• Programming fuses fails on some RT1051

    Hello fellow engineers, I'd like to ask if some of you ever experienced problems in writing fuses on i.MX RT processors. In production, we write the BT_FUSE_SEL to allow our device to start from QSPI. We have had a...
    Giuseppe Scarpi
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  • iMx7 tamper

    Hi, I have a new project and the SOC is iMX7s. I need to implement tamper detection function.   According to the "i.MX 7Solo Applications Processor Reference Manual" in section " Tamper Detection", it d...
    Lucas Lin
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  • Stacking FRDM K64F and OM5578 and SE050ARD arduino shields

    I'm a newcomer to embedded electronics and have read some introductions about SPI/I2C/UART on sparkfun.   I'll like to know whether the OM5578 (PN7150) and SE050ARD Arduino shields can be stacked together on a F...
    Douglas Tan
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  • Does SoftISP supports 4K resolution?

    I am trying to port an OpenCV based application from iOS to i.MX8MQ based platform in which i have connected IMX334 based sony camera to its MIPI CSI bus.    The 4k raw image captured by IMX334 ca...
    Chandresh Tank
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  • no preinstalled MCUs

    Hello, I just updated my MCUXpresso IDE installation to the most recent Version 11.1.0. Unfortunately something went wrong, because when I start it now, it sais "Cannot find crt_directory2.xme in the usual places. Ca...
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  • MFG Tool  for  Custom Boards

    Hi team  We made our  customized board based on iMX6  solo how  we  can flash  our  board  with MFGTOOL . How  we can do that that ?  2) Do  we  need ...
    Abhishek singh
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  • IMX8 MIPI CSI RAW14 mode

    Hi,   Does anyone  get it working at CSI RAW14 mode? I have been working successfully RAW 8/10/12 mode. I'm getting in data but it was corrupted.  James
    James Kim
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  • Setting Up MQS Audio Output

    Hi!   I was hoping to use the medium quality sound (MQS) output for my project but am a bit stuck. There doesn't appear to be a demo for it and the information available in the processor reference manual seems&#...
    Daniel Sinderson
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  • RT1064EVK board, CANFD  with FLEXCAN_ErrorStatus

    The CANFD function of the RT1064EVK board USES the evkmimxrt1064_canfd_interrupt_transfer example in SDK2.7. J11 on the board is not connected to anything else. After the program runs, the callback function keeps repo...
    何 春虎
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  • Input impedance AFE MKM34Z256

    Dear all,   Where can I find more information on the input impedance of the integrated sigma-delta adc in MKM34Z256VLx7? The datasheet has some information about the sar converter, but I cann...
    Diego Asanza
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  • Is there any way to remove the interrupt handling in the IAP eeprom for LCP11XX

    Hello!   I have been reading and scrutinizing the IAP eeprom library and found out that the interrupts has to be disabled and enabled during a read and write operation.   However, for my application, I hav...
    Volkan Coskun
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  • FTP and flash file system for RT1020?

    Hi,   What is the best way to get a file system set up in flash? For example, the RT1020-EVK has an 8MByte flash, and I would like to set up a flash FS that allows FTP access (via ethernet)?   I am l...
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  • Expiration Date for SLN-ALEXA-IOT SDK

    I would like to ask about SLN-ALEXA-IOT kit. After downloading the sample software [AVS software for RT106A v1.0.1] for this device and checking the expiration date, it was as follows.      Regist...
    Hiroya Takayama
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  • Looking for sample code in using rpmsg_multiept for iMX7D

    Can you anyone please guide me through using the rpmsg_multiept for iMX7D. I have tried insmod rpmsg_multiept.ko, but does not seemed to create /dev/rpmsg_xxx Any guidance is very much appreciated. Thank you very m...
    Roger Lumo
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  • FreeMASTER

    Hi, Can FreeMASTER be used with i.MXRT1010 chip and MIMXRT1010-EVK tools? Vladimir
    vladimir vukovic
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  • Image is not booting from SD card

    Hi Team  We are using iMX 6 solo in one of our custom board, we are  able  to flash image in SD card  through uuu tool using linux, but boards can't able to boot from SD card . Please let us know&...
    Abhishek singh
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  • RT1064 Flashloader and Internal ROM and Flash.

    I am developing RT1064 using IAR. Please check below, Is it possible or not.   1. Flashloader into Internal using JLINK. 2. My App into internal flash using flashloader. 3. My App using Internal Flash and int...
    ChoonGyeong Lee
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  • How to write structure in FLEXSPI1 QSPI flash

    Hi,      Board = IMXRT1064EVK      I am using evkmimxrt1064_flash_component_nor example code.      If i try to write structure in  Nor_Flash_Page_Program ...
    Vasudhevan G
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  • FlexIO Not broken out on MIMXRT1010-EVK: i.MX RT1010

    The FlexIO seem to be one of the big plusses of the i.MX RT1010.   Am I reading the schematic correctly that the FlexIO pins are not broken out to the Arduino Sheild pins?   Maybe there are more muxing fea...
    James Caska
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  • i.MX6ULL NAND boot question

    1. In the Table 8-10 of i.MX6ULL reference manual <http://nxp.com/doc/imx6ullrm>, BOOT_CFG2[4:3] for boot search count. Are 00, 01 both for two boot search count? 2. In the Table 5-7 of i.MX6ULL ref...
    created by m.c