• FreeMaster Documentation - How to Use FreeMASTER over BDM/JTAG

    Can someone point me in the direction of FreeMaster documentation that discusses using the MultiLink debugger?  I can use it fine if I'm using the S32K144 dev board but on my PCB I can only get the oscope to work...
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  • Yocto zeus - cannot apply patch in u-boot (imx7ulp-evk)

    Hi everyone,   I currently made the update from sumo to the latest zeus (5.4.24_2.1.0)  and I have some issues. In my custom meta-layer I have a patch that was applying ok in ...
    Liviu Ene
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  • Ethernet Communication over longer cable length

    Hi NXP Team,   We are designing a product on i.MX8M Mini processor and Ethernet signals are used for VoIP calling and we have implemented Microchip PHY- KSZ9031.   We are trying to check the communication...
    Dhara Pillai
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  • Connecting with Edgelock SE050 and Raspberry Pi to AWS IoT Core

    This example shows all steps for a onboarding process of a device to AWS IoT Core using the pre-provisioned credentials of the EdgeLock SE050 secure element. AWS IoT authenticates client certificates using the TLS pr...
    Michael Salfer
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  • RT685, SDK2.8, I3C AN12796 debug error

    RT685, SDK2.8, I3C AN12796 debug error: 請問需調整哪裡的設定,才能正常進入debug mode
    義明 陳
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  • Default Flash Memory state

    Hi,   from some posts I get that the default state of Flash Memory (after erase) is "0", instead of "1", which is normal for Flash memory: Flash programming granularity LPC55  LPC55S69 : erased flash stat...
    Jan de Ruiter
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  • Differences of watchdog peripherals

    Hi i.MXRT experts,   according to the fact-sheet https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/fact-sheet/IMXRTPORTFS.pdf, the i.MXRT devices have four watchdogs. (In the datasheets for the i.MXRT1010 and i.MXRT1050 I only f...
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  • flexio 配置为8080总线 WR引脚异常

    根据 AN12822 在IMRT1011中使用flexio仿真8080端口,在数据传输过程中 WR引脚在WR 写入数据的过程中发生一个脉冲,WR低电平20ns后发生一个时长10ns脉冲 整个低电平应该是50ns才对,这个脉冲是偶然发生的的不是每个写入的时候都会有
    Tim wei
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  • 在OCRAM 和DRAM中使用DAM传输数据异常

    在使用SDK_2.6.0_EVK-MIMXRT1010_ALL_2\boards\evkmimxrt1010\driver_examples\edma\memory_to_memory中的例子  AT_NONCACHEABLE_SECTION_INIT(uint32_t srcAddr[BUFF_LENGTH]) = {0x01, 0x02, 0x03, 0x04}; AT_NONCACHEABLE_SECTION_I...
    Tim wei
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  • Signing firmware , how to restrict ?

    Hi Sorry in advance if this is a dumb question about signed firmware.   I've read the Secure Boot AN and the LPC55  user manual, but there is something i'm missing   The secure boot firmware contains...
    Tres Curieux
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  • IrDA

    I'm having issues getting my IrDA communications working on a 1064.  It appears to only get locked when I over-ride the autobaud to OSR 32 no matter the baud rate and it's accuracy (still <3%).  Does the ...
    Steven Jones
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  • PMSM parameter identification of FreeMASTER

    In Freemaster2.5, open Motor Control Application Tuning Tool. I no longer see the parameter identification TAB.But I saw the interface in the Application notes as shown in Figure 1.There's a parameter identification T...
    相国 尹
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  • Error occurred when Tuning Mode was set to Basic

    Open Freemaster 2.5's Motor Control Application Tuning Tool, and when I set the Tuning Mode to Basic, an error prompt as shown in Figure 1 will occur. I'm in the parameters TAB How to solve this problem?
    相国 尹
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  • 使用TRK-KEA8重新上电故障

    您好,我想问下,我在使用nxp的TRK-KEA8这个板子的时候, 编译环境为CodeWarrior。 使用自带pe的生成代码功能生成了代码,实现了 简单的LED亮灭效果。 但是在我下电之后重新上电,LED并没有出现之前的亮灭情况,请问这是为什么呢?
    尧 付
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  • How to add rpmsg wakeup in android 9 automotive

    Hi All,   I build android image for android 9 automotive with EVS function enabled for IMX8QM MEK platform.   I implement the following configuration for RPMSG wakeup. but, not able to wake the A53.  ...
    vinothkumar s
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  • Compilation error

    I am using MCUXpresso 11.1.1 and SDK 2.7.0. From the Quick-start panel I imported example "host_hid_generic_freertos". It compiled perfectly. I then went to Manage SDK components for that project and in the drivers se...
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  • SDK Middleware Doesn't Appear in Mcuxpresso

    Configured SDK as shown below.     Installed SDK. Go to create New Project. Middleware tab is blank?     Windows browsed to downloaded .zip file. Contents shows Middleware folders and data. W...
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  • What's the suggested value for FOPT of S32K1XX

    Hi Support:   I have saw some questions and discussion about FOPT value in S32K1XX, but really when 0x7F is set in FOPT, the 0x400-0x40F couldn't be read back for verification. Since old version 0N77P ...
    Dawei You
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  • S32K144 LPSPI clock how to set 40MHZ

    when I use S32KDS set LPSPI clock , and seeting  nterface but logical analyzer always  4Mhz   of course LPSPI Baudrate is 40MHZ   how to set 40MHZ baudrate
    wei qin
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  • SDK 2.8.0 missing Linux Host in Getting Started

    SDK 2.8.0 SoC: i.MX 7ULP Host: Linux Tools: ARM GCC   Customer: Rockwell    Defect: Documentation missing Arm Tool chain and running on Linux host.   Step 1: SDK Builder, selected GCC ARM Too...
    Curtis Wald
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