• S32K144 vlps mode, after I init can, the use wfi struction, the chip will reset

    This happened when I use our normal project , but when we use another project to test this can and sleep mode ,this won't happen,.   When the chip reset , I saw the reset source register,  the reset source ...
    hongjian zhang
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  • S32K116 UART DMA example?

    Hello,   Is there available example for LPUART usage with DMA on S32K116 mcu?   The reference manual does not provide any proper documentation about how to set for example TX UART DMA... For example where...
    Kaszás Peter
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  • TWR-VF65GS10(VF610) can't get network access in U-boot

    Hi   I am using a TWR-VF65GS10 (VF610) and have built u-boot from these two repositories:   https://github.com/u-boot/u-boot https://github.com/Freescale/u-boot-fslc.git   I build u-boot ...
    Mauricio Agurto
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  • What's the difference between TJA1051T/E and TJA1051T/CM?

    Hi, What's the difference between TJA1051T/E and TJA1051T/CM? Can they completely replace each other? Is the function of the fifth pin of  TJA1051T/CM  the same as that of  TJA1051T/E?  
    owen chen
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  • Copy data from SD Card to on-board RAM

    I want to copy data file from the SD Card to the on-board DRAM memory Please can you provide example?
    Erik Raynolds
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  • MMA8451Q

    Dear Sir / Ma'am   We are developing our new product with NXP MMA8451Q, 14bit, +-2g now. We'd like to know that we cannot see in the data sheet.   Regarding page 6 on the data sheet MMA8451Q 14bit/8bit, w...
    恭子 倉矢
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  • s32k144 - (ear sdk VS rtm sdk )What difference??

    hi    I want to know the difference between the two I want a detailed explanation. Thank you!
    hg lee
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  • 2 Available when EEEPROM, CSEc and Data Flash are not used?

    I see the note in the S32K1XX RM. My mcu is S32K148, I want to know if  I have used the EEEPROM with the FlexRAM that I can't use the CSEc module? Thanks!       Best Regards!
    he wei
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  • IMX6Q opencl 和opengl 使用的GPU是分别是哪个?

    在IMX6Q平台上,有一个2D 的gpu和3D 的gpu, opencl 和opengl 使用的都是3D的gpu嘛? g2d 是不是可以选择使用某一个gpu?
    友 杨
    created by 友 杨
  • how to config S12G128  enter stop mode and wake up by CAN message?

          I config  S12G128 with PLL and MSCAN.when I dubug by P&E_Multlilink_USB ,s12g128 enter stop mode and bring about "ILLEGAL_BP" like this:       D...
    Shanwen Li
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  • ILLEGAL_BP with 9S12xep100

    I'm attempting to test a board with an MC9S12XEP100, using CodeWarrior version 5.1. Right now I'm just trying to compile and run a very simple test program, based on the Freescale example program. It compiles ok, and ...
    Aniket Bansod
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  • S12G128 CAN BUS OFF

    Dear Sir   use MCU S12G128 + CAN PHY TJA1044T or MCU S12G128 + CAN PHY TJA1040T    Why S12G128 CAN RXD pin short to TXD pin directly, S12G128 can't enter CAN BUS OFF mod...
    Paul Zhou
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  • Max3050 CAN communication with XEP100

    Hello everyone, I am working on CAN communication between two XEP100 controllers. I am using MAX3050 CAN IC.  The resistance between CANH and CANL is to be 120 Ohm, but I am getting 167KOhm.   This is cau...
    Madhura Bhandigani
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  • KIT12XS6EVM: Reference design - Gen4 Lighting

    Hi, I'm starting with an automotive lighting design, I'm using KIT12XS6EVM as a reference design. Can anyone please help me with the source code that is factory loaded for this module? Thanks in advance
  • How to configure and relocate the interrupt vector table for S12ZVC

    HI:      I use S12ZVC,  I don't want bootloader and app use the same Interrupt Vector table,so i Relocating app interrupt vector table at other address:0xFF9000-0xFF92EF.      1...
    jooph liu
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  • Can't build LPC8N04 / OM40002 example code in "release" mode

    Hi I've recently acquired a OM40002 devkit with the LPC8N04 MCU.   The unit I received runs a demo application with leds scrolling on a panel. If I reset the board the leds come back on and scroll as intended. &...
    Paul Gerhardt
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  • for i.MX 6, are the "no debug" JTAG features available in Secure JTAG mode without need for the secret key authentication?

    I've read the SJC chapter in one or more of the Reference Manuals for i.MX6 series processors, but have not seen this question directly addressed.   It would seem logical that the features described as accessibl...
    Adam Ley
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  • bitbake compilation error with imx-gst1.0-plugin_4.4.2

    Dear all,   I have a compilation error when I bitbake the package imx-gst1.0-plugin: ../../git/libs/device-2d/imx_2d_device_g2d.c: In function 'imx_g2d_config_input': | ../../git/libs/device-2d/imx_2d_device_g2...
    Vincent Bodin
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  • 请问板载WiFi的电源要如何断电,就像LCD屏幕可以熄屏那样

    我查了开发板的原理图,lcd和wifi的电源都是通过74hc595来控制电源的,lcd可以通过指令echo "4" > /sys/class/graphics/fb0/blank来熄屏,但是wifi就找不到相关信息 请问如何断电或者lcd屏幕是如何断电,在哪些代码文件里面有提到?谢谢
    培彬 杨
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  • Kinetis FlexNVM

    Has any one succeeded to configure the memory linker to use the flexnvm as a pflash, i tried with the example in the mcuxpresso section 14.3 Configuring projects to span multiple Flash Devices  (Configuring proje...
    Haggui Souhail
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