• How to start to Tee system on i.MX6?

    Hi,   I'm GT.   We knew that you support TEE on i.MX Series so we want to use it.   But I don't have any information, just have a brief pdf. Please advice how to start.   First, When enable tee...
    dong su lee
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  • MC9S12G128 wake up from Pseudo Stop Mode

    MC9S12G128 wake up from Pseudo Stop Mode,After Wake up Where is the program running position? if MCU wakes up from Isr,How to make the chip rerun to the main function without resetting? I am using this chip for P...
    Katrinal wang
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  • i.MX8M Mini PDM SNR issue

    Customer modified the definition of OSR in fsl_micfil.h from 0 to 8 as below to let PDM clock worked at 3.072MHz when recording by 48KHz sampling rate. #define MICFIL_CTRL2_OSR_DEFAULT  (8 << MICFIL_CTRL2_...
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  • can not generate .elf after build in simulink

    Hello, I used MBD Toolbox for MPC574xP in simulink. And I want to flash the .elf file to the board. But after build in MATLAB, I can't find the .elf file in the xxx_rtw folder. I have tried it in MATLAB 2016a and 2015...
    Lynne Lee
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  • why s32k116 partion RAM will reset without in debug mode

    Hello        Just as the saying goes, it is always difficult to understand new things.Now ,l meet a problem difficult to solve.        When l want partion S32K116 RAM ,l find ...
    jinshuai xu
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  • [i.MX 8M] How to use multi webcam when using USB3.0

    I have the MCIMX8M-EVKB. The OS I use is L4.14.98_2.0.0.   I also have two USB Webcams. My goal is to play several USB Webcams using USB3.0 of MCIMX8M-EVKB.   I connected the USB3.0 hub to the USB3.0 conne...
    Kwon Tae-young
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  • Recommended workflow for creating firmware for custom board

    Hi,   I need to design a board based on the I.MXRT, so I purchased the EVK-MIMXRT1060 for getting acquainted with the tools.   So far, I have imported design examples successfully for this EVK from the SDK...
    M. Patricio Cohen Sch.
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  • PCA9615 noise power supply

    Hello, I want to use PCA9615 because I have a lenght cable about 2 meter between my master and the I2C slave. I have buy the kit sparkfun with PCA9615 and I try it with ethernet cable between the both.   This'...
    DELMAS yannick
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  • How to extend an existing project with new middleware or software components in mcuxpresso

    Hello guys, I'm in the process of learning MCUXpresso. I have started from a simple example that I have imported from the SDK, and I'm modifying it to suit my needs. My question now is the following:   How do I...
    M. Patricio Cohen Sch.
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  • USB SDK files explanation

    Hi guys, I will appreciate if someone can explain me the purpose of the following files:   1) serial_port_uart.c 2) serial_manager.c 3) lpuart_adapter.c   I would like to know how they work, but code co...
    M. Patricio Cohen Sch.
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  • I.MXRT1060-EVK debug console via USB

    Hi guys, I have been looking at some SDK simple examples that use the debug console. The examples need the use of a serial terminal installed in the PC to see the debug console output.   My problem is that I ha...
    M. Patricio Cohen Sch.
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  • Multiple SC18IM700 on same bus

    Hello, I was unable to find if is possible to use multiple SC18IM700 on same bus and address each individualy to use theirs GPIO. It should work when using them as UART/I2C bridge because only valie i2c device will r...
    Jiri Otisk
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  • KSZ8794 4-port ETH switch to MX8M

    Hi All, I am unsure if how to wire Phy to a i.MX8M procc in RGMii mode of operation. I am using a SOM from Variscite MX8M as the procc module. The module has its PHY removed, with pins exposed as per the attached s...
    Gerhard Laubscher
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  • How to reject ethernet packets in imx6-sx?

       I use the imx6-sx in our project, the ENET1 connect to a 88E1111 phy chip as the management network port, the OS is the official linux 4.9.11, the ENET1 works well except when I want to reject e...
    凯 刘
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  • QSpi boot mode,  channel 'B'

    hello i am making the acquaintance with MCIMX6SX-SDB kit. investigating QSPI boot configuration i have seen booting from QSPI2 ('A' channel, there is the 32M flash, address 0x70000000), likewise QSPI2 channel 'B', t...
    oleg scherbinin
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  • Full OTA on android Pie fails

    Hi , I am using a imx8qxp mek board running android pie ,I followed the steps present in the Android User guide to generate OTA package and pushed the payload.bin to sdcard . But OTA upgrade does not happen and i get...
    Dileep Reddy
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  • fsl-sdcard-partition.sh is giving error File partition-table.img not found

    Hi Sir, I am using iMX8M Mini and Android AOSP Source code for Android 9.0. I have downloaded the AOSP and successfully able to built it using steps given in Android user guide Rev. P9.0.0_1.0.0-ga, 01/2019 . I che...
    Maneesh Singh
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  • I.MXRT1060 EVK debugger not working

    Hi, I have been working with my I.MXRT1060 EVK for several days without problems on a FreeRTOS project until today. The debugger can't connect to the CPU anymore. It seems like the CPU is running and doesn't allow th...
  • How to modify the program start address and vector table address in MCUXpresso

    I am developing an AN2295-based boot loader program. Now I need to modify the application's ROM start address and vector table address.In the AN2295 Developer's Serial Bootloader manual, IAR and CodeWarrior have linke...
    James Xie
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  • LPC54114 SPI can transfer data, but SSEL keep high

    I download these two example file from https://mcuxpresso.nxp.com/en/example-projects?uvid=187339 :    spi_half_duplex_polling_master spi_polling_b2b_transfer_master   but in both project, the S...
    Yu-Cheng Chen
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