• i.mx rt 1050; Boot room does not jump to QSPI

    Hi All,    We have own i.mx rt 1050 board, I had a problematic application which prevents me to erase/program the QSPI flash. Than I enabled "Serial Download" and I was able to erase the QSPI flash.  ...
    Murat Cakmak
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  • IMX8MM : Replace PCIE1_CLKREQ_B by a gpio

    Hi,   We develop a board based on IMX8MM. Your card IMX8MM EVK use PCIE1_CLKREQ_B.   But, we can not use this signal (pinmux limitation). Is is possible to use a gpio?   Yoann
    GUERIN Yoann
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  • ADV7180 probing issue

    Working on i.Mx6q based custom board. The kernel log shows following,   V4L2 device 'Mxc Camera' on IPU1_CSI0 registered as video0ERROR: v4l2 capture: slave not found!   The ADV180 decoder worked when /uni...
    Purvi Billore
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  • How to run a function after power key press?

    I'm using am imx6slevk with yocto bsp, on leaving the board idle for 10 minutes the console goes off(wait mode) and it turns back on when I press the power button, The requirement is to run a function when the power ...
    Sujay S
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  • imx6ULL custom board with UART5 Framing errors

    Hi All, We have a custom imx6ULL board using RTEMS with 5 UARTs, we have an internal connection on UART5 that runs @ 230400 baud, N81.  This board is a replacement board for an older ARM9 processor. We have bee...
    Ian Caddy
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  • I.MX6Q parallel camera input freeze (Oreo 8)

    Hi, we're working on a board built around a Variscite Dart-Mx6q. The board has an Analog Device ADV7181C to perform cvbs acquisition. All works fine but if the analog input is switched to an empty one (no camera co...
    Luca Bruni
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  • SDK 2.6 on RT1050 - ENET input clock incorrect

    TL;DR - The "lwip_tcpecho_freertos" SDK example for RT1050 uses "kCLOCK_CoreSysClk" when initializing the driver and PHY, but it should instead use "kCLOCK_IpgClk" per the datasheet (and based on empirical testing). &...
    David Rodgers
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  • Bootloader FRDM k64f

    Hi guys, I am having trouble doing the bootloader on my FRDM K64f board. I've done the steps on the site (https://www.nxp.com/design/microcontrollers-developer-resources/ides-for-kinetis-mcus/opensda-serial-and-debug...
    Catarina Querido
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  • PN7150 i2c voltage drop at 0x28 with  address wrong detected on arduino 0x7c

    Dear  PN7150 i2c voltage drop at 0x28 with  address wrong detected on arduino 0x7c   I am working on NXP PN7150 NFC board with arduino as i run the i2c scanner code on arduino i get the address hex as...
    Anmol Kohli
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  • PN7150 with ISO 15693

    I got my OM5578 eval working with an Arduino and Ntag cards. Now I want to add ISO15693 cards but I am somehow stuck. I am using this library: GitHub - ThomasBuhot/arduino-nfc: Near Field Communication (NFC) libr...
    Tom Schwartz
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  • RT 1064 Flashloader

    Hello,   I am trying to load an application image (blinky) to the RT 1064 evaluation board via the Flashloader. Both the blinky app and the Flashloader are stored in flash memory. The Flashloader is configured as...
    Alin Butoi
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  • NVCC_ENET=3.3V/2.5V/1.8V

    Hello, I am designing my custom board using MIMX8MM3CVTKZAA processor, have to make Ethernet connection to Ethernet PHY  KSZ9031  but not able to find the electrical characteristics to RGMII i.e, VIH VOH fo...
    nayana n
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  • Is it possible to build Yocto Project using remote Linux Server?

    I need to build Yocto Project and load image into SD card.  Is it possible to use remote Linux server to build Yocto Project?  I will access Linux server from secure terminal running in my windows PC.  ...
    Amer Naseem
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  • Character recognition using NXP LPC1768

    Hello guys. I have a project on handwritten character recognition using a landTiger NXP LPC1768 ARM board using touchscreen and so on. My experience in such kind of projects or programming is limited but I am will...
    Tarzan Prenga
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  • Problem with SGTL5000 audio codec and Simple Audio Card driver on i.MX8MM

    Hi, We are trying to get an SGTL5000 Audio Codec working, for recording audio only, with our i.MX8MM board running the NXP linux-imx 4.14.98 Kernel. We are using the Simple Audio Card driver and have set it up using ...
    Martin Townsend
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  • pdb adc trigger delay problem

    Hello, I'm working with the freedom board mkv11z and I'm trying to implement an ADC triggered with the programable delay block. This PDB is hardware triggered by every high of my flextimer0. My problem is that the p...
    Pau Vilanova
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  • UART0 to UART2 modification does not work with imx8qxp

    Hi, we are working on imx8qxp based reference design with yocto distro 4.14 sumo. Our yocto Linux image is working fine with that. we want to migrate yocto distro 4.14 sumo to 4.19 thud. We have taken the imx8q...
    Darshak Patel
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  • [iMX6] [Yocto] [Qt] [Gstreamer] [local.conf] Having trouble rebuilding the BSP trying to solve : defaultServiceProvider::requestService(): no service found for - "org.qt-project.qt.mediaplayer

    Hello Fellow Developers, Recently I ran into some problems with Yocto and Qt and I am in need of your advice. Sorry, this post might turn out to be too big. First, let me introduce my work. I am fairly new to iMX6 p...
    Sifat Shahriar Khan
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  • Acquisition FLEXIO/SD card

    Hi   I am working on a project of data acquisition. I must store data from ADC into a micro SD card. The data are from 1 bit to 4 bits (0/, sampled by a configured external clock from 16MHz to 32 MHz.   ...
    Lacouture Patrice
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  • MCUXpresso IDE crashes when debug started

    MCUXpresso IDE v10.2.1 [Build 795] [2018-07-25]    MCUXpresso IDE crashes when a debug session is started.   The error dialog states that a stack fault occurred.   Can somebody fix thi...
    Bruce Graham
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