• Patching u-boot "can't find file to patch", how to fetch source?

    I'm trying to patch mx6dqscm.c in u-boot IMX with a bbappend file in my custom layer. I get the following error: ERROR: u-boot-imx-2016.03-r0 do_patch: Command Error: 'quilt --quiltrc /home/ubuntu/imx6/ build-x11/tmp/...
    Steven Snyder
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  • about encoding and decoding on imx8qmmek

    Hello:         It is planned to test the vpu hardware encoding and decoding on imx8qmmek, encodes the yuv file into H.264 stream, and transmits it to the decoding terminal through u...
    y f
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  • Run shell script at boot in Android 9.0 on i.MX8M Mini Evk

    Hi, I am using iMX 8 Mini EVK for my Project. I build Android 9.0 from AOSP for this board. Now I want to run a script at boot. I did following changes in files but still I am facing an issue.   File : Androi...
    Abhijit Thorat
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  • AWR MWO MRF1K50H problem

    Hello, I'm experiencing the same problems described in Having a problem with an AWR model for AFT05MP075N, but using both MRF1K50H & MRFE6VP61K25H AWR MWO non-linear models. This happens on HB simulations, linear...
    Massimiliano Villa
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  • Sniffer code and UART flow control

    Hi, Is the code for the sniffer included in the SDK JN-SW-4168 available for users to edit?  What is the UART interface used in the sniffer code? Is flow control using CTS/RTS required?   Thanks & Reg...
    Murali Kandasamy
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  • S32K144 DMA modulo

    Hello, I have problem with DMA and FTM. I used this combination to catch data from FTM registers to struct when signal on input pin changed(falling and rising edge). From time to time, very rarely, I have situation wh...
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  • How to use TJA1145 and TJA1101 in 24V system

    Hi, The datasheet says  CAN transceiver TJA1145 is suitable for use in 12V and 24V systems, but  voltage on Pin VBAT is suggested  in 4.5~28V, and the limiting voltage is +40V.  General...
    qingdong tao
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  • Pins configure tool access internet issue

    Hi Sir,   Our customer met an issue on pins config tool. Does the tool support offline use? I mean real offline without any internet connection. The customer cannot access the internet due to company policy. And...
    Zhihao Mo
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  • Enabling boot console in Yocto

    Hello   I am working on a project using an iMX6 and Yocto with kernel version 4.1.15. I would like to get a verbose output from the kernel sent to the serial console during the boot process. I have passed earlyp...
    Andrew Ellis
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  • How to create BLE project with KW36?

    Hello,   I am new to using the KW36 MCU and want to create a project with BLE support. I have refer the examples of bluetooth from its SDK, but it's all related to OSA task. And also the size of the outpu...
    Chintan Patel
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  • OpenVG vgDrawPath() does not return

    We are using OpenVG on iMX6 SoloLite to speed up 2D acceleration for maps navigation. Acceleration works fine until the process that does the navigation blocks on vgDrawPath() call and never return...
    Ros Spolyak
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  • Questions about Bluetooth

    Hello        My current Linux BSP version is 3.14.38.        I has been ported  pulseaudio and bluez5 to imx6dl.        I...
    weibin chi
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  • How to implement USB Mass storage class in MK60FN1M0VLQ12

    Hi, I want to implement USB Mass storage class with MK60FN1M0VLQ12 controller. I want to configure it in Device Mode. Does it require an external USB Transceiver ? Kindly provide me sample code if anything is availa...
    Gangadhar rao
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  • Transmission Line Transformer matching

    Hello everyone, who has information about the ADS emulation transmission line transformer?
    hui yang
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  • LX2160A - Event Subsystem

    Hi all,   I am looking for description (timing, functionality ...) of Event Subsystem of LX2160A (EVT0_B, ..., ASLEEP). Can somebody point me, where can I find it?   Thank you very much!   Best Rega...
    Radek Raichel
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  • Altium,  i.MX 8M EVK

    Hello Yuri, Could I please have these files for use in Altium as well? Or is there a direct link to download? Thanks very much, Scott F
    Scott Foster
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  • Display with PTN3460I sometimes not work

    Hello, we have the problem that some of our devices (WIN10 embedded) arbitrarily the internal display on the PTN3460I stays dark and is not found in WIN. If I make an update of the graphics driver (with external moni...
    Michael Spaeth
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    Hello,   we are using an MIMX8MQ6DVAJZAA / ...AB. Currently we are switching from the 0N14W mask to 2N14W. During the U-Boot adaption for the new mask one of the developers working on the project noted that ther...
    Christian Mauderer
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  • The Leakage of Pressure Sensor MPX2010GS

    Hi, I have the same problem as zhang bin had with his MPX2050AP (asked here at 21.04.2019). I am evaluating the MPX2010GS and have seen about 400 sensors (out of 11 batches) of this type so far. I experienced the MPX2...
    Bastian Striebel
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  • Schematic of I.mx6d review

    The schematic diagram of i.mx6 has been redesigned by my cst . Please help review the schematic design of the customer. The customer wants to have feedback by this Wednesday, so that they can modif...
    yu Yang
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