• LPC546xx USB DFU Flash Programming Tool

    I have read in the datasheet and user manual for the LPC54618 MCU that programming flash via USB0 or USB1 can be accomplished by setting the boot mode to USB MSC or USB DFU using the ISP pins. Unfortunately, using the...
    Evan Ohlsen
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  • How to build fw_printenv and fw_setenv for LS1012AFRWY OpenWrt-19.04?

    Hi,   How to build fw_printenv and fw_setenv for LS1012AFRWY OpenWrt-19.04?   Thanks 
    Paul Young
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  • S32K LPUART hardware flow control

    I write a doc and a demo about LPUART hardware flow control, runs on s32k144 evb board with RTM 3.0.0, the flow control function work normally. If you have any question please contact me. 
    Haibing Zeng
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  • Can someone help me,ERROR: ExpansionError during parsing /home/imax6/imx-yocto-bsp/sources/meta-fsl-bsp-release/imx/meta-sdk/recipes-graphics/vulkan/vkmark_1.0.bb

    When I first compiled it,i have the error, ERROR: ExpansionError during parsing /home/imax6/imx-yocto-bsp/sources/meta-fsl-bsp-release/imx/meta-sdk/recipes-graphics/vulkan/vkmark_1.0.bb   The project has been com...
    袁 野
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  • How to run freemaster on S12ZVML through CAN

    Hello,I want to use freemaster with CAN communication on S12ZVMl,Where can I get the example code?
    王 全贵
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  • 88W8978 datasheet

    Wenhai Liao
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  • Drivers for 88W8964

    Hey everyone!   I'm one of may OpenWRT contributors and I'm also a owner of a Linksys WRT3200ACM witch has a NXP 88W8964 wifi chip. Before being NXP bought all the wireless solutions from Marvell, they were dev...
    Tiago Gaspar
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  • LWIP stack won't initialize

    I'm using Ubuntu18.4 and SDK_2.7.0_EVKB-IMXRT1050 + gcc-arm-none-eabi-8-2019-q3-update.   boards/evkbimxrt1050/lwip_examples/lwip_ping This demo is working fine.   boards/evkbimxrt1050/lwip_examples/lwip_...
    feng zhang
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  • sd_boot cmd missing in uboot_ls1021atwr_sdcard_ifc.bin

    Guys,   I have a standalone ls1021a and external eMMC. I need build a uboot that goes to my eMMC.   I used flex-builder -c uboot -m ls1021atwr -b sd   to create files under /build/firmware/u-boot/...
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • Use fsl_shell utility with FreeRTOS

    Hi there,   I'd like to use the fsl_shell utility with FreeRTOS, using static memory allocation. The example included in the SDK runs on bare metal and I'm kind of falling down a rabbit hole of #defines and comp...
    Luke Marvin
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  • JTAG load and execute u-boot on LS1043a and CodeWarrior with custom RCW/DRAM init

    Hi, We have a LS1043a based custom board and we are adapting LSDK1909 to our customizations. We currently have a working bl2.pbl (RCW+PBI+ATF_BL2) with our DRAM initialisation in QSPI.  We cannot however pass the...
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  • MC35FS6500电源管理芯片3.3V输出问题

    你好        我最近在使用MC35FS6500电源管理芯片给MPC5744供电,其中Vcore提供1.25V,VCCA提供3.3V,VAUX提供5V,其中3.3V和1.25V给单片机供电,5V作为AD参考电压,VCCA和VAUX使用2个PNP扩展电流,SELECT电阻使用24K电阻,使用过程中我发现其他都没问题,但是AD采样大概每隔1秒都会有一个异常电压信...
    zhou shen
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  • linux fsl audio driver

    fsl的基于ALSA 的Asoc的声卡驱动,三个模块MACHINE platform codec的platform的cpu_dai的注册和codec_dai的注册以及dai_link的方式,分别在哪些目录和文件下,请大神们帮助解答。
  • IMX6 GPIO current sinking capability

    Hello, I am designing a board which uses the IMX6ULL. I have a GPIO pin from the IMX6ULL controlling the reset pin for a module SOC on my board. The reset pin is active high. I would like to be able to manually put th...
    Amy Domino
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  • LPC55S69 : what is NOP for flash memory ?

    Hi !   Unfortunately flash memory can be written by 512 bytes chunks only. But I need to sabe small 16-128 bytes chunks and I can see I can read modify and write the same page several times.   LPC55S69 fl...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • LPC55S69: USB_SRAM clean up over reboot ?

    Hi ! I try to see if USB_SRAM at ox50100000 can be used for keep some data over reboot. And it seems to me it is wiped by 0x00 by ROM code every reboot even ISP USB flashing is not used. SRAM4 area at 0x30040000 is...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • Fatal error:Reading CPU status failed Session aborted with IAR and I-Jet

    I am runnign the Demo and example applications are provided by NXP to demonstrate peripheral drivers, FreeRTOS kernel usage and to highlight the main features of the i.MX7Dual SABRE board. I have tried to download ...
    Thao M. Hoang
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  • Can the OpenSDA Interface circuit be simplified that is currently on the FRDM-K64F development board?

    Can the OpenSDA Interface circuit be simplified that is currently on the FRDM-K64F development board?  Are the level shifters actually needed?  If so, what are they used for if the the MK20DX128VFM...
    David Moulin
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  • WL1837 and Android Pie (9.0) for i.MX6

    Hello, We have a custom-designed tablet that is using the TI WL1837MOD WiFi/BlueTooth transceiver module.  The tablet currently runs Android Nougat (7.1.1) and we are currently working on an upgrade to Android P...
    Benjamin Rood
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  • LS2088A TFA boot: atf  support for static ddr initialization for two controllers

    Hello, We are implementing TF-A boot for our custom LS2088A/LS2044A hardware.  We have static DDR on our custom board. The atf implementations have examples for using one DDR controller for CONFIG_STATIC_DDR c...