• How to test USB eye diagram on i.MX8M?

    Hi , we want to test USB eye diagram on iMX8M But we don't know how to test , we have already seen this link i.MX6Q/eye pattern of USB HS1 setup  We have tried the register (DCTL) #./memtool -32 0x3810c704=0x0...
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  • Can not Read/Write long attributes on GATT Client in KW41Z BLE Stack

    Hi,   I need to program a BLE Central using GATT Client API to read and write a characteristic with 255 bytes. After connection, getting MTU is 247. In the BLE Application Developer's Guide saying The GATT Cli...
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  • I.mx8m mini add new mipi lcd panel

    hi,    I got a imx8mm evk board and a panel (IMX8_DSI_OLED1). Now, I plan to use a new mipi lcd panel (ZJJ05005-LCM) to display instead of IMX8_DSI_OLED1, ZJJ05005-LCM's driver IC is NT35523.  ...
    王 澳刚
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  • MK12DN512的复位管脚电压

    你好,最近遇到一个奇怪的问题,软硬件均无问题的情况下,连续通过JLINK给3块板下载程序,下载后均无法运行,RESET管脚均变为1.5V左右(原均为3.3V),以前都是好的电路板和调试通过的程序,是什么问题?谢谢 原以为JLINK有问题,又买了一个新的(非正版),但问题依旧,用一块老电路板试了试,程序一下载,电路板RESET管脚立即变成约1.6V, 现在都不敢再下载调试了 芯片MK12DN512VLH5,已用了3-4年了,开发环境CW
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  • How to update pre-build images in to multiple SOM eMMC ?

    Hi Team,   Currently we are using imx6ul SOM with yocto build images for product development, I searched in forums and got information that multiple ways like recovery sdcard,usb and netboot etc to update images...
    naveen kumar
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  • i.MX6ul ECSPI DMA conflict

    We are using rel_imx_4.1.15_2.1.0_ga version kernel. And enable ecspi3/4 with spidev.   &ecspi3 { pinctrl-names = "default"; pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_ecspi3>; cs-gpios = <&gpio1 20 GPI...
    Bob Lu
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  • JCOP 3 Tool install for eclipse problems

    I'm having trouble with the accessing the JCOP 3 licensing wizard to activate our JCOP tools. The wizard doesn't show if I try to create a new project. I have the Oracle JCDK 3.1 installed and it also uses a Java Card...
    Tony Sims
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  • unknown type name 'sdcard_usr_param_t'

    Hi! While I copy the fatfs and sdmmc folders to my own project and build it, this situation comes up. I have already included the necessary headers but it somehow cannot be recognized. Here are the screenshots of my ...
    li yuanyi
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  • Passive UHF RFID Tag (SL3S4011) UCODE I²C

    Hi, I am in search of Passive RFID tag which operates at UHF band with internal / external temperature sense feature.   In datasheet of SL3S4011 it is mentioned as,    For I2C operation, the UCO...
    Rohith K
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  • S32K146 and SBCFS6503

    When I power on the FS6503 ,It only lasts 1.3s then shuts down . Our team can only use it's debug mode now.   /* Determine if it is necessary to re-initialize main register set. */ status = FS65_GetMode(&...
    张 舜毅
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  • What if PCS is not used for LPSPI? 

    Hello,    On the SPI bus, there are only one master and one salve, chip select of slave device is tied to ground, that means slave device is always active, in this case, chip select of m...
    文明 徐
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  • Flash MPC5748G

    How to flash MPC5748G? Could you help to share some documents on flashing chip? How many ways to flash this chip?
    William Yang
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  • How to configure vpu enc when recording video on imx8qm

    Hardware platform: imx8qm software platform: imx-p9.0.0_2.1.1-auto-ga-android   I wrote an application for recording 4-way videos, the application using Camera 1.0 Api. When the recording application is st...
    yingjin yan
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  • How to format Mifare Desfire Ev2 4k CL card

    Hi All,    I am working on the Contact-less(CL) card based access system using "phExccid" example on the eval kit. And I am looking for the command to format and clear the available file(application ID and...
    Sachin Singh
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  • KW36 Bluetooth Address

    Hello,   sorry that I am asking that question again. I know it was discussed in other Post in this Forum, but I never seen an answer that answers my question to 100%.   So, my question is. Do I have to purch...
    Lukas Berger
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  • RT1052 SEMC - SDRAM Sleep / Low Power

    How do you put the RT1052's SEMC for SDRAM into low power mode (assuming the same ISSI SDRAM that's used in the EVK, etc)? I saw some mention of a deep sleep mode for other NXP parts' SEMC. How do we do the same he...
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  • i.MX8M USB_OTG_CHD_B USB 2.0 Charger detection signal missing but documented

    i.mx8mq usb2.0   The IMX8MDQLQCEC Data Sheet describes the USB_OTG1_CHD_B signal but I can't find it anywhere else.     I am looking at implementing USB 2.0 BC 1.2 and hoped that that f...
    Donald Russ
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  • MPC5748G sleep wake up problem.

    Hi,When MPC5748G currently uses WAKE-UP, it continuously enters stop mode and wakes up more than ten times. Once again, enters stop mode, and it is found that the rising or falling edge of the external hardware pin ca...
    Kun Liu
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  • Firmware Update in i.MX RT1060

    Hi Everyone,   We are trying to develop an UVC+HID camera using RT1060. This camera will be used in i.MX7 platform. We are trying to design a firmware update method.   High level design of Firmware Update Me...
    Arun Muthuganesh
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  • How do I initialize MX RT1015-EVK FLEXSPI?

    In order to use external flash of MX RT1015-EVK, I am trying to learn how to use flexspi. First, I use flexspi_nor_polling_transger which is the SDK example of MX RT1015-EVK. When I run this code on my board...
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