• Does receiving an ack response break sleep?

    Hi I use this function ZPS_eAplAfUnicastAckDataReq on sleep devices.   I found that this function has its own retransmission mechanism.   I want to know if i will go to sleep while waiting for ack...
    tianheng han
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  • PDUM_eAPduFreeAPduInstance

    HI,I need your help with some questions   When i use this function ZPS_eAplAfUnicastAckDataReq( ), I need to apply for some APUD.   I know this function  ZPS_eAplAfUnicastAckDataReq have Retransmissio...
    tianheng han
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  • Control a QN9080 PWM using BLE

    Open video

    Fabian Ramirez
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  • hard fault caused by BusFault

    Hi all, I encounter frequent hard fault as soon I use CAN & USB at the same time. I'm using FreeRTOS  on a MK64F MCU. I tried to analyze fault registers to find out the cause of the hard fault but I'm not s...
    Johannes Bruder
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  • Freescale keaz flash security

    Hello. I made device using keazn64 uC on board. I need to lock any action via swd(reading flash image). I tried to edit flashConfig section in stratup file but it doesn't help. I use segger j-link for debugging. How s...
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  • Patch to fix LS1043A SGMII2.5G is not working

    The u-boot in SDK2.0 has a bug on SGMII2.5 support. Need to add the patch.
    Wes Li
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  • S32K118  adc_hwtrigger compil problem

    This interface will pop up when compiling ADC module. The file causing the problem was not found in this path.Compilation failed,whar's the problem?need help.Thank you.
    zh ew
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  • i.MXRT1020 EVK 24b RGB pins and usage?

    MIMXRT1020-EVK docs says that the i.MXRT1021 processor have 24 bits RGB interface but I can't find references of what pins are or software usage... Can help me to use it to handle a VGA monitor?
    Fabio Coutinho
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  • i.MX6ULL CAN的使用问题

    硬件:i.MX6ull 软件:yocot_uboot_2016 + yocot_kernel_4.1.15      NXP的工程师们,我在使用i.MX6ULL的CAN的时候遇到了很奇怪的问题。现在将问题的描述如下: 首先,要使用CAN接口,高版本内核需要先适配其设备树。 <1>imx6ull-14x14-xxx.dts    &f...
    li hu
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  • LPC55S69 Secure Boot Failing

    Hello, I am trying to configure a LPC55S69-EVK to demonstrate the secure bootloader and secure update via SB2 loading and I'm not able to get anything to boot when the secure boot option is enabled (boot signed images...
  • Altium Files for i.MX 8M Mini EVK

    Hello,   Is it possible for me get the Altium Design files for 8MMINILPD4-EVK SoM Board. I am unable to convert the Allegro files to Altium from the Data pack provided in the .zip file.   Kind Regards...
    Arun Pan
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  • Confirmed support for RAW12 through 4-lane CSI-2 sensor on i.MX8M?

    I've found a few forum posts describing attempts to bring up support for RAW12 on a 4-lane CSI2 sensor, has anyone had success in receiving 12-bit RAW data through 4-lane CSI2 sensor?   Comment regarding inabili...
    Peter Hahn
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  • i.MX RT106A AVS Module

    Dear, For i.MX RT106A AVS Module(30 mm x 40 mm) ,What is the temperature range of module support? TKS.
    Alvin Li
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  • S32K146 CAN receive problem

    My CAN initializes: CAN_Init(&can3_pal_instance, &can3_pal_Config); CanSetRate(canNum, rate); /* Configure Rx message buffer with index 1 to receive frames with ID 2 */ CAN_ConfigRxBuff(&can3_pal_inst...
    张 舜毅
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  • End On Injection (EOI)

    Good morning, Example of the registers that must be configured to detect the EOI (End Of Injection) and how it should be done.   Some explain
    Jorge Perez
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  • NXP IC (TJA1128F  MC33772B )Related manufacturing information

    @We have a project here. The factory location of the manufacturers of these devices, what is the processing technology, lead-free exemption and lead-free non exemption, and the completion date of the vehicle specifica...
    Shen Chuanyang
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  • Firmware Upgrades?

    Hi All,  Could someone be so kind as to point me at docs or an example project for doing firmware upgrades? Ie., re-flashing the iMXRT in the field by and end user. Preferably off a thumb drive.
    Mike Spenard
    created by Mike Spenard
  • LS1021A IOT Gateway WLAN module support

    What WLAN modules does the LS1021A IOT Gateway support?
    John Birch
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  • CMISI interrupt priority

    Hello I work on a Kinetis MKE18F512 with SDK 2.6 and  now I have problems to understand and use the interrupts in a correct way. My Problem: I have interrupt settings at reset state. I drive a system-timer wit t...
    Tobias Härter
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  • Why PE_DEBUGHALT / CPU_Interrupt?

    Hi, I am using my own board of MKV10Z32VLC7 & MKE02Z32VLC4 which belongs to Cortex-M0+ Based Micro controller.  As we have a product already with MKV10Z32VLC7 and we planned to upgrade to low...
    Dinesh babu
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