorflow with error

    How to build tensorflow without error with LSDK 20.04? flex-builder docker source setup.env flex-builder -c tensorflow   WARNING: /root/.cache/bazel/_bazel_root/e049e4c8f6a02b9cc6ec49b509d262b1/external/grpc/BUI...
    Mason Yen
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  • MC33771

    Hi sir, In MC33771 how to differentiate charging and discharging of the battery?   Regards, Veeraju V Hallikeri
    Veeraju Hallikeri
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  • Can anyone explain what is Ethernet Independent Mode in LS1046A and at what cases it is used?

    Can anyone explain what is Ethernet Independent Mode in LS1046A and at what cases it is used? 
    Aravind kumar Navuluri
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  • The error between the estimated position Angle with Luenberger observer and the actual position Angle

    hello!!! When the Lombergo observer is used, the Angle estimated by the observer differs from the real Angle by 180 ° sometimes,In this case,The closed loop will fail.I modeled and simulated the algori...
    董培 董
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  • NxpOpenBus.exe under unified_bootloader_framework

    From user manual - UBLUG.pdf in unified_bootloader_framework of S32K: 32位汽车通用MCU | NXP  There is a tool named NxpOpenBus.exe to programming via bootloader.  How can I download or find t...
    Gary Lu
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  • KW37_38_39 Minimum BoM Presentation.pdf

    This guide describes the hardware for the KW38 minimum BoM development board. The KW38 Minimum BoM development board is configurable, low-power, and cost-effective evaluation and development board for application prot...
    Christophe Menard
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