• How to select JTAG as debug port on LPC54S018M

    I do not understand the wording in chapter 47 on how to select JTAG port for MCU debug at power up. How do I select JTAG port from hardware standpoint ? I do not understand how the boundary scan work to select SWD or ...
    bob belmont
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  • iMXRT1021 flexspiNOR unable to use HAB Encrypted XIP

    Hi, I am using the iMXRT1021 with flexqspiNOR flash. We want to encrypt the .sb image and the use on-the-fly BEE decryption. I am using the elftosb.exe, sdphost and blhost to produce and flash the .sb image. ...
    Tony Thurgood
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  • How to install google Attestation keybox on IMX6Quad processor with Android

    Dear all,   I want to install google Attestation keybox on i.MX6Quad processor with Android to pass the“ run gts -m GtsGmscoreHostTestCases -t com.google.android.gts.security.AttestationRootHostTest#testEc...
    wenbo he
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  • git.freescale.com down

    We noticed this morning our builds started failing. Looks like attempting to clone firmware-imx is failing.   When I try to clone the repo independent of a yocto build I see the following output:   git clo...
    Adam Bader
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  • PCIE   link up faile

    我们的产品中用到PCIE转以太网芯片。下面是电路   目前遇到的情况是不管在ep模式下还是在rc模式下都link up file PCIE_VP/VPH.  电压正常,这个和HDMI用同样的供电  ,HDMI现在能正常运行! Reset引脚也已经配置。 现在测量CLK1时,能测量到有1.3V左右的电压,但是测不到100M的波形。 RC模式下还是会出现下面的log。  ...
    军 李
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  • Debug Challenge Response using TRACE32

    Does anyone know how to read the Challenge and write the Response using Lauterbach TRACE32 with a T4240?
  • i.MX6ULL NAND boot question

    1. In the Table 8-10 of i.MX6ULL reference manual <http://nxp.com/doc/imx6ullrm>, BOOT_CFG2[4:3] for boot search count. Are 00, 01 both for two boot search count? 2. In the Table 5-7 of i.MX6ULL ref...
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  • jn5169 Zigbee Route reply

    We have configured jn5169 zigbee as co-ordinator. We have connected the same to multiple sensors including gas leak sensor. We notice that in some cases co-ordinator stops sending route reply to route request received...
    Hariprasad Anumala
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  • End consumer firmware upgrades

    I was hoping to find some guidance on the best solution for end user firmware upgrades with the iMXRT1062.   I’m aware of NXP’s boot image “MFG Tool” solution (https://community.nxp.com/d...
    Mike Spenard
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  • CSE2 (MPC5777C) : Key Storage address space query?

    Hi Team NXP,   1) As per MPC5777C TRM manual, the memory map of CSE Flash is as below:    - Block-0 : 0x0060_0000 to 0x0060_3FFFF (16 KB) for CSE - Block-1 : 0x0060_4000 to 0x0060_7FFF...
    Lakshmi Kanth
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  • How do I properly define a flexspi LUT entry?

    I've gotten along nicely with using the flexspi example project to help me use the flash chip on the RT1020 EVK board but now I need to erase a block instead of a sector so I'm forced to understand how the LUT is conf...
    Ellen Stacey
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  • Kinetis K40X256LQ100 - KwikStik RTC

    I have a Kinetis Kwikstik K40 development board, that I bought a few years ago, but I see they are still available. I has the K40x256LQ100 chip on a board with LCD display and Seggar Jlink on board and programs via U...
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  • Do we need 4byte UID, Input parameter for Mifare Classic Authentication Command

    I am having issue in authentication the Mifare Classic 4K IC  MF1S70YYX_V1. I didn't get response for the command 0x60, 0x00,CRC(2bytes). I have read the datasheet, in the tables and diagrams this is the com...
    Sunil Kumar Mohan kumar
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  • p5040 serial port

    I'm looking for the DB-9 port pin outs and signal names for the p5040 rdb board
    Steve Billmire
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  • Can not loading the Tresos(v24) WorkSpace.

    My PC's OS is windows 10.  I installed tresos v24.0.0 tool.but it can't be loading when i open the tresos_gui.exe , with always stay in loading view.    And the window task manager sho...
    guoqiang zhu
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  • AP Core TLB not ready on boot (P2020)

    Hello,   I am writing a bootloader (I cannot use U-Boot in my project) that starts the Core 1 of the P2020 as follows: 1. Copy the Core 1 boot core to 0x00800000 (with branch at 0x00800FFC). 2. Set the BPTR at...
    Alexy Torres
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  • Can not connect to git.freescale.com when trying to build yocto krogoth

    WARNING: firmware-imx-1_5.4-r0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL git://git.freescale.com/imx/imx-firmware.git;branch=master;destsuffix=/home/jenkins/tnAp6212/technexion/technexion.1/local_build/tmp/work/cortexa9hf-neon-mx...
    q x
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  • Error when resetting memory by selecting Reset Tag on NTAG I2C Android Demo

    Hi, When I try to reset the memory on NTAG I2C plus following the User manual UM10966 of NTAG I2C Plus Explorer Kit, I got an error message of "Error During Memory Content Reset" and Rest failed by selecting Reset T...
    Andy Kim
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  • The debugging problem of freescale ZVL microcontroller in codewarror10.7

    Dear friend, Who can help me with the problem? Can freescale ZVL load ABS files or ELF files for debugging in codewarror10.7 compil? With best wishes! Lei  
    Jackie lei
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  • repo sync error

    Hi,         I did "repo sync" o8. android source code, I got these error message repeatedly.         What can I do next? repo: warning: Python 2 is no longer...
    Kevin Li
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