• S32K116 ADC问题

    hi  咨询个问题,如下图,选取S32K116的一个AD口采样电压,原来的电阻是300K和33K分压, 由于系统有静态电流的要求,在12V的ADC采样电路上一直有电流消耗。该条通路上的12V是常电,消耗为12V/333K=36uA。修改后的分压电阻(同比例放大), 1M(R332)和110K(R333)。消耗的电流变为 12V/1110K=11uA,可以降低静态电流。 我想确认:采样电阻阻值同比例放大,对MCU的ADC采...
    haifeng jin
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  • LPI2C bus stuck if NACK received

    Hi, everyone,   I am supporting customer CA on LPI2C, and  found LPI2C will be stuck( SDA and SCL are hold low) with baudrate 100KHz when a NACK is received after writing an incorrect address to sl...
    Han Niu
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  • MXRT1060 Camera Interface

    Hi,   Now currently I am working with the MXRT1060 where we planned to interface the camera and using the UVC class for streaming. In the example source code they are using the SDRAM to store the frame buffers. ...
    Sathish Kumar
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  • GD3100 Datasheet (NDA required)

    Hi,   I need to access the full datasheet for this gate driver. We have an NDA with NXP in place as well. How do I download this?   Thanks, Harini
    Harini Madhusudhan
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  • MC33730 linear regulators

    Hello all, I'm going to use the MC3370 chip in an environment where I need only the 5V and the 3.3V voltages. I don't need to use any stand by supplies, I know the VKAM is always active (also with the chip in sleep ...
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  • NXP PCA9517 B-side Vol的数值与SMBUS2.0协议中Vol的数值有出入,烦请解答一下?

    NXP PCA9517 B-side Vol的数值与SMBUS2.0协议中Vol的数值有出入,烦请解答一下?   PCA9517规格书中 B -side Vol Min = 0.4V Max = 0.6   SMBUS2.0协议 Vol Max = 0.4V
    michael yang
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    Hi,   Is there a guide similar to the AN5305 (which is for iMX6) for the iMX8MQ? It would be greatly appreciated,   Thanks,   Simon P. Tsaoussis
    Simon Tsaoussis
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  • i.mx rt1062 不能从外部 QSPI FLASH启动问题

    Hi, 我在i.mx rt1062系统应用中通过flexSPIA1连接一片GD25Q64C的flash,在SDK_2.70_EVK-MIMXRT1060 IAR led_blinky工程flexspi_nor_debug中可以用DAPLink Download并运行,但是断电后再上电系统却不能从QSPI FLASH中启动运行,用MCU NXP Boot Unitily 读出eFuse发现0x460寄存器值为0x00000008,即...
    rayandy fan
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  • KL03Z32 Stuck in VLLS3 After Programming

    I have a very strange problem, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.   I have a device that goes into VLLS3 mode and wakes up via the LLWU_P4 connected to a push button.  In general this wo...
    James Morrison
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  • Software updates stopped working for MCUX 11.1.0

    Some time recently, software updates for my MCUX 11.1.0 installation (on Windows 8 Enterprise) stopped working.  It nags me every 4 hours about updates, but then when I tell it to install I get a string of "no re...
    created by SCOTT MILLER
  • clock vs actual_clock in mmc(imx8qxp)

    Hi,   Why the clock and actual clock is different in mmc for imx8qxp? ------------------------------------------------------------------ # cat /sys/kernel/debug/mmc0/ios clock: 200000000 Hz actual clock: 1666...
    wasim nazir
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  • How do I initialize MX RT1015-EVK FLEXSPI?

    In order to use external flash of MX RT1015-EVK, I am trying to learn how to use flexspi. First, I use flexspi_nor_polling_transger which is the SDK example of MX RT1015-EVK. When I run this code on my board...
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  • MCU Boot Utility, iMXRT1021, BEE Encryption - boot issue

    Kerry Zhou I am using the (MBU) MCU Boot Utility v2.2.0 with an iMXRT1021 target and the following selections... Serial Port UART BEE Encrypted Image Boot Boot Device Configuration - Quad mode = "Set StausReg1[6]"...
    Tony Thurgood
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  • CW MCU v11.1 build hangs

    UPDATE   Need advice for Build Project command on CW MCU v11.1. CodeWarrior project "out of the box" builds correctly:     when I repeat the build, all files are built again although Build (increme...
    Erwin Beck
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  • S32K144 I2C

    Hello, I am using S32K144, about the I2C module, I pan not use DMA, and I want to disable the interrupt, using the polling mode. Is it OK?
    wang lijun
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  • How to control ECSPI2 on i.MX8M Mini EVK

    I want to use the ECSPI2 interface (available on J1003) on a i.MX8M Mini EVK to send data to a D/A chip and to receive data from an A/D chip. I am running a yocto 4.19.35 linux build, although I could shift to a diffe...
    Eric Will
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  • how to build the rpmsg A9 side program on i.mx 6sx

    Hi, I'm trying to write a code that sends data from the Cortex-A9 processor to the Cortex-M4 processor, then the Cortex-M4 processes it, then sends the processed data to the Cortex-A9. I've run the PingPong exam...
    Mohammed Algoblan
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  • How do you setup USART4 for use in ring buffer LPCOpen example?

    Hello, I'm using a UART example from LPCOpen 3.03 LPCXpresso 11U68 and I'm not seeing the correct output echoed back to my COM terminal.    My configuration: 1) MCUXpresso IDE v11.1.1 [Build 3241] 2) per...
    Kevin Gardner
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  • KEA FTM register write enable/disable clarity in WPEN AND WPDIS

    These are two related register descriptions from the KEA Reference Manual. The description has contradictory information and other parts make it unclear what is really happening and I hope someone with NXP can clear t...
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  • I2C1(GPIO_B0_04 & _05) not working on MXRT1052

    I only have this problem on LPI2C2. When using LPI2C1 it works fine.   The Clock seems good, but SDA transitions from high to low when clock starts and stays low. We have Pull-ups on SDA.     I am using...
    james kim
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