• Does CW support an old 9S08QE8CWL?

    I have CW10.6, and need to modify a "WL" package (28 pin SOIC). The only options in CW are for a LC or FM. If I need to upgrade or pay a new license, I will. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Rande Newberry
    created by Rande Newberry
  • PN7462 ROM3 functions definition

    Hello, Where can I find a complete definition for the HAL functions mapped in ROM3 ? I have the NXP NFC reader library including the following HTML file PN7462AU-FW_v05.22.01_Full\ApiDocumentation\PN7462AU\PN7462AU...
    Julie Ronday
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  • S32K116 for UART1 switch component lin and lpuart

    We using S32K116 UART1 to implement two function lin and lpuart . How to switch two function component lin and lpuart ?
    Jeffery Huang
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  • Can you access the UID with the latest iOS13 upgrade without an app?

    We want to move away from using our app, but need the UID for database references. 
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  • MCUXpresso IDE with GNU Tools for Arm Embedded Processors "9-2019q4-major" Release

    Will MCUXpresso IDE be updated to include [GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain Version 9-2019-q4-major]?  If so...when?
    last modified by brent.hauck@tempocom.com
  • Please provide the hardware design application note for LPC822M101JDH20J.

    Application note for LPC822M101JDH20J.
    Muralidhar M
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  • NXP Controller_Hardware_Design

    Please provide hardware design for MKE04Z8VTG4. Application note: For ADC peripheral.
    Muralidhar M
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  • Need Design file

    Hello,   I have go through your product list and find out that MMPF0100 IC is used with Zynq-7020. I am using two FPGA in my project and fro that i am finding power management IC for that. so i want full Schemat...
    nilam trivedi
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  • Application note for MKE04Z8VTG4 32-BIT ARM MICROCONTROLLER

    Hi sir,      Please provide the hardware design or application note for       MKE04Z8VTG4 32-BIT ARM MICROCONTROLLER for desinging details.
    Muralidhar M
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  • First steps with NXP

    Greetings! I am about to work with your mcus for a very first time. I want to use i.mx rt 1020. What is the prefered tool for programming and debugging? Do you have a special tool for manufacture programming? Th...
    Pavlin Stoyanoff
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  • Device /dev/apex_comm couldn't be opened!

    Hello everyone,   I have built an demo application in /path/to/s32v234_sdk/demos/apps/pedestrian_detection_aggcf. When I run it on s32v234 board, the error occured like below:     What does it mean?...
    wq y
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  • Zigbee coordinator replacement

    I now need to implement a function, that is, when the coordinator is replaced, the data in the previous coordinator can be saved to the current coordinator, so that the coordinator can be replaced, the sub-device does...
    tianheng han
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  • Does receiving an ack response break sleep?

    Hi I use this function ZPS_eAplAfUnicastAckDataReq on sleep devices.   I found that this function has its own retransmission mechanism.   I want to know if i will go to sleep while waiting for ack...
    tianheng han
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  • PDUM_eAPduFreeAPduInstance

    HI,I need your help with some questions   When i use this function ZPS_eAplAfUnicastAckDataReq( ), I need to apply for some APUD.   I know this function  ZPS_eAplAfUnicastAckDataReq have Retransmissio...
    tianheng han
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  • Control a QN9080 PWM using BLE

    Open video

    Fabian Ramirez
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  • hard fault caused by BusFault

    Hi all, I encounter frequent hard fault as soon I use CAN & USB at the same time. I'm using FreeRTOS  on a MK64F MCU. I tried to analyze fault registers to find out the cause of the hard fault but I'm not s...
    Johannes Bruder
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  • Freescale keaz flash security

    Hello. I made device using keazn64 uC on board. I need to lock any action via swd(reading flash image). I tried to edit flashConfig section in stratup file but it doesn't help. I use segger j-link for debugging. How s...
    last modified by VITALI HARUDKA
  • Patch to fix LS1043A SGMII2.5G is not working

    The u-boot in SDK2.0 has a bug on SGMII2.5 support. Need to add the patch.
    Wes Li
    last modified by Adrian Puga Candelario
  • S32K118  adc_hwtrigger compil problem

    This interface will pop up when compiling ADC module. The file causing the problem was not found in this path.Compilation failed,whar's the problem?need help.Thank you.
    zh ew
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  • i.MXRT1020 EVK 24b RGB pins and usage?

    MIMXRT1020-EVK docs says that the i.MXRT1021 processor have 24 bits RGB interface but I can't find references of what pins are or software usage... Can help me to use it to handle a VGA monitor?
    Fabio Coutinho
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