• error: 'fma' is not a member of 'std'

    Hi,   I am using S32 Design Studio toolchain for S32K based project. I am seeing following error when I started using the toolchain with latest Design Studio v2.2 (GCC v6.3). But I haven't seen this issue with&...
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  • NXP IMXRT 1052 - Registering interrupt handler

    Hello,   I have following queries regarding registering the interrupt handler on NXP i.MXRt 1052 processor -  1. Which APIs are required to write code for registering an interrupt handler? 2. Is there any...
    Suhel Mulla
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  • MKL02 Debug Error on Multilink FX with CW 11.1

    Hello,   I am using CodeWarrior v11.1 with PE Micro Mulilink FX debugger. I use the UART of the MKL02Z16M4. When I debug the code with PE Multilink Universal FX connected to the board and powering the t...
    Aarathi Ramesh
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  • RS485 interfacing T2081 Processor

    Hello Everyone, Can any tell me how to interface RS485 Transceiver with T2081 Processor? Any reference design will be really helpful. Thanks in advance   Regards Hemant
  • Component Development Tools Troubleshooting

    Why can not import PEx component with driver *.drv to develop. It happens in CodeWarrior 11.1 and MCUXpresso. Also inherited component is not available in MCUXpresso, and in CodeWarrior  imported component i...
    Marceli Firlej
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  • LS1043 USB1-3.0can not detect

    please ref the attachment which is the schematic of usb. we found the usb1 port only detect USB2.0,can not detect usb3.0.   the usb3.0 terminal can work on other usb3.0 host.  
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  • T2080RDB cpu core hang problem

    Hello everyone,   We have hang problem in a scenario based on ipsec esp null with a custom board based on T2080 SoC with SDK 1.6. We are using a packet generator (IXIA) and generate internet mix packets for tes...
    ömer faruk er
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  • FRDM-KE04Z Hello World MCUXpresso SDK Issue

    I have a FRDM-KE04Z development board. I've installed the MCUXpresso and downloaded the SDK for the FRDM-KE04Z board. I imported it into the IDE without any issues.   I wanted to compile it to make sure that eve...
    Chris Lambrecht
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  • 关于CLRC663最新版的NFC reader library的问题??

    请问一下,关于CLRC663最新版的NFC reader library,请问一下版本号是多少?在哪里可以下载最新版了?
    jie li
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  • FRDM-KL27Z - issue connecting to off-board MCU.

    I have a FRDM-KL27Z and am trying to flash a stand-alone off-board KL27Z256VFM4 using the OpenSDA functionality. I'm using MCUXpresso on a windows pc.    I can program the standalone board successfully usin...
    Andrew Hartnett
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  • When will PN7150 support Android 11?

    Android 11 is planed to lunch at September 8, 2020. When will NXP update the NXPNFCLinux to support  Android 11?
    Roman Chang
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  • How to timer wakeup from VLLS on K22?

    Hi, We are currently trying to implement VLLS on an MK22FN256 MCU. We are designing a battery powered device that should wake up every 15 minutes or so, but the device needs to last months on a single charge and thu...
    Russell Withers
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  • OTA

    hello,   Does S32K1xx have OTA function? How to use OTA function? Is there a document for reference? wish  your help?
    kui wu
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  • Flash driver for GD25LX256

    Hi, I'm using a GigaDevice GD25LX256 octal nor flash device with a 1051. What flash driver should I select in McuXpresso 11.2? Will MIMXRT1050_SFDP_HYPERFLASH.cfx work? If not, is it difficult to create a custom driv...
    Eamonn Heffernan
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  • FlexRay : Wake Up pattern

    Hi, I am using DEVKIT MPC5748G development Board and IDE is S32 DS for power architecture V2.1. I can see the wake up patterns on the DSO but it looks sinusoidal (Refer Below image). I set, pWakeupPattern = 16 gd...
    Deepak Omanna
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  • Example of flexspi_nor_config_t for GD25LX256

    I'm looking for an example of flexspi_nor_config_t  found in xip/evkbimxrt1050_flexspi_nor_config.c for GD25LX256 octal flash. What other changes do I need to make in McuXpresso IDE/Config? 1. flexspi_nor_confi...
    Eamonn Heffernan
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  • Gianfar skb errors

    Hello,   CPU:  e300c1, MPC8343A, Rev: 3.0    I am experience kernel panics using Kernel 4.19.87 related to, what appears to be, socket buffer corruption. A few different crashes occur upon traffi...
    Richard Roth
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  • Simulink External Mode for DEVKIT-MPC5744P

    Hello everyone,   I have question regarding Simulink External Mode for development board with MPC5744P. Is it possible to run External Mode on that? All what I was able to find, it's examples with...
    Sergey Suyakov
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  • FlexRay: Coldstart Listen

    Hi, I am using DEVKIT MPC5748G development Board for FlexRay driver development and IDE is S32 DS for power architecture V2.1.   I am facing some trouble with the startup procedure on the FlexRay module as t...
    Deepak Omanna
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  • LS1046ARDB USB Console: no serial device

    Hello,   We have a fresh LS1046ARDB.  When the front console USB port is plugged into another computer, the mbed device shows up, along with the BOOTLOADER drive.  However, the bootloader serial port d...
    Joe Epstein
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