• CAN FD max data rate

    What's the max CANFD databandrate?  I can't find the define in the User manual and Data sheet; the demo give max 4M; when i try to set to 5M, it seems someting error;
    黎明 孟
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  • FlexSPI configuration Block - configCmdEnable

    Hello,   on my custom board I have QSPi flash for which I have to send Quad-Enable command. In iMXRT1050 reference manual I have found that there is such a field in flash configuration block, but unfortunately ...
    Arkadiusz Karas
    created by Arkadiusz Karas
  • Hands-On Workshop: Implementing Low-Power Features and ADC Functions Based on Kinetis KL26 MCU

    In this hands-on session, the low-power consumption features and advantages of Freescale KL series MCU will be introduced in-depth, and attendees will learn how to configure the MCU to enter low-power mode, and how to...
    Renee Fortenberry
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  • S32K144 SDK 2.0.0 FlexCAN: trouble resuming CAN activity

    Hi all,   I suceeded coding the basics and have interrupt driven TX and RX working (no can_pal, I'm using the flex_can driver directly, with classic message buffers, no FIFO), and exchanging data with a PC conne...
    Joao Roscoe
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  • Android Auto and Cluster or Dashboard App

    I want to develop an application which is a dashboard of car with android. The CANbus will be used as a communication protocol, I guess that I must use the android auto version but all examples about it shows that it'...
    Gokhan Sahin
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  • Problem with Tcp_echo and PE

    Hello, I have modified Erich Stygers Tutorial: lwip with FreeRTOS and the Freescale FRDM-K64F Board | MCU on Eclipse  to implement a Tcp_echo server, as a start, to eventually end up with a Modbus TCP slave. I ...
    Peter Tsipouras
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  • Freescale Consumer and Industry Analog Products' Introduction

    This session will introduce the consumer and industry analog products including MMPF0100/200 Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) and describe the new strategy on selling our existing automotive analog products ...
    Renee Fortenberry
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  • i.MX Hardware Design Guide and Board Bring Up

    This session will introduce i.MX 6 series hardware design reference board and will walk through the i.MX 6 series SDP schematic. The session will also introduce hardware design consideration including the hardware che...
    Renee Fortenberry
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  • i.MX 6 Applications Processors Overview – Software Development and Use Case Study

    This session will show how to obtain i.MX technical information from Freescale's website and also give an overview on i.MX 6 series SoC features, including IPU, VPU, GPU, and corresponding i.MX 6 series hardware desig...
    Renee Fortenberry
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  • DwF MCU and Automotive Solutions - Tianan - 2015-03-19

    Automotive and Connected Car Automotive MCU Overview Including Kinetis and S12 MagniV Mixed-Signal MCUs Automotive Analog and Sensor Overview Featuring BCC and High Pressure Sensors   Insight and Innovation O...
    Renee Fortenberry
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  • VI display issue in LSDK Ubuntu

    Hello, Nxp community,  I have tried both LSDK 18.09 and 18.12 on ls1012afrwy board. I could boot the Ubuntu and log in by either UART or SSH. However, I couldn't edit the configure file with...
    Zhenchuan Chai
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  • Programming KW36 FlexNVM with MCUXpresso IDE Example

    Introduction This document provides guidance to program or store code in FlexNVM memory available in KW36 MCU to use it as P-Flash memory. This article uses as the starting point, an example imported from the connecti...
  • Has anyone successfully managed to run hardware accelerated video in a browser?

    Hi   I'm writing a simple browser base application that requires a video attract loop and I can't get video to run successfully under chromium. MP4 files don't play at all while ogg and webm playback is ver...
    Ian Craig
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  • Need to build Qt for iMX8M outside of Yocto for static code analysis

    I have built Qt before for other devices, but I am missing some specifics for iMX8M.    Qt source comes with a configuration tool. I have most of the configuration details correct, but some configuration de...
    Marion Douglas
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  • Re: EIM Bus Performance Limit due to Internal Bus Latency

    I see a very similar issue on i.MX6SoloX CPU. The EIM bus is configured into 32-bit non-multiplexed asynchronous mode - ARD=SRD=0. When I program registers according to the manual I'm getting around 160ns between suc...
    Alex Ivchenko
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  • S32K148 - SAI TX overflows

    Hello,   Is there any way to check if there are overflows on SAI0 TX FIFOs when DMA is feeding SAI? The S32K148 Reference Manual specifies how to check if there was underrun, but I could not find similar interr...
    Jakub Mielczarek
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  • IMX8 imx-4.14.78-1.0.0_virtualization_beta.xml  missing ?

    By following the tarball of L_VIRT_4.14.78_1.0.0_4.11_0.9.1_beta_images_MX8QXPMEK.zip,  I try to reproduce the binary.   But I cannot find the imx-4.14.78-1.0.0_virtualization_beta.xml in imx-manif...
    minskey guo
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  • changing State From VLPS to RUN and RUN to VLPS S32K148

    Hello NXP team,   We are using S32K148 controller in our project.   running the controller in normal run mode . I have just followed the power management example code and same thing is implemented in our ...
    Ambarish Hundekar
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  • Standby option not available under /sys/power/state

    Hello Friends,   I am using kernel 3.10.32 on imx28evk board. Please find the attached config file with the post. Even I have selected CONFIG_SUSPEND is selected, there is no standby option under /sys/power/stat...
    Ankur Patel
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  • GPIO Low Not the Same as Ground?

    Greetings,   I am using the MK22FN256LVH12 micro on a custom pcb board. With KDS v3.2 and Processor Expert.   I am trying to use two GPIO pins to control a 12V relay through controlling a BJT. One of my GP...
    created by burgeh