• Codewarrior 11.1  __attribute__((bitfields(little_endian)))

    I am using Codewarrior 11.1 and need to specify a couple structures to be stored in memory as little candida format.  Supposedly the attribute " __attribute__((bitfields(little_endian)))" is suppose to accom...
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  • S32K144 Quadrature Decoder Configuration Issue

    Hello Everyone,   I would like to used FTM2_QD(PTD10, PTD11) to measure every rising or falling edge of A and B by using counter overflow interrupt and then calculate the motor position based on encoder. But ...
    Rong Fan
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  • Does S32K provide temperature data?

    Does the S32K1xx, specifically the S32K148UAT0VLQR, provide any type of temperature data? Perhaps from an internal analog channel or maybe another source?   I thought I remember seeing something of this sort som...
    Stephan de Wit
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  • P1013 etsec1 not working

    I am using u-boot for testing tsec. It is setting the TBASE properly and status in 0x9C00 i.e. I am setting the ready bit. In our design we have 64bit DDR3. The buffer and buffer descriptor are both in DDR3.   ...
    Supriyo Ganguly
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  • I.MX& powered off and INPUT signal

    Hello May i ask what happens when you put a 1.8V on I.MX6 pin (ONOFF or GPIO) while it is powered off?
    Massimo Romano
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  • RT1064 ok instead of RT1060?

    I already have a few RT1064 EVKs.  Since the only significant difference that I am aware of is the 4MB of on-chip flash for the RT1064, can I use the RT1064 instead of buying the RT1060 EVK?   Update: I ver...
    Nick Guzzardo
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  • When MPC5741 censoring "The target may have entered reset escalation ,Please power cycle the board"

    "The target may have entered reset escalation ,Please power cycle the board" when censoring Hello,everyone Recently,I have tried to censor the board NXP  MPC5741 ,but I failed. Before the censor,  the I ...
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  • eIQ Software Clinic Lab

    Attached to this post is updated source code in eIQUpdate.exe.zip that adds camera and LCD support to the eIQ software package. There is also a lab document on how to do transfer learning on a TensorFlow model and the...
    Anthony Huereca
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  • Japanese Kanji of comments character was corrupted

    I want to add comments of Japanese Kanji character, but some character was corrupted as below. Then I changed font from "Consolas" to "MS UI Gothic" by following step. 1. Select Window -> Preferences to op...
    Isao Takashima
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  • Unable to access PCIe registers

    I am unable to access the PCIe registers using Code Warrior.#PCIe registers
    Sahana Chandrasekar
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  • Testing EMMC fastboot mode on IMX8QX MEK

    We would like to test various options from booting from EMMC on IMX8QX MEK:   1. EMMC fastboot mode 2. EMMC high speed 3. EMMC bus width selection.   From the Reference Manual (IMX8DQXPRM) section 5...
    Komal Padia
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  • Understanding imx8mqevk and booting linux from sdcard

    Hello: Just getting started with the i.MX 8M Quad Eval kit. I'm interested in running Linux from the sdcard. To start with I have downloaded a pre-built example from the knowledge base L4.14.98_2.0.0_ga_images_MX8MQEV...
    Richard Earle
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  • P3041 SERDES voltage change

    I am working with the P3041 We are using PCIe Gen 1 x 4 lanes. I would like to increase the amplitude of the transmitters, I did change the SERDES supply voltage (XVDD) from 1.5 to 1.8V and connected a 1.8V supply. I ...
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  • Debug works only one time

    i used the MCUXpresso IDE 3.1 and the LPC-Link Board for the LPC1768 I can only Debug a Program one time. If i change my Source and want to debug again, i get errors. cant connect.....   To solve the problem:...
    Bernd Sirozynski
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  • DDR3 calibration issue on custom iMX6Solo board

    # markmiddleton   Hi Mark, The failure we're seeing mimics thread DDR calibration issue on a custom iMX6Solo board  . However all the required voltages are present in our case. We're using both 24 MHz and 3...
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  • error: LS1020A: Core not responding while bringing up custom board .

    Hi All I have custom board with LS1020A . I am trying to bring it up for the first time . I am using code warrier tap (USB) . I got following error (logged in code warrier server )     check_min_version(ser...
    Dhruvalkumar Patel
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  • Murata Wi-Fi modules - comparison

    I am planning to use Murata Wi-Fi/BT modules with the i.MX 6UL EVK and trying to pick the best one. What are the differences between all the Wi-Fi /BT modules Murata has? My main application will be video st...
    Romit Chatterjee
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  • Connecting M.2 modules

    I am planning to use a Murata M.2 Wi-Fi/BT module with my i.MX 6UL EVK. However, this EVK does not have the M.2 interface? How do I connect the Murata module to the EVK?
    Romit Chatterjee
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  • Allow downloads from SDK Builder without login

    It would help build and automation scripts if the IDE and SDK could be downloaded from the SDK Builder from a script. Currently, the downloads are blocked unless performed from a browser where the user has logged in. ...
    Lucas Magasweran
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  • MPC5746R-252DS borderline design (VDD_LV_CORE)

    Seems that as supplied, the power supply capacitance design on the MPC5746R 252 daughtercard is borderline.   Test procedure - set the board to use the MB 1.25_SR as the source for the core: Daughterboard: J19...
    James Murray
    created by James Murray