• How the HIGHMEM value is set ?

    I need to mapped all (reduce size of highmem) the memory with kernel. but my default boot log is as below. "Memory: 1222984K/1446656K available (10240K kernel code, 2287K rwdata, 3232K rodata, 2048K init, 497K bss, 1...
    Pankaj Suryawanshi
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  • IMX8MQ SDK_2.5.0

    Hello I have to develop a project based on EVK-MIMX8MQ core M4 + debugger j-link-plus. I built SDK 2.5.0 from the MCUxpresso SDK builder I tried to import the examples from mcuxpresso and Eclipse without success. ...
    Francesco Ferraro
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  • WS2812B on JN5168

    Hi together,   I want to connect WS2812B to a JN5168 module. I never coded DMA, but I read that this migbt be the best solution for asymetric signal generation. Is it possible with JenOS?   What is the bes...
    Joerg Bernau
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  • Re: EIM Bus Performance Limit due to Internal Bus Latency

    I see a very similar issue on i.MX6SoloX CPU. The EIM bus is configured into 32-bit non-multiplexed asynchronous mode - ARD=SRD=0. When I program registers according to the manual I'm getting around 160ns between suc...
    Alex Ivchenko
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  • Usage of FlexSPI LUT in i.MXRT

    MXRT1050 FlexSPI module have LUT which support up to 16 sequences which is equivalent to 16 Flash commands. Many NOR Flash chips today support much more than 16 commands. 1. Is there a way to support NOR Flash devic...
    Ronen Avihav
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  • USB - PS/2 Keyboard Interface for MC9S08JM series (DRM014)

    All, I am trying to find the code for the DRM014 reference. It states in section 1.6 about the Firmware files. Does anybody know where I can get these? I have checked P&E, but didn't have much luck. I am trying t...
    Keith Ashcraft
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  • No matching DT, using my own machine/layer/dts

    I'm trying to create my own machine/layer/devicetree based on the iMX8MQ EVK. For the moment, I'm not actually trying to change the devicetree, I'm simply copying the existing to my names and changing or adding Yocto ...
    John Adamson
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  • Workaround for intermittent PN7150 reset after sending start discovery request?

    During operation I sometimes get a reset notification after sending a start discovery command.   The reset shows reason code is A3.  Before the reset an I2C request to start discovery had been sent.   ...
    Anthony Ambuehl
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  • How to output RTC_CLKOUT on GPIO Pin in MKE1Z ? 

    I have the below configuration to see RTC_CLKOUT on Port C pin 4.  PCC_PORTC.PCCLK.BIT.CGC = 1; PCIPORTC.PCR[4] = PORT_PCR_MUX(3); ConfigGPIO(PORTC,4,OUTPUT_PUSHPULL); RTC->CR = RTC_CR_CPE(3) | RTC_CR_CLKO...
  • Error status 6 in response to start/stop discover cmd

    During testing with PN7150, I started getting error status response to the start stop commands.   41 03 01 06   and   41 06 01 06   What is the meaning of the 06 error code? Where can I find d...
    Anthony Ambuehl
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  • How to limit the max. gain value in audio driver?

    According to our audio codec(TAS5756) spec, the min. value of digital gain register is -103dB, different to the next gain value by 0.5dB, and the total gain level is 255. So we have below setting in our driver: === ...
    Seven Lin
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  • Any way to reboot i.MX6 via MfgTool2 WITHOUT returning to serial download mode?

    I am attempting to reboot an i.MX6 based system after deploying new uboot/kernel/rootfs images via MfgTool2.  I am not on location, so I don't have access to the physical unit in order to perform a hardware reset...
    Erik Schumacher
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  • How to remount /system - 8.1 imx8m

    how to remount the system  partitions?   > adb remount dm_verity is enabled on the vendor partition. Use "adb disable-verity" to disable verity. If you do not, remount may succeed, however, you will still...
    last modified by WOO JONGCHAN
  • Bluetooth Handsfree profile

    Hi,       We are using i.MX6Dual board with Linux 3.14 for Infotainment.      I want to know how to set the board to handfree Role. Our board act on Automotive Infotainment, it need ...
    varun k
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  • SSI using K60 Processor Expert

    Hi , I have TWR-K60F120M Tower Module. I am trying to set up and use SSI_LDD from Processor Expert. The Receive Clock is set to pin PTE9. Code: LDD_TDeviceData *SSI_Device; SSI_Device= SSI1_Init(NULL); int16_t d...
    David XY Zhou
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  • LPC11E67 SWD Debug: "Wire ACK Fault in DAP access"

    I'm attempting to debug the LPC11E67JBD48 via the recommended SWD connection (from page 75 of LPC11E6X datasheet), from an OM13058 board.    I am attempting this debug session in a brand new workspace, with...
    Andrew Murfin
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  • how to add support for kw41z in kinetis design studio?

    Hello, i installed kinetis design studio and i'm trying to create new projects for kw41z mcu. Unfortunately when i create a new kinetis project and i try to select processor name i read many mcu name but there is not ...
    marco mangraviti
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  • Automotive Analog and Sensor Overview Featuring BCC and High Pressure Sensors

    Presented by Eric Wu Presented at MCU and Automotive Solutions, Tianan - 19 March 2015
    Eric Wu
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  • Overview of Kinetis Microcontroller - Kinetis Performance Advantages and Applications

    Presented by James Huang Presented at MCU and Automotive Solutions, Tianan - 19 March 2015
    Yunv Fang
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  • Program Model Differences Between Power Architecture® and ARM® Technologies

    This session will highlight the differences between the two architectures from the programming model, including overall architecture, instruction set architecture (ISA) and exception handling. After completion of this...
    Satoshi Iida
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