• S32K144 vlps mode, after I init can, the use wfi struction, the chip will reset

    This happened when I use our normal project , but when we use another project to test this can and sleep mode ,this won't happen,.   When the chip reset , I saw the reset source register,  the reset source ...
    hongjian zhang
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  • Copy data from SD Card to on-board RAM

    I want to copy data file from the SD Card to the on-board DRAM memory Please can you provide example?
    Erik Raynolds
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  • LS2088ASE711B IBIS model

    Hi in one of our designs we are using LS2088ASE711B can you please provide the IBIS model for this processor Thanks and Regards Sunil Shailon
    Sunil Shailon
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  • What is the purpose of using '1588 TEST HEADER' in LS1046A-RDB?

    Hi, I have a question in the schematics of LS1046A-RDB. I don't know what the purpose of using '1588 TEST HEADER' in LS1046A-RDB. So, i want to know what the purpose of using '1588 TEST HEADER' and how to use it. ...
    Hosun Lee
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  • MPC5746B Controller Transition to Standby Mode Failure

    We have sourced the MCAL for the uC 5746B, CDB package: CBD1500353_D04_Mpc57xx. We are currently using the MCAL release 1.0.2.   When we put the Micro to Sleep and wakeup periodically, some times MPC5746B Contr...
    Sunil Gowd
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  • build software for T1042 using an external toolchain

    The toolchain I'm using is crosstool-NG. My question is which config should I use ? powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnu powerpc-e500v2-linux-gnuspe or some other config template.   Thanks James
    James Xuan
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  • SDK2.0 MTD UBOOT NOR Partition Configuration

    How do I configure MTD NOR partitions in uboot on SDK 2.0?    Assume no recipes are needed.  Just .config and any driver or device tree configuration that might be needed.  For instance why are th...
    Tracy Smith
    created by Tracy Smith

    Hello engineers, I am using MPC5746 micro controller.I need to write one 32 bit variable in to eeprom through my program.I know its memory location,and its 0x00800000 to 0x00803FFF. Any one can tell me how ...
    emer ging
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  • MCUXpressoIDE building fatal error?

    有一个用MCUXpressoIDE建立的MKV46F256xxx16项目,在building是产生错误,提示丢失fsl_smc.h文件,如附图: 根据提示,这是一个与时钟配置有关的文件,按照我的理解,时钟配置好后这个文件应该自动加载,而我的时钟配置并没有提示错误,:   想手动加载这个fsl_smc.h文件,但是在MCUXpresso IDE和SDK的安装目录中,没有找到这个文件, 哪位碰到同样的问题能不能帮...
    qimin liu
    created by qimin liu
  • void vPortEndScheduler( void ) Cortex-M3  implementation?

    Content originally posted in LPCWare by alanisgp on Wed Apr 18 07:22:42 MST 2012 Hello, I am using the version of FreeRTOS for Cortex-M3. For an application of secondary bootloader. My application download and save i...
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  • chaning the Debug port i.MX8QXP

    Hi, We are using the L4.14.78_1.0.0_ga release and are trying to change the Debug port of the i.MX8QXP from UART0 used in the MEK reference board to UART3, without success. The pins we are trying to use are: SC_P...
    Ofer Austerlitz
    created by Ofer Austerlitz

    Hi Team,   Can i get details about system mapping for LS2088A, we have system memory map for other LS processor but for LS2088A is not available in refrence manual
    pradeep TG
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    Hi Team,   Can i get NOR Flash memory mapping for LS2088A.
    pradeep TG
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  • Why does the example model from MBDT not work?

    Hi, everyone. I import the example model "uart_model_pnt" into the Simulink, as the picture shows below. But when I build the model and flash it into the MCU directly with Bootloader , it doesn't run.   The mode...
    Leo Lyu
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  • Imx8mq how to use hardware video decoding?

    Hi community:    I use yocto morty with  4.9.51_ga, Is there an example of hardware video decoding (we need to use two video decoding)?   Thanks a lot!
    传策 薛
    created by 传策 薛
  • std::vector in S32 & EWL

    I have a strange problem. As soon as I start using a std::vector, I get a link error.   The following code is a simple S32 C++/EWL project: #include <vector> int main() {      counterc...
    Fabrizio Santini
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  • Auto-generated *.bin file is too big by S32DS for ARM

    I've suddenly found that the .*bin file generated by IDE (S32DS) is too large,and bigger than the chip's capability after I put some code to SRAM_U (S32K142) by using *.ld file (Custom Section Block). See below: ...
    You Deng
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  • Dramatic bandwith impact when chaining multiple LS1021ATSN devkits

    For our prototype we are required to daisy chain multiple LS1021ATSN routers. We are measuring the bandwidth by downloading a very large file over HTTP either directly between the client and the server or passing thr...
    Sebastien Merle
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  • RT1020-EVK Debug error

    Hi, MCUxpresso 10.3 RT1020EVK - A3 Intall all, testing debug ok,   now, error debug or flasher. Update: k20dx_mimxrt1020_evk_qspi_if_crc20180312.bin error.   see Logs. //-----------------------D...
    Carlos Candido
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  • How to flash RCW binary/ Hard-coded RCW using lauterbach

    Hi Team,   Thank you for all your support.   I am using Lauterbach Trace32 Debugger with T4240RDB target. I done the rcw.bin flash. but, after flash I got target processor in reset trace32 error. I tried w...
    vinothkumar s
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