• How to get more examples about UART ?

    Hi , i am working on imx rt 1050. I tried to find examples for freeRTOS uart example but there is only one example in sdk. Where can ı find more ?
    Omer Kaan Basakinci
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  • S32K1xx - Bootloader with two partition OTA

    Dear all,   This is first time I post, So if have any mis-take. Please help me to improve. Thanks. My question is: I want to create 3 partition include:    + Bootloader (1st): support to verify OTA p...
    Luong Van Thanh
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  • Changing PCIe related Registers (LAW, TAR, In/Outbound windows,CCSRBAR ...)

    On T1042D4-64B demo board, what is the way of changing PCIe related Registers I mentioned in the header(PEX registers)?   I want to make a new configuration for EP device because there is unlogged deadlocks on U...
    Ahmet Demir
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  • rcu_bh_state detected stall and rcu_preempt_state detected stalls in Android 6.0.1 (MarshMallow)

    Hi, We are working in iMx6Q processor which runs on Android 6.0.1.(MarshMallow) and Linux Kernel version is 4.1.15. We are getting rcu_bh_state detected stall prints in dbug terminal while we run the processor for lo...
    Winston Jacob
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  • How to connect SEMC to External SRAM in Non-AD mux mode.

    I'm trying to connect 16 bit data  async  sram  in Non-ADMUX mode.  the RM has the timing diagram for that mode but there no connection table for connecting the device. the 24.5.3 table have the pi...
    Hanan Hayot
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  • Object detection application failed to work on iMX8QM GPU B0 chip

    I have build Yocto 4.19.35 Thud with Meta-ml layer, and we are using OpenCV caffe Mobilnet SSD model for object detection on B0 chip of iMX8QM, That application is failed to use the GPU, the application is running on ...
    Kushal Chaudhari
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  • Download mimxrt1050-evk issue Target Error from Commit Flash write Ep(08)

    Hello, I have an error while tring to download (debug) a demo code from MCUXpresso IDE. The demo board is mimxrt1050. See attachment. I did not have this issue from the beginning. I have changed the USB cable and d...
    Stefan Tincu
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  • Is the SLRC61003 compatible with the CLEV6630 firmware?

    Hi, I am using the CLEV6630 NCF kit to communicate with a SLRC61003 chip. Done some modifications of cource and connected the kit with my board. The NXP Cockpit will not communicate with it (expecting a CLRC663 Plus...
    Thomas Haugen
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  • CodeWarrior Armv7 ls1021a flash error

    Hi,   So my standalone board of ls1021a which has an external eMMC, DDR no SD card slot option. I want to test the uboot binary on the LS1021A-TWR eva board via JTAG interface first then flash to my stand alone ...
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • Bus LIN solution

    Hello,   We must design a small industrial application with some Inputs/Outputs (Logical Input/Outputs, Analog input) RS485 and then a LIN BUS (slave)   Which small CPU could you advice to me  to sup...
    created by arnogir
  • eIQ Sample Apps - Object Recognition using OpenCV DNN

    This Lab 3 explains how to get started with OpenCV DNN applications demos on i.MX8 board using eIQ ML Software Development Environment. eIQ Sample Apps - Overview eIQ Sample Apps - Introduction Get the source ...
    Diego Dorta
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  • S12ZVL32 ADC Multiple Channel Read

    I want to use 4 ADC channels of 10 bit. I have configured for 4 but getting output of only first channel.   I configured as below.   and written code    uint16_t adc_ch0Val = 0; uint16_t adc_c...
    Chaitanya Kalyani
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  • Multiple Definition Error in Static Library Project

    Hi. I have same function as "void myFunc();" in seperate 2 library as "libA.h" and "libB.h" in "myStaticLibrary" project. I add this "myStaticLibrary.a" to my main project linker library. I define only libA.h in my ma...
    Ramazan Kurban
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  • Parameters information for chip SJA1105S.

    Hi,   Anyone has information for the below parameters for chip SJA1105S.   We are referring to user manual UM11040.    Switch Port Scheduler Predecessor.         - It define...
    Mahendra Pardeshi
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  • How to See the All CPUs load in IMX8M Mini on Console

    Hi,   We are working with IMX8M Mini EVK target. Our program utilises all CPUs. We would like to see the load of all CPUs on console.  I guess top command gives the all CPU load usage as single ...
    Sreedhar A
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  • Bootloader for MCF56F83763 VLH

    Any one have the source code of bootloader for MCF56F83763? I am also interested in its 'processor expert' setup
    Fasih Ahmed
    created by Fasih Ahmed
  • Program partition command

    Dear all, when I read mannual chapter Program Partition command, has the following comment:   CAUTION While different partitions of the FlexNVM are available, the intention is that a single partition...
    kui wu
    created by kui wu
  • How to use SPI interrupt to process external flash read and write in S32K144?

    Hi,     Recently, I began to debug the SPI read and write external flash in S32K144 platform. However, If I don't use interrupt to process read flash, there may lose some information. If I using Interrupt t...
    新光 王
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  • i.MX8QXP capture raw(bayer) data and debayer doc question

    Hello,   About this doc in community i.MX8QXP capture raw(bayer) data and debayer I use the patch that raw capture test and #include "g2d.h" but when I build the program,it happened build error can not get...
    Xu Ji
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  • UBUNTU install S32DS issue

    Dear FAE: please help my issue!   BRS grayli
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