• FXLS8471Q—SPI Communication Question

    Hello ! I have some troubles to configure the SPI communication between FXLS8471Q and MPC5644A. I need to confirm that the SPI Mode is waked up successfully by reading WHO_I_AM register(0x0D) , but I've got this ...
    Songlin Gao
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  • Error in linker script after upgrading to version 11.1

    Hi,   I've recently upgraded a project to MCUXpresso 11.1.1_3241 from version 10.3.1_2233 and it needed some effort to perform the upgrade but now the project compile without problems.   But now I have a l...
    Francesco Varani
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  • Problem with UART DMA transfer on the receive line

    I am currently running into the problem that the UART DMA for receiving bytes sometimes does not receive any bytes even though they are received by the hardware.   We are using the microcontroller MK66FN2M0VLQ18...
    Andri Hartmann
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  • Multi OS on i.MX8M A53 core

    Hello. I have a question about i.MX8M Mini and Nano.   In case of Quad A53 core, can it be set as CPU Freq different every core? Can peripherals be mapped for each A53 core?   We are considering implementi...
    daisuke yoshinari
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  • MCUXpresso Config Tools V7.0 -- WDTT Configuration Bug

    Using LPC802M001JDH20   As configuring the WDTT, even though everything (including clocksource and frequency) in Config Tools software is specified;   Config Tools provides the following inside peripherals...
    Arda Otuz
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  • Need more help with SDRAM on RT1064 EVk

    Asked this before but only got partial answers, for one specific case. Here's what I need to do: - on the RT1064 EVK, using MCUXpresso, I need to use the SDRAM for data (not code) - data is "static" so (to conform t...
    Norm Campbell
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  • SetRxFifoGlobalMask behavior

    Hi,   I used imxrt1050 and SDK is 2.6.1 below is my settings uint32_t rxFifoFilter[] = {FLEXCAN_RX_FIFO_STD_FILTER_TYPE_A(0x3c0, 0, 0)}; rxFifoConfig.idFilterNum = sizeof(rxFifoFilter) / sizeof(rxFifoFilter[0]...
    Andy Dong
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  • How to access peripherals device when enter user/unprivileged mode

    Hi, I have struggled for access the peripherals device under user/unprivileged mode for days. Env:     RT1052    IAR 8.3    FreeRTOS 10.1.1   When I switch the task (...
    Vince Liu
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  • i.mx rt1062 不能从外部 QSPI FLASH启动问题

    Hi, 我在i.mx rt1062系统应用中通过flexSPIA1连接一片GD25Q64C的flash,在SDK_2.70_EVK-MIMXRT1060 IAR led_blinky工程flexspi_nor_debug中可以用DAPLink Download并运行,但是断电后再上电系统却不能从QSPI FLASH中启动运行,用MCU NXP Boot Unitily 读出eFuse发现0x460寄存器值为0x00000008,即...
    rayandy fan
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  • Udoo Neo Full is loading imx6q-udoo-hdmi.dtb

    Hi Everyone! I'm newbie in linux system! After checking /sys/var/term.log, I saw linux OS of my udoo board, it load imx6q-udoo-hdmi.dtb and it dose not load any *.dtb file in /boot/dts folder. I tried to at this li...
    Anh Pham Tuan
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  • Octal RAM and Flash Driver in iMX8 BSP

    Hi Team,   I am Currently exploring the OctalSPI in i.MX8 family.   In fsl-imx8qxp-mek.dtsi there is a node for the micron octal flash: &flexspi0 { pinctrl-names = "default"; pinctrl-0 = <&am...
    Milan Joshi
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  • Openocd on the MIMXRT1060-EVK

    Hey everyone, I   recently bought a MIMXRT1060-EVK. My development with other boards has been to use the gcc toolchain and debug using openocd.   So far I haven't had much luck getting openocd working with...
    Ryan Winter
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  • boot i.MX7 via SDP

    Hi, I try to boot the i.MX 7 Dual SABRE Board from my Raspberry Pi via uuu. I followed the steps from the guide. So far it works, until the point where the new Image L4.14.78... should boot to the board. The Terminal...
    Sebastian Sedlmeier
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  • iMX8M:  virtual channel support in CSI-2?

    Hello,   iMX8M reference manual says in that the MIPI-CSI2 controller supports virtual channels?  How can I configure them?  E.g.:   - how can I filter out data of virtual channel 2? ...
    Enrico Scholz
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  • Firmware Update in i.MX RT1060

    Hi Everyone,   We are trying to develop an UVC+HID camera using RT1060. This camera will be used in i.MX7 platform. We are trying to design a firmware update method.   High level design of Firmware Update Me...
    Arun Muthuganesh
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  • How to setup imx6qdl linux system for imx-dummy?

    Hi:   i want to use imx-dummy as the pcm interface for bluetooth,  to record calls voice. the platform i use is imx6qdl linux system, imx6qdl is the slave mode, set as follow:   imx6qdl-sabresd.d...
    Haibo Quan
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  • How do I initialize MX RT1015-EVK FLEXSPI?

    In order to use external flash of MX RT1015-EVK, I am trying to learn how to use flexspi. First, I use flexspi_nor_polling_transger which is the SDK example of MX RT1015-EVK. When I run this code on my board...
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  • i.MX7D USB HSIC Hub (USB3503) enumeration variability

    Hardware / Software Summary: Custom i.MX7D board based on MCIMX7SABRE board Silicon rev 1.2 (MCIMX7D5EVM10SC) BSP L4.1.15-1.0.0-GA primarily but also tested with L4.1.15-2.0.0-GA with difference seen Microchip USB...
    Bill Gessaman
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  • i.MX8M EVK MIPI CSI Camera Frame Rate

    Hello, We have purchased NXP MIPI-CSI camera MINISASTOCSI kit and followed the instructions in this application note https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/AN12187.pdf  to test the camera on NXP i.MX8M EVK...
    Felix Radensky
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  • i.MX8 LPDDR4 how to change DDR clock

    Hi,  We are using i.MX8MQ with LPDDR4, using DDR Controller Configuration Spreadsheet we could able to configure the DDR clock to 1600,800,334,and 200MHz.   how can we configure the DDR clock to 225MH...
    manoj kumar
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