• MPC5566 Error loading .PCP file

    I'm not able load PCP file.   As per pe micro forum (Link: http://www.pemicro.com/forums/forum.cfm?forum_topic_id=3630&forum_id=9#c21540) To check basic debug functionality, you can try the following: ...
    jtro 9
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  • How many clock cycle is required for a read/write operation in K66 controllers  

    May i know how many clock cycle is required for a read/write operation in K66 controllers . i need to know flex bus read write speed please help me to find. 
    sarath g s
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  • KDS update website link

    Hello, I develloped project into KDS few years ago. Since, I change My computer and reinstall KDS v3.2.   But Plugin for MQX not installated. Then I follow procedure said above, But error message appears: ...
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  • Advertisement for iBean

    Would you please let me know whether KW36 BLE library supports advertisement for iBean while it is connected to some device? In general, when the device is connected to the other device, it stops advertisement. Is it...
    Kojiro Kaizuka
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  • S32K144: Read 1s All Blocks command

    I run the "Read 1s All Blocks" command over a S32K144 block (0x800B) which I know it's all erased (I checked it with a customized function as depicted below). When I issued the command (see below) the return MGSTAT0 b...
    David Gabbay
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  • mrfc630 lpcd wakeup (mifare card)

    i developing using mfrc630 chip and reading coin mifare card. hardware board is complete. but lpcd value is not constant.  exmple All 10 Samples are different lpcd value. i used nxp develop board (CLEV6630...
    hwang bora
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  • Register settings for MC34VR500V1

    Can I change voltage and sequence for this device via I2C? I tried it , but I can't write new register setting to Internal RAM area. For example, I wrote new Volt1 settings with 0xA8. But After writing 0xA8, I can'...
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  • Reading out proprietary data from NXQ1TXH5

    WPC spec allows receivers to send data to transmitters to control charging operations. There are also proprietary packets defined in the WPC specs. If a receiver sends such proprietary packages to a NXQ1TXH5 tran...
    Matthias Nagl
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  • what interrupts types we can ignore and what not in MPC5777C MCU

    Hi Support Team,   We are using MPC5777C MCU in our Aero project. I have to list out the interrupts which have the enable/disable capability.  From e200Z759N3 Core Reference Manual i understood that  ...
  • How many max resolutions of camera i.MX7D/8Nano can receive?

    I am thinking of camera system using i.MX7D or i.MX8Nano. What is tha max resolutions of camera pixels that i.MX7D/i.MX8 Nano can receive ? Is it possible to use 8Mpixel(3264x2448) RGB Bayer 10-bit camera ...
    Ye Gu
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  • i.MX6UL with Secure Boot and HAB errors

    I can't seem to find definitive information on what the cause may be to the HAB Event error of (0x22) or HAB_INV_ADDRESS.   --------- HAB Event 1 ----------------- event data:    0xdb 0x00 0x08 0...
    Joe Duong
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  • Boot Hang issue in iMx8DX6

    Hi Sir, iMx8DX6 board stops at boot level and after we switch off and on the board it starts working I have attached the working and non working  logs for your reference   When the boot hangs it stop...
    sheraz ali shah
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  • PCA9545 (correction: PCA9554) digital inputs damaged caused by long high rise times?

    Correction of the chip number from Alois Lang (Author of this article): PCA9554 Text changed from PCA9545 to PCA9554 (January, 3th. 2020)   We use a PCA9554 I2C Port Extender Chip. In our application, we use t...
    Alois Lang
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  • Display pixel clock limitation to 74.25 MHz

    Hi,   I'm using a board with the IMX8 SoC and 4.14.98 IMX kernel.   I'm trying to add support for a MIPI-DSI display (800x480@60Hz) that needs a pixel clock of ~25MHz.   The problem is that there is ...
    Sebastian Panceac
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  • "Stalled on bus" - meaning

    Hi,   I'm trying to debug a LPC4330 on a custom board - as asked here https://community.nxp.com/message/1258844?commentID=1258844#comment-1258844 - and what happens is that as soon as the code of Reset Handler i...
    Francesco Varani
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  • IDE for iMX8MQ & iMX8QM Processor

    Dear NXP Support Community,   We are working on iMX8 family of processors, the target core of interest is M4 core on which real time application will run over MQX RTOS. I would like to know if anybody in the com...
    Sangram Singh
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  • Can not loading the Tresos(v24) WorkSpace.

    My PC's OS is windows 10.  I installed tresos v24.0.0 tool.but it can't be loading when i open the tresos_gui.exe , with always stay in loading view.    And the window task manager sho...
    guoqiang zhu
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  • Full Power APU list/info?

    It seems in the recent cores (especially e200) there are many instructions available in addition to the officially claimed Power ISA 2.03 and the available EREF, VLEPEM, SPEPIM, SPE2PIM, LSPAPURM but there is no overv...
    Igor S
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  • LPC1549 timer pins, is the UM incorrect?

    After building an Altium part with pin assignments as per section 6.1 (Pin Description) of UM10736 (Rev. 1.2 — 28 December 2017) I then find section 9 (Input Multiplexing) and it seems to have a different idea a...
    Rob Gray
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  • What is the difference between the MPX2102DP and MPX2100DP (respectively MPX2202DP and MPX2200DP) pressure sensors?

    Operating characteristics in the datasheets seem to be identical.
    Christian Leifels
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