• LPC55S69 : Firmware update

    Hello !   SB 2.1 file is always encypted and signed. It means it is no any way to flash it into memory by using ISP type of update . is this so ?   " The recommended method to perform secure firmware upd...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
    created by Eugene Hiihtaja
  • EEPROM Binary file generation

    Hi All,   I am working on the PN7462AU kit for the card reader application. I need to update the EEPROM binary file as mentioned in the EEPROM Management Application Note. After following its instruction for i...
    Sachin Singh
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  • How to flash PBL into eMMC of LS1021a via JTAG

    Hi Guys,   Current I have a stand alone ls1021a chipset and external eMMC. I want to flash my image into the eMMC. The first thing I know is to program the PBL (includes PBI and RCW) into the eMMC. Can I use Cod...
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • LPC55S69 : runBootloader API

    Hello !   Do I undestand right and by using this API , application can enter to bootloader without reboot ? After that update can happens or whatever and it is possible jump back to application start address...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
    created by Eugene Hiihtaja
  • S32K144 FTM Interrupt

    Hello, please trouble you again, may I ask to finish the FTM interrupt, let the LED flash, I don't know what is wrong with my code, the phenomenon is that the LED light is always on, thank you       #i...
    灵旺 俞
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  • SDK for S32DS ARM.2018.r1

    Hi, i have a problem with the SDK updates throught S32 design studio for ARM. if i try to install " S32 Desgin Studio S32K1xx RTM SDK 3.0.0"  trought: "help -> install new software -> S32DesignStudio - h...
    francesco mattioli
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  • How I can connect Freemaster with Cyclone Fx?

    In Freemaster and Cyclone fx document, ODM is available.   I try to change configuration of Freemaster but it is not working   In the Freemaster, strange pop -up is comming on Option tap like below   ...
    Man Hee Lee
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  • APU  syntax usage problems

    How is vec08u(vec16u) defined? How to use it?
    li lei
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  • Digital powerSolutions abuot MC56F8xxxx

    Do you have the solution about digital power by MC56F8xxxx ? Where I can find all of digital power solution disign ahout MC56F8xxxx ? Is there some solution in Solar Inverters by MC56F8xxxx?
    HZ zhang
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  • Mirrored and duplicated GUI on LCD

    Hi there, I am currently developing with the i.MX RT1050 Evaluation Kit and developing the GUI. This is the emWin example provided by the SDK, emwin_gui_demo. It runs perfectly on a 4.3-inch LCD which the ...
    Alex Wong
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  • Did NXP have reference design Solar Cell Inverter Off-Grid solution?

    My customer looking Solar cell Inverter Off-Grid solution about 2kW. -Solar cell 1 panel 37V -Battery 24V -Output voltage 230V/50Hz 2kW   24Vdc Isolate Boost to 400Vdc --> H-Bridge Inverter 230V/50Hz Lith...
    Sutas Jaruwat
    last modified by Sutas Jaruwat
  • How to download LPC54016 FW by keil tool

    Our project used  LPC54016JET100  chip.I download demo project program by keil tool,but can not download.The keil tool appears an error.That error is "Error :Flash Download failed".How to download program by...
    爱飞 张
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  • S32K116 UART Communication protocol emulation over FLEXIO 

    I'm trying to emulate UART over flexi on the S32116EVB developer kit. I want to keep the TX of UART by default high (open drain) and then start putting data on tx line. As explained in the reference manual I have the ...
    jayashree pasane
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  • Interrupt handling in S32K116 using quick start guide startup file

    Hello All,   I am using S32K116 micro controller with startup.s provided by quick start guide. On this I have a following question.   When I am in a interrupt service routine, say if there is a another int...
    jayashree pasane
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  • 5748G muliti core problem

    我在调试5748G到多核应用时,只要开启Z4B,CAN就无法正常使用,有没有人遇到类似到情况? 开启Z4B的代码如下: void hw_init(void) { #if 1 //defined(DEBUG_SECONDARY_CORES) uint32_t mctl = MC_ME.MCTL.R; #if defined(TURN_ON_CPU1) //MC_ME.CCTL[2].R = 0x00FE; // ena...
    虎 尤
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  • PCF2129 false timestamp on power fail

    We are currently using a PCF2129 with the timestamp input being used for tamper detection.  It is normally running with 3.3V supply for VDD with a 3.6V lithium battery as the backup supply, and is communicating u...
    Neill Arnell
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  • SC18IM700 Resetting

    SC18IM700 IC is driving an LM73 temperature IC via I2C bus. The SC18IM700 appears to reset the IC/GPIO at 40-50C. Is there any solutions to this
    Richard Townsend
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  • QSPI Peripheral reading Support

    Hi    I am Using QSPI in MPC5606s micro.   The register used to enable QUAD read and 4 byte burst[QUADSPI_0.ACR.R = 0x00A040EB;]   if I set the above register,I cannot able to read the data ...
    Mahesh Kumar
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  • Can not creat 'GDB PEmicro Debuging'

    IDE version: S32K DS 2018 R1 I can not creat a new 'GDB PEmicro Debuging' configuration, neither config an old one. Warning popout like the following.   What I have tried: 1, clean my prj and re-build, ...
    last modified by XU ZHAO
  • Component placement S32K148EVB

    Hello.   Has anyone seen a component placement documentation for the S32K148EVB? I'm struggling to find the resistors that need to be moved for QSPI to work...
    Magnus Johansson
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