• fsl-image-validation-imx-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: Could not invoke dnf

    Hello experts,   I'm building the fsl-image-validation-imx image using fsl-yocto-L4.9.123_2.3.0_mx8mm under Ubuntu-16.04 :   $ repo init -u https://source.codeaurora.org/external/imx/imx-manifest -b imx-li...
    Khang Le Truong
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  • Cannot find kernel branch rel_imx_5.4.3-1.0.0

    Hello, I am trying to build kernel 5.4.3 for i.MX family following section 2.1.1 of i.MX Porting Guide, Rev. L5.4.3_1.0.0 I just downloaded, along with Release notes, etc. all referring to rev. 5.4.3_1.0.0 of the i.M...
    Marco Contenti
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  • Migration guide for MPC5674F to MPC5777C

    Hi everyone,    I'm looking for a migration guide for former MPC5674F to MPC5777C. Are they pin-to-pin compatible devices (for 516-ball MAPBGA )?
    wenby chen
    created by wenby chen
  • MKL27Z64 USB EP1 IN/OUT data tansfer

    Hi, I am working on program based on my own USB stack. It is CDC composite device, updated to AN12597 (USB to Multi VCOM on K32L2 Series MCU) where one bidirectional EP is used per VCOM, without interrupt IN endpoint...
    Josip Haluska
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  • i.MX 8M Family DDR Tool Release

    Important: If you have any questions or would like to report any issues with the DDR tools or supporting documents please create a support ticket in the i.MX community. Please note that any private mess...
    Oliver Chen
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  • LPC11c14 PWM

    Good morning,   I am trying to get some example for PWM that use nxp_lpcxpresso_11c24_board_lib and lpc_chip_11cxx_lib. I downloaded the v2.00 package release date 09/13/2013 but there is not PWM ...
    Alvaro Lopes
    created by Alvaro Lopes
  • Converting MJPEG USB example from MJPEG to YUV2

    Hello, I have tried to convert the SDK example "evkmimxrt1064_dev_video_virtual_camera_bm" to use YUV2 instead of MJPEG. Basically I have changed the format and frame descriptors (see attachment), and provided a YUV2...
    Tamir Michael
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  • iMX6 SDMA falling edge event

    Hi,      We are trying to access iMX6 S/DL SDMA from a EIM FPGA . The SDMA scheduler SDMA_event_0 always detects a rising edge. Is there a way to change this to detect falling edge using any register s...
    Raajesh Kotteeswaran
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  • Multi OS on i.MX8M A53 core

    Hello. I have a question about i.MX8M Mini and Nano.   In case of Quad A53 core, can it be set as CPU Freq different every core? Can peripherals be mapped for each A53 core?   We are considering implementi...
    daisuke yoshinari
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  • A2DP with Murata 1DX module (CYW4343W)

    Hi all, We would appreciate your help on the following question.   We would like to use NXP i.MX RT 1060 EVK with an M.2. Murata 1DX module (CYW4343W) to behave as a A2DP source, in order to send...
    Alejandro Lopez
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  • i.MXRT1064 Component package

    Please support i.MXRT1064 Component package to me.
    龙 袁
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  • MK22 USB HID transfer packet speed

    Hi,   I imported the generic HID example using MCUXpresso IDE, and changed the interval time to get the maximum theoretical transfer speed of 1000packets/s:   #define HS_HID_GENERIC_INTERRUPT_OUT_PACKET_SI...
    Bernat Albet
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  • i.MX6QuadPlus - booting with roofts on ramdisk

    Hi,    I want to reduce the booting time. I am using imx6QP with Yocto Morty and kernel version is 4.9.11. To reduce booting time, I created ramdisk with following change in my conf/local.conf: IN...
    Can Tuncbilek
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  • Error when ending debugging

    I am having a lot of difficulties to start programming with the MKE18F256VLH16 microcontroller. I'm using MCUXpresso 11.1.0, SDK 2.7.0,  and a PE Multilink tool to SWD debug. The board was assembled by me, and ...
    Walter Colombo
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  • what's the CPU max frequence?

    I am working on MCIMX6Y2DVM05AB, datasheet show it's max frequence is 528Mhz, but I get the real time cpu frequence using "cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpuinfo_cur_freq" , I get 900000, means CPU run at 90...
    jie xu
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  • Integration of Keil MDK Middleware in MCUXpresso

    Hello NXP Community,   is it possible to integrate the Keil MDK Middleware package into the MCUXpresso IDE? Best regards, Markus
    Markus Winkhoefer
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  • I2S fsl_ssi_set_dai_fmt() has no effect

    Using an I2S driver without an audio codec initialization we were able to create a soundcard that can be used with alsa (both aplay/arecord are working, audio is transmitted, the sound is "off" though) but are unable ...
    Christian Fischer
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  • What are type and pin assignment of JTAG connector (J4) on i.MX 8QuadXPlus MEK(MCIMX8QXP-CPU)?

    I'd like to connect Lauterbach JTAG debugger to the JTAG connector (J4) on i.MX 8QuadXPlus MEK(MCIMX8QXP-CPU) to debug CA35 software, and I'd like to know the connector type and pin assignment for JTAG signal.
    Takashi Sone
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  • i.MX 7Dual ethernet connection

    Hi,   I have waste so much time in search but without success and I hope you can help me by answering my question about ethernet access from Cortex-M4.   Is it possible to use the ethernet interface...
    Andreas Vorderleitner
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  • Some problems about compile imx-android-p9.0.0_2.2.0-ga BSP

    Hi: Wanted to compile android-10.0.0_1.0.0 BSP, but failed. I searched a introduction and followed the introduction of community:Downloading and Compiling Android9.0.0-2.0.0 BSP on Ubuntu16.04.2 LTS  I used ...
    chu zhongbo
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