• Can't password protect NTAG I2C Plus

    I am trying to password protect an NDEF tag on an NTAG I2C Plus (NNT3H2111W0FHK).  I am using the NXP TagWriter app on Android.  I can not seem to make it work.  Can someone help?   
    Tyler HARNDEN
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  • L2FWD Pktgen issue

    Hello dear,   I'm using LS1043ARDB and LS1046ARDB with LS1046 as a packet generator with pktgen application and LS1043 running L2FWD application. I use LSDK 19.09. My problem is that L2FWD is only working when I...
    Etienne Cordroc'h
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  • Power Mode Switch Demo for iMXRT1052 + FreeRTOS

    What modification is necessary to run the Power Mode Switch Demo for iMXRT1052 in FreeRTOS assuming FreeRTOS is running in low power tickless mode?   I'm trying to do this - but code is crashing when I add the f...
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  • How can I provide project settings (memory configuration) while building a MCUXpresso through Command Line

    Hi,   To build a MCUXpresso project through command line in windows, I am using the .bat file from https://github.com/ErichStyger/mcuoneclipse/tree/master/Examples/MCUXpresso/CmdLineBuild I am able to build the...
    Adithya Y D
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  • UART / CAN Transfer examples

    Based on FRDM-K64 example I use UART and CANBUS in Transfer mode. In this examples (respectively frdmk64f_uart_interrupt_transfer and frdmk64f_flexcan_loopback_transfer), however, in callback only a few status  ...
    Fabio Benevento
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  • SSD MobileNet Inference using ArmNN on i.MX8qmmek

    Hello Community,   I am using i.MX8qmmek with BSP 5.4.3_2.0.0. I have my custom C++ application for running inference using TfLite and OpenCV. The appliaction with TfLite was able to use the GPU acceleration. No...
    Ullas Bharadwaj
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  • MIPI DSI driven by LCDIF is not working in i.MX8MQ

    I am using Linux 4.14.98 BSP. I'm using panel raydium 67198 which supports 1080p resolution. My display works fine if I use DCSS as input source for MIPI DSI. If I change it to LCDIF, frame buffer is created. But noth...
    Abhishek Hegde
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  • how to measure pwm without ADC?

    I was wondering if it's possible to use a pin (which is not ADC) to measure pwm i.e battery voltage. If it's possible, how? My board is lpc1114/302 and this pin is PIO1_5, which has the function of "capture input", m...
    Elmaghrabi Mansour
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  • How do i see USB_OTG enabled device files in linux-imx?

    Hi,   I am using yocto sumo version linux kernel.   I enabled the following OTG configuation in menuconfig: /******************************************************** Symbol: USB_OTG [=y] x x Type : bool...
    Anush Deekonda
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  • i.MX8MQ EVK: Secure boot with rollback prevention

    Hi all   I have an i.MX8MQ EVK with an extended secure boot all the way up to a custom uImage. Now I want to add a rollback prevention mechanism for our custom uImage. For this, I currently assume the proper loc...
    Cyrill Gössi
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  • PMIC_ON_REQ behavior during CPU POR

    HI,   We are designing a custom board using i.MX 8 DualXPlus CPU based on the  i.MX 8QXP MEK board. In order to simplify the Reset Scheme, we are doing the following changes: 1.  The SCU_WDOG_OU...
    Harsh Mistry
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  • IrDA

    I'm having issues getting my IrDA communications working on a 1064.  It appears to only get locked when I over-ride the autobaud to OSR 32 no matter the baud rate and it's accuracy (still <3%).  Does the ...
    Steven Jones
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  • RT1064 can't boot from the interior Flash ROM

    Hi NXP,   I am debugging iMX RT1064 MCU right now. I meet a problem to run the code on the chip. The chip can’t boot from the interior Flash ROM when I power up and reset the MCU. I try several thing...
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  • use CAAM for none contiguous data

    Hello, I am trying to use CAAM on iMX6. Using the provided SDK, I use QNX OS, and I managed to implement the component and use MD5 and SHA-x successfully, but only for data in a contiguous zone. how to use the CAAM...
    khalid aboufath
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  • LPUAT config problem and old drivers

    Buongiorno, vi vorrei proporre alla vostra attenzione questo problema al quale non riesco a trovare soluzione.   in allegato vi allego una foto della scermata.   Non riesco ad allineare le versioni del dr...
    Vanny Cecchinato
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  • imx8mn configuration fragments not applied

    Hi there, I try to implement a kernel configuration in yocto for imx8m nano evaluation kit.   Following steps of Yocto Project Linux Kernel Development Manual  5.6.2. Creating Configuration Fragmen...
    Silke Bockhorn
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  • kernel crash in __create_pgd_mapping when I growing up ram size

    Hi everybody I am working with a Freescale i.MX8MQ EVK And I have a crash in kernel file arch/arm64/mm/mmu.c function  __create_pgd_mapping when I change u-boot "U-Boot 2019.04-4.19.35-1.1.0+g9d5089bdf4" f...
    Cedric Thain
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  • LPDDR4 part selection for i.MX8 DualXPlus

    Hello Team,   We going to design our custom board using iMXDualXPlus.   As there is Micron's LPDDR4 used on EVK board. We have plan to use JEDEC-compliant LPDDR4 8Gb (x16 x 2 channel ) provided by the cust...
    kailas kharse
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  • Syncing Yocto Source to Local git repo

    Hello Team,   I am new to Yocto, I have synced the code for i.mx8DualXplus, But I want to push the Yocto Source code to Local git repository which is maintained by my office on local GitLab server. I have creat...
    kailas kharse
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  • i.MX 8M Quad synchronous EA on GPC access from EL0

    Hi all,   I currently implement an i.MX 8M platform driver for the component-based Genode OS framework. It is a microkernel architecture, and drivers are simple applications executed in EL0. I could sucessfully ...
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