• iMX8M Mini Flashing Empty eMMC

    Hello,   I am planning to use a custom board with IMX8M Mini SoC. This board would have a empty eMMC without any images flashed on it. I want to flash Android images (android_p9.0.0_2.3.0_image_8mmevk) including...
    Naman Thaker
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  • IMX8M Plus release date

    Hello, NXP! I am wondering about release date of IMX8M Plus with onboard NPU. When development board for this processor will be available for order? Are you going to make public reference design for ...
    Almaz Khamidullin
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  • USB Enable/Disable Interrupt problem

    Hello, I'm using the KL26 microcontroller in one of our boards with "SDK_2.4.1_MKL26Z256xxx4" I have a question about disabling/enabling the USB interrupts in order to masking them in a function that must not be inter...
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  • PCA9505/06 - connections of OE, RESET and INT pins

    I'm want to use a PCA9505/06 to expand I/O capabilities in my hardware. But I have doubt about the conections of the CI. The pins of !OE, !RESET and !INT will not be connected to Master Control, only SDA, SCL, VSS and...
    Daniel Flor
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  • S32K148 Audio Video Bridging (AVB)

    Hey Community!   Is there any source or reference manual to an implementation of Audio Video Bridging on the S32K148 processor? I have seen that in the SDK is an ENET driver, freeRTOS and the lwIP stack availib...
    Maximilian Klug
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  • Getting Started: IVT Tool

    Open video

    Artiom Fascian
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  • RTOS support for MK22FX512

    Is there any RTOS support available for MK22FX512 controller? If yes than Please share docs and sample example code.       Thanks in Advance, Mayur Savaj
    Mayur Savaj
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  • MK66FN2MOVLQ18 microcontroller is powered up with 3.3 Volts, Now if i will check voltage @ Vcc pins of controller it shows 3.3 volts that's fine but, if will check voltage @ GPIO Pins it shows only 1.2 Volts. So is it correct voltage @GPIO??

    In my design i have used MK66FN2MOVLQ18 controller, & this controller is powered up with 3.3 Volts.Now if i will check voltage @ Vcc pins of controller it shows 3.3 Volts which is correct. But if i will check volt...
    Kishor Vaidya
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  • PCF2129 oscillator stops

    Dear all,   We have designed in PCF2129AT RTC into one of our products. They were not long in use in the field when some of them lost their date. They had risen their OSF status bit to indicate oscillator stoppe...
    Timo Ketola
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  • Lost Page Write on Ultralight EV1 even after read verify

    Is there any chance that an Ultralight EV1 chip could lose a write? Is Read after write from Flash or RAM? (Ultralight EV1)   I have a situation where I use a CLRC663 with the C NFC Reader Library whe...
    Jeffrey Chan
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  • Compilation failure linux-qoriq-rt 4.14

    Hi,   I'm working on a t1024rdb board and trying to enable linux-qoriq-rt 4.14 from the SDK. I'm using the "zeus" branch from the yocto SDK (readme - qoriq-components/yocto-sdk - Repo manifest for QorIQ Yocto SD...
    Renaud De Koninck
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  • i.MX8M Mini Pin muxing warning

    Hi NXP team, Please help to resolve below queries as well.   1) Can we use boot config pins after booting as SAI or GPIO interface? Is there any recommendation or design guideline on how this is to be taken car...
    Nija Mankodi
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  • i.MX8M HDMI KEEP_ALIVE remain zero

    On customer board with i.MX8M Quad Lite revision 2.1, HDMI can't output. After trace code, found HDMI software keep alive counter keep remain zero.   API_General.c\hdp\imx\video\drivers - uboot-imx - i.MX U-Boo...
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  • MCUXpresso Config Tools v7 menu Help>Open SDK API redirects to incorrect link

    Hello, I'm not sure where to post this - it's just a feedback to the MCUXpresso Config Tools team and no discussion/question.   If I click the menu Help>Open SDK API in MCUXpresso Config Tools v7 I get redir...
    Stefan Mitterhauser
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  • QT5 Error in I.Mx8mmini

    Hi,  Iam trying to add the QT5 for GUI development work.   I tried below and I am getting error as below also tried as per the reference manual and compiled yocto using below command fsl-image-qt...
    Santhosh Kumar
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    Hello. I am going to buy KITARADAR2001EVM. Let me know where I can buy this development kit of MC33MR2001 chip set. Thank you for your looking. Best regards.
    Ying Cui
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  • How to detect the rotor position reliably in case of locked rotor or very low speed

    hi    I hope that my motor driver can still work at a very low speed or locked rotor. The current scheme is NXP's official sensorless and square wave drive scheme. The back EMF generator cannot work at a l...
    max xu
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  • Register settings for MC34VR500V1

    Can I change voltage and sequence for this device via I2C? I tried it , but I can't write new register setting to Internal RAM area. For example, I wrote new Volt1 settings with 0xA8. But After writing 0xA8, I can'...
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  • Display "flash down" with imx8qm

    Hi, I'm going to describe a problem I'm encountering and I can't exactly understand which can be the cause.   I'm evaluating diffent board for a new project, in particoular I'm evaluating a board performing iMX8...
    Andrea Previtali
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  • i.MX8M Mini GPIOs and Power-up sequence

    Hi NXP team,   W are using i>MX8M Mini Quad core processor in our emergency calling Device product. This product will be used as VoIP to help elderly people and kids at home during emergency situations. We ne...
    Nija Mankodi
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