• What would be behaviour of BGA6130 for RF receiving state ?

    Hello , We are using BGA6130 in our Lora trans-receive application for getting more gain at transmit side. We are using AI thinker RA01 module and it has common RF pin for In and out , so after that i have placed BGA...
    darshan panchal
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  • Frdm KE15z "0 available SWD Devices detected. Connect a device and try again"

    Hi,    I am having a problem. When trying to initiate Debug, the probe is detected: But when I pressed OK button, it cannot access to SWD link: I tried with reset button, restart my computer, bu...
    Nguyen Dao
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  • How does the DSPI driver of the R41Z work?

    Hello community, I am trying to communicate a R41Z-TA-A to a Serial Flash device (SST25VF040B) which uses the SPI. I've got an example library for the Serial Flash and I want to do my own driver for the flash but wit...
    Cristina Alvarez
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  • Is project for mc13224 compatible for mc13226?

    I want to get a few extra sets of mc13224, but was being told it has been obsoleted. Only mc13226Pro-DBG is available instead.   Possible to advise if a project that compiled for mc13224 can be loaded to mc1322...
    Isaac Lim
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  • ATD Module in MC1321x

    The MC13211/212/213 Reference Manual states that the Analog to Digital (ATD) Module is part of MC1321x. Examining C/C+ CodeWarrior Development Studio, I find "ADC_Interface.h" in PLM -> Interface folder, but only ...
    Erwin Beck
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  • Linux BSP can suspend only one time.

    Hello community,   I'm trying to suspend/resume function with i.MX6Q SABRE-AI + base board. Using Linux BSP is a L4.19.35-1.1.0   In first time, it is success to suspend by following command and success t...
    Takayuki Ishii
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  • Questions about mipi dsi at imx8qm

    Hello,   Currently I am using imx8qm custom board. The development environment is yocto 4.9.51. The purpose is to operate the LCD of the mipi-dsi interface, but nothing comes out. The driver IC of the LCD is ...
    sujin kim
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  • How to flash S32K chip by Command Line (OpenSDA, Segger JLink, PeMicro) ?

    Hi all, I have makefile based project and after build I want to flash it on chip, but I have not found how to do this ... Are there API for flashing binary to chip using some CLI (Command Line Interface) ?
    Denis Kotov
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  • FlexIO both DMA and Interrupts

    Hello, I am trying to configure flexio_uart_rx module to work with DMA, but I still need interrupts after every received byte (like in Interrupt mode). If I'm using DMA mode I getting only interrupt from DMA (when buf...
    Dmytro Ivannik
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  • Processor expert application is not working in AN12323SW firmware update

    Hello, I am using AN12323SW as a baseline for a project that I am working on. Using the software provided with the application note, I am able to transfer the provided firmware successfully. Also, I was able to get my...
    Eric G
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  • MPC5566 Error loading .PCP file

    I'm not able load PCP file.   As per pe micro forum (Link: http://www.pemicro.com/forums/forum.cfm?forum_topic_id=3630&forum_id=9#c21540) To check basic debug functionality, you can try the following: ...
    jtro 9
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  • 8M Mini EVK JTAG

    Dear Yuri Muhin Can you confirm that somebody tested the JTAG port on the i.MX8M Mini EVK? I'm asking because...   I tried to hook up a Segger J-Link Pro to the EVK, but was not even able to scan the JTAG chain...
    Andy Kiser
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  • LS2088A TFA boot: atf  support for static ddr initialization for two controllers

    Hello, We are implementing TF-A boot for our custom LS2088A/LS2044A hardware.  We have static DDR on our custom board. The atf implementations have examples for using one DDR controller for CONFIG_STATIC_DDR c...
  • Requesting ERATA sheet for s12zvl 128k micro

    Dear Team,   Please share the ERATA sheet for S12zvl 128k Micro.   Thanks You !   Best Regards, Charudatta
  • Using OTG2 for USB CDC host

    I want to be able to switch from OTG1 to OTG2 (and back) for use as a USB CDC host. How is this possible?
    Jeff Thompson
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  • S32K14  IIC

    hello, use LPIIC, I want to read IMU(BMI160) device info on IIC bus,device addr is 0x68,The register address is 0x0, how to do ?   thanks
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  • Bootloader addresses in Linker File

    #How does PC fetches Bootloader starting Address I am creating separate linker file for UDS bootloader and Application code purpose in S32 DS environment. I am using S32K144 MCU, I wanted to configure my bootloder a...
    Lakshmi S
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  • How to configure debug target for i.MX RT that flashes the board?

    Hi All   I am making my first attempt to use MCUXpresso to debug a target but presently is fails since it doesn't seems to load any code to the board and also doesn't seem to do behave normally when connected (I...
    Mark Butcher
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  • hard fault caused by BusFault

    Hi all, I encounter frequent hard fault as soon I use CAN & USB at the same time. I'm using FreeRTOS  on a MK64F MCU. I tried to analyze fault registers to find out the cause of the hard fault but I'm not s...
    Johannes Bruder
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  • How to use heap_useNewlib ?

    Hi, previously I updated the SDK to Version 2.7 and I noticed the new FreeRTOS heap "heap_useNewlib" implementation. After reading Dave Nadlers blog post(Thanks for that !) and as I use Newlib, I would like to switch...
    Johannes Bruder
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