Hello,   I'm currently working on a project where I need to detect EV1 & EV2 cards. I'm using an STM32F207 (Cortex-m3) MCU and a TI TRF7970A as the RFID reader. I just wanted to know what the differences bet...
    Wilmer Suarez
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  • what happens if we give VCC(A)>VCC(B) for a fraction of second for Level translator ????

    Hi, For IC NTS0304E or same kind of IC, what happens if we give VCC(A)>VCC(B) for a fraction of second? Can it Hold? If we can give then how much time it can survive in this condition. We are trying to make a log...
    manu mohan
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  • NTag21x signature verification.

    Hi,   I work for a company called Spinnaker International, we are UK based. Our website is as follows:- Secure Innovation | Spinnaker International Ltd    I have been accepted by the NXP docstore NDA...
    Robert Davidson
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  • TJA 1145 Lock register, locking by default

    We are using TJA 1145 TK CANFD Cantranciever.  We expect the CANTrcv configuration values (PN Id, PN Mask etc.) to be written into the various CANTrcv registers during the call of CANTrcv_Init(). However upon re...
    Rajarajan M
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  • Can we Give VCC(A) greater than VCC(B) for PCA9517A?

    Can we Give VCC(A) greater than VCC(B) for PCA9517A?
    manu mohan
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  • VisionSDK_S32V2 demo make error

    Hello everyone,   I have installed VisionSDK_S32V2_RTM_1_4_0 on my computer, and I want to build project with it  by make tool. So I watched the doc Vision SDK Programming Examples to se...
    wq y
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  • MC33771 Initialization Issue

    We are working on MC33771 and facing following issues   New Unit ID written in Initialization Register is valid only for 1Sec After powering On the MC33771, We first write into Initialization register (CID = 0...
    Engineering Department
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    Hello ,   I want to use HTRC11001T/02EE,11  as my RFID reader option for 125KHz. Since there's no evaluation kit available nor any reference design based on this , I'm unable to define the antenna for ...
    Manoj  Chate
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  • MOSFET IC identifying

    Please help me identify this IC   Best regards   Borut
    Borut Plesej
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  • Microprocessor change

    Hello, I am improving an old design with the microprocessor MCF54416CMJ250. The main problem is that the SDRAM controller is only a 8-bit controller.  Are there any other microprocessor with the same c...
  • The installation of S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture Version V2.1 has been rolled back.

    The installation of S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture Version V2.1 has been rolled back.   The attached file is the installation log.
    marco lee
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  • Help with ADC1 COCO

    I am designing a product with the MK20DX256VLL10. I am trying to get the A2D (both A2D0 and A2D1) to be controlled by either the PDB or LPTMR. I am also using DMA to switch inputs and restart A2D. I found a project K6...
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  • Bluetooth gateway

    Can i connect rapid iot to bluetooth gateway by setting rapid iot kit in beacon mode
    Shahajas UT
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  • IMX 8 M Mini D4 EVK Design

    We have ordered iMX 8m mini evk but we are struggling to find design files for this same EVK board. Is there anyone who can help us quickly. The one that is available on NXP website is for low power ram iMX 8m Mini EV...
    Ali Moiyed
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  • 100BASE-T1 + PoDL Solution

    Does NXP currently have any solution (even prototype solutions) for 100BASE-T1 with PoDL ? We are years away from any commercial production but would like to start working on a device
    Chris Abbott
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  • Mutexes in A71CH not working!

    Hello everyone,   I am trying to use OpenSSL engine for the secure element  A71CH in a RaspberryPi 3, but I am getting this error:  SM_Connect failed with status 0x7012 (Could not open communication c...
    Hamdi Twahri
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  • Flash eMMC ls1028a

    Hi,  I have a custom board  with a LS1028A I have an external eMMC connected on eSDHC2. I am trying to flash the eMMC using CodeWarrior Flash Programmer, but I am unable to read or write anything of the...
    Ola Normand
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  • S32K SDK RTM 3.0.0 LIN / VLPS: safe to stop?

    I have LIN working with the S32K EVB using the SDK per the example code.   However, in my implementation, I must sleep my MCU whenever possible, and I need to use VLPS to reduce power consumption as much as poss...
    Nathan Hellwig
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  • Using 125khx Prox with CLRC663

    We have a product which uses the CLRC663 and have a requirement to work with 125khz prox   I have found the PRH601 which is multi frequency On the datasheet it mentions the CLRC663 - but i don't understand ...
    Jacob Hinson
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  • AN5071 access

    How to access application note AN5071 if my request to download this article was not approved and how to contact my FAE or sales representative so they can reconsider your request.
    Alexander Santos
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