• ls1088a arm generic timer question

    I see in the ls1088a reference manual (Rev. 0, 02/2018) Table 2.1 the memory mapped addresses for the ARM Generic Timer CNTControlBase and CNTReadBase. Where is the CNTCTLBase located? How many timers are implemente...
    bob holder
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  • Rapid Iot Studio Display Issues.

    Hi,   hope you all are fine. i am developing my program in rapid iot studio to display sensors data saperatly such as we see in Rapid IoT Weather Station Example but when i develop my example it will move to nex...
    Muhammad Afzal
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  • LPC11U37H µsdcard sample

    I need to develop a system based on the LPC11U37H microcontroller to log temperatures. So i was looking in the LPCOpen samles but was unable to find one who write and read data to/from the sdcard. I am using the OM130...
    Serge De Maseneer
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  • IAP always returns with "Invalid command"

    Whenever I issue an IAP command (data in memory block, R0 points to data block, R1 points to return data block) it returns 167 cycles later with 0x01 in the memory location pointed to by R1, indicating an invalid comm...
    Ian Benton
    created by Ian Benton
  • LPC51U68 I2S Spec

    There doesn't even seem to be a section for LPC51 yet, so I put it in here. If I was to connect the device to a codec with several input and output channels, how many can it support? Reading the manual, it seems to h...
    Ian Benton
    created by Ian Benton
  • MQX v4.2+RTCS simultaneous port connections

    I have multiple threads of the function below and can only connect to 1 port at a time.  I'm testing this code by running Hyperterminal on a PC and simply connecting and disconnecting the port. Each port works, e...
    Phil Roth
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  • How to output RTC_CLKOUT on GPIO Pin in MKE1Z ? 

    I have the below configuration to see RTC_CLKOUT on Port C pin 4.  PCC_PORTC.PCCLK.BIT.CGC = 1; PCIPORTC.PCR[4] = PORT_PCR_MUX(3); ConfigGPIO(PORTC,4,OUTPUT_PUSHPULL); RTC->CR = RTC_CR_CPE(3) | RTC_CR_CLKO...
  • How to get the chip serial number of the imx8mq chip?

    Hi community:       I now need to get the serial number of the imx8mq chip, which was originally read on the imx6 platform by reading base+0x410 and base+0x420. Excuse me, at which address is the ...
    传策 薛
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  • Help:Delay Function for time delay(S32K144)

    How could I edit a time delay function in S32K144_100Pin?   I want code a function for time delay ,just like delay_second() , delay_microsecond(), or just like that.
    Victor Song
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  • DDR Stress Test Tool for i.MX35

    Hello there,   We're trying to retrofit a new SDRAM on an old board with an i.MX35 processor. In the past, we've used the i.MX6/7 DDR Stress Test Tool V2.91 to do the same on an i.MX6 processor. H...
    Maher Sallam
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  • K22 MCUBoot Drag and Drop *.sb file to SPI Flash

    I would like to be able to drag and drop multiple *.sb files on to the USB Mass Storage Device. Currently, I can drop firmware.sb files (linked to address 0xA000) as much as I want but I also need to pre-configure my ...
    Gary Sinde
    created by Gary Sinde
  • How do we reset the SLN-RKP-NODE back to out of the box demo?

    I've dumped my .bin file for hello world onto the board and it worked, now I want to get back the demo that was running on the module when I first booted it. Is there a place I can find the binaries for that? Or a way...
    Nishanth Kanala
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  • Installation of CodeWarrior f. MCU v11.1

    Current Situation: CW MCU HCS08 v10.7 is  installed, Standing in folder Freescale/ CW MCU v10.7  and Windows Control Panel, programs …- CW 10.7, 1,29 GB – To the end of installing process wa...
    Gerd Meinert
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  • LPC11U GPIO Interrupt

    I'm trying to get a GPIO edge interrupt to work on Port 0 Pin 20 of an LPC11U24, but I can't figure it out. My code is as follows:   InitInterrupt() {    NVIC_DisableIRQ(FLEX_INT0_IRQn);  ...
    Lydia Johnson
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  • LPC5410x UART overrun issue

    I have always used interrupt based UART for any data transfer, so this is bit unknown to me. Seemingly most of my data goes down to the drain when I try to read uart "synchronously" (I dont mean synchronous mode of UA...
    Sven Savic
    created by Sven Savic
  • Android8.1 ril get android.hardware.radio@1.0::IRadio/slot1 service failed

    Hi community:    When Android 8.1 uses 4G module, it cannot be networked normally. The log is as follows:     02-16 17:36:02.051 4017 4017 I com.android.phone: Looking for service android.ha...
    传策 薛
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  • PCIe 2 root complex doesn't exist in P2020

    Hi all,   We are trying to modify the IO port selection from 1111( PCIe1 (x2) ) to 1110(PCIe1 (x1), PCIe2 (x1)). When we boot up, we can see PCIe 1 has changed to x1, there's no root complex of PCIe2 in U-...
    Ivan Chen
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  • Android8.1 BSP can't find mobile phone data network settings

    Hi community: Our own board uses 4G data, but in the "logcat -b radio" log after booting, there is no dialing process in the upper layer of android. Can't find related setting options in "Settings"?   12-12 09:...
    传策 薛
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  • imx6ul  booting from  emmc

    When using MFGtools to program, there is no error, and the serial port can output normally. When booting from eMMC after successful burning, the serial port does not have any printing information.   
    created by liangfeng_0824
  • math.h

    Hello everyone, Who has a general library of mathematical functions for Freescale mc9s08dz chips?, (math.h) Please provide one. Thank you. Thank you very much.
    jixiang li
    created by jixiang li