• Using RT1052 SDRAM config from EVK demo

    Could you confirm if the Micron MT48LC16M16A2b4-6a can use the same config as the RT1052EVK's ISSI is42s16160j-6bli SDRAM? ISSI datasheet: http://www.issi.com/WW/pdf/42-45S83200J-16160J.pdf Micron: ht...
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  • Programming NOR Flash - P4080DS

    Hello,   We are new to working on P4080DS board. During one of the operations, NOR Flash got erased. So we could no longer boot from NOR flash. Hence we prepared an SDCard for booting P4080DS with the followin...
    appalanaidu g
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  • NFC USB Dongle NXP-NCI_Linux_example

    Hello, I'm pretty new to C programming   I'm trying to get the MIKROE-2540 NFC dongle working on my linux VM running Ubuntu 18.04.   I tried running the the linux example with bash, but I get an ...
    Mouta Chiang
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  • SLRC610: Single Reader Multiple antenna design

    Hi, We are using SLRC610 for one of our inventory management application using ISO15693. Inorder to increase the reading range we are planning to use multiple antennas (two or four) with one reader.   Is it fin...
    Akash S
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  • SCTimer/PWM for Controlling a AC Fan Motor??

    Hello All,   I have a project that controls an AC fan motor via a triac. It senses the zero crossing & then after a delay triggers the triac to supply power to the ac motor. The speed of the fan is determine...
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  • ADC samples fluctation for Constant input voltage

    Hi, I am working on 12 bit ADC with custom board which has MK22FX512AVLQ controller. When I am giving a constant voltage to ADC, I am observing a considerable fluctuation in the samples. The 3.3 V supply to the contro...
    Vaibhavi P
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  • lptmr and ftm components both define HAL_TimerInit

    I've since realized I don't need the abstraction layer, but I figured I report this problem. Using MCUXpresso 11.1 and SDK 2.7.0 for a new K64 project I included both the ftm_adapter and the lptmr_adapter abstaction l...
    Larry York
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  • New LS1020 batch boots with different SECMON state

    We have received new batch of LS1020 (ls1020 axe7hnb qyx1848 1nk taiw kqaluyu) and they were causing some problem for our u-boot software (and manufacturing) because security wise (SECMON) they do not seem to react in...
    Luc Roy
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  • MCU Bootloader for MK22FX512

    Hi there Exists a port for the MK22FX512AVLK12 for the bootloader ? In the SDK, there is no mcuboot available in the SDK builder. Best Regards Stephan
    Stephan Dünner
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  • Effect of Cable errors of TJA1100 on the link status

    Hello All,   We are using the TJA1100 as a PHY with MPC5746C in an Automotive project.   I need to test the behavior of the cable errors: ( Short/open circuit) of the two wires of the cable on the link sta...
    ahmed saber
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  • S32K144: Read 1s All Blocks command

    I run the "Read 1s All Blocks" command over a S32K144 block (0x800B) which I know it's all erased (I checked it with a customized function as depicted below). When I issued the command (see below) the return MGSTAT0 b...
    David Gabbay
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  • Issue on the usage of MC33MR2001

    Hello. I am studying about MC33MR2001V. Of course, I downloaded the datasheet from this web page. By the way, I think there are not more detail data in this datasheet such as frequency's settings. If you have, ple...
    Ying Cui
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  • How to verify if the signed iMX6 image works?

    Is there any such tool to verify before burn the eFuse and load the signed image to the device? ##iMX6 HAB#
    Jiang Zhang
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  • Unexpected behaviour of UART in K22 when baud rate is changed

    Hi,   I am using custom board with MK22FX512AVLQ12. I am using UART of the controller with baud rate set as 19200 and Parity Even. I am using an external application to send and receive data from UART. The parit...
    Vaibhavi P
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  • RTOS support for MK22FX512

    Is there any RTOS support available for MK22FX512 controller? If yes than Please share docs and sample example code.       Thanks in Advance, Mayur Savaj
    Mayur Savaj
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  • EVS in Android 9 Automotive

    Hi All,   I am working on EVS functionality with Android 9 Automotive (android_p9.0.0_2.1.1-auto).   I configured V4L2_BUF_TYPE_VIDEO_CAPTURE_MPLANE to V4L2_BUF_TYPE_VIDEO_CAPTURE in the following source a...
    vinothkumar s
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  • KW36: Getting "gBleOutOfMemory_c" Internal Error when receiving an Handle Value Notification of PDU length 247

    Hi,   I am using KW36 as peripheral device. I am working with hid_device example. When the KW36 receives an Handle Value Notification with PDU_Length less than 247 there was no issue observed. But, when an Ha...
    Sai Kalyana Raman
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  • New hal file integration

    Hi,   Is there any possible to created our .hal file (like types.hal)       And I needs some guide for the following question,   1. Is there any way to create custom .hal file ? 2. Is ther...
    vinothkumar s
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  • AOSP Build failed after clean the source

    Hi,   I got build error once done the clean the source,   Platform : Android 9 Automotive with iMX8QM-MEK     [ 0% 385/94752] Building arm64 4.14 kernel ... FAILED: out/target/product/mek_8q/obj...
    vinothkumar s
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  • EGit & importing projects w/ path variables

    Hi All,  My project uses a lot of ${PARENT-4-PROJECT_LOC} and when I import the project into Git using  "Team->Share Project" the import does not pick up any of the directories and files using such....
    Mike Spenard
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